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About 40 chemistry-related books are added to the RBD library each month. New books are temporarily shelved in the New Book Collection on the 2nd floor. After a couple of weeks, they are moved to the 4th floor. To find out where a book is shelved and if it has been checked out or not, cut & paste the book title into a library catalog search. New books lists are arranged like the library, according to Library of Congress call numbers, and cover all books shelved in QD, and selected books from Q, QC, QH, QP, RS, T, TA, TD, and TP.

QC 170-197  
Atomic Physics
QP 501-981  
Animal biochemistry
QC 450-468  
RS 164-431  
Medicinal chemistry
QD 1-999  
T 174  
QH 212-225  
TA 455  
QH 324  
Biological techniques
TD 170-196  
Environmental pollution
QH 426-531  
TP 156-1192  
Chemical technology

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