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What are Beilstein & Gmelin?

Why not just use SciFinder Scholar?

How to search Beilstein & Gmelin

Problems downloading or installing the software?

Why not just use SciFinder Scholar?

 Advantages of Beilstein & Gmelin

Should you up-grade to Version 7 ?

It is up to you, unless you have a Macintosh. There is no version 7 for macs.

Both version 6 & 7 offer nearly the same features. Version 7 has a more modern Web-like feel, but it is not that much easier to use. Both versions have a steeper learning curve than SciFinder Scholar, but you can search the chemical literature with Gmelin & Beilstein in ways you cannot with SciFinder Scholar.

What are Beilstein & Gmelin?

The Beilstein database is the electronic analog of the Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry and provides extensive property, reaction, spectral, pharmacological and ecological data for over 7 million organic compounds since 1771. Also has over 600,000 abstracts from the chemical literature since 1980. Can be searched by structure, substructure, reactions, and keyword. Unlike the print hanbbook, it is primarily in English.

The Gmelin database is the most complete collection of structures, properties, and literature references in organometallic and inorganic chemistry. Contains all structural, factual, and bibliographic data cited in the Gmelin Handbook of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry from 1648 to 1975. Includes citations and abstracts from over 65 major inorganic chemistry journals from 1975 to 1994 and from 2000 to present. Unlike the print hanbbook, it is primarily in English.

How do I access Beilstein & Gmelin?

From the Library (OIT computers only) or an OIT Computer Lab
  1. From the Start Menu, select Programs, then choose MDL CrossFire Commander V6, and finally choose MDL CrossFire Commander V6 one more time.
  2. To begin a session, click on the red crossed-arrows symbol 
  3. To activate the structure drawing window, go to the Options pull-down menu. Select Structure Editors and choose MDL CrossFire Structure Editor.
  4. Gmelin is the default database. To search Beilstein, put a checkmark next to the Beilstein database in the upper left portion of the screen and remove the checkmark next to the Gmelin database.
From an "on-campus" computer

If your IP address begins with 131.204, then you are "on-campus".

You must first download and install the download MDL CrossFire Commander for either the Windows and Macintosh operating systems on to your computer.

From an "off-campus" computer
In addition to installing MDL CrossFire Commander software for either the Windows and Macintosh operating systems on your computer, you must also install VPN software.

Download MDL CrossFireCommander

Download and install MDL CrossFire Commander software onto your computer.

When prompted for a User Name and Password:

User Name  =

AU Username
If there is no Domain Name box,
use AU

Password  = OIT password
Domain Name  =
(If needed)

Note:  Beilstein & Gmelin are available only to Auburn University students, faculty and staff. An Auburn University User ID and password are required to install MDL CrossFire Commander V6 or V7 software onto your computer. If you are Auburn faculty, staff, or a student, and do not have an Auburn University User ID name, contact the Technology Hotline at 844-4944. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to go to OIT Help Desk in the RBD Library to reset it.

After installation, MDL CrossFire Commander will be accessible from the Start Menu under Programs. A short cut will also be placed on your desktop.

Problem downloading or installing Crossfire Comander?

How to search Beilstein or Gmelin

Versions 6 and 7

Version 7

Version 6

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