STS CE Survey Questions 2003

Please indicate how interested you are in learning more about the following topics. Choices on a 5 point scale (5=very interested).

  1. Electronic reference
  2. Presentation and teaching skills
  3. Design tools for instructional websites
  4. Information literacy in the sciences
  5. Subject reference sources
  6. Coping with the cost of serials
  7. Selecting electronic resources
  8. Effect of electronic sources on library collections and services
  9. Providing access to electronic resources
  10. Improving liaison relations with academic faculty
  11. Improving document delivery services
  12. Managing staff
  13. Professional advancement
  14. Budgeting basics
  15. Web page design
  16. Improving access for distance learners
  17. Citation software (ProCite, etc.)
  18. Web tools (Java, CGI scripting, etc.)
  19. Designing web tutorials
  20. Licensing issues and strategies
  21. Copyright issues
  22. Consortial collaboration
  23. Please list the three topics you are most interested in learning about:
  24. Gender
  25. Number of years since you graduated from library/information science school
    • 0-5
    • 6-10
    • 11-15
    • 16 or more
  26. Undergraduate major
    • Science/Technology
    • Humanities
    • Social Sciences
    • Education
    • Other
  27. Do you have a graduate degree other than library or information science?
    • M.S. Subject:
    • M.A. Subject:
    • Ph.D. Subject:
    • Other Subject:
  28. Are you a member of STS?
  29. Do you subscribe to STS-L?
  30. Do you attend ALA meetings regularly?
  31. Which delivery methods for continuing education opportunities de you prefer?
    1. Preconference workshop
    2. in-person workshop
    3. teleconferences
    4. e-mail tutorials
    5. web-based information
    6. credit courses-traditional
    7. credit courses-distance
    8. mentors
  32. Are you aware of the Science/Technology Library Mentors service (formerly Collegial Counsel)?
  33. Have you ever used Science/Technology Library Mentors?
  34. Would you like to become a Science/Technology Library Mentor?
  35. Topics you would be willing to share as a mentor
  36. Would you attend pre-conference training opportunities and/or workshops at Special Libraries Association (SLA) if you could attend at member rates?

STS Continuing Education 2003: Results   STS Continuing Education Committee

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