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Keep Library open through the weekend

For many students the library will be highly useful on weekends as they might have an important exam or deadline while their roommates are creating noise in the apartment. I have not come across a library which closes on weekends as so many people need it. I might not have succeeded in explaining our situation well, but if you just keep the library open through one weekend and see the response, then you would be clear about what I have tried to say. If you could not close the library from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon (along with current timings), then it would help me along with countless others. Thanks!

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More Coffee Shops

Put another coffee shop on another floor!!! More food options too! Its always such late nights here.

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Food Venue

I know there have been suggestions about a chick-fil-a but I also think there needs to be healthy and vegetarian options. Chick-fil-a is to focused to be the only eatery. Maybe another ABP or panera?

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Coffee Machine

other than during finals, the caribou coffee closes at 2 or around then. have a coffee machine similar to those in office buildings that you put change into or swipe your tiger card and choose what you want. studying all night long is miserable but studying all night long without coffee is even more miserable

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More Power Outlets on 1st Floor

More power outlets and tables on the first floor, rather than individual nooks

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Citation formula link

I suggest that the website contain either a link or its own updated citation formula for referencing in papers.

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Wired Magazine

I’ve noticed that the magazine section on the second floor has titles such as: Vogue, Rolling Stone, etc. yet when I tried to find any copies of Wired Magazine you had none. Can this be remedied? Thank you.

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Party In The Library (PITL)

Every Tuesday night at 11pm hand out cookies and juice and milk to students studying in the library. Make an announcement over the PA system to tell everyone to come down to the lobby and get cookies and juice and milk. There will be a giant line and people will think it is so awesome that they will tell their friends and then next time there will be more people studying in the library so they can get cookies too (and thus you will have tricked them into studying at the library!) Or if you don’t have enough funding, just do the first Tuesday of every month. Especially make sure to do it during finals week. People will love it! p.s. I love that the library is open 24 hours during most nights! Yay studying! p.p.s If you need people to do the handing out of cookies and juice and milk, ask SGA or me!

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Make scrap paper available to students

The papers that come out of the printers to identify each printing job just get tossed into the recycling bin. Students should have the option of putting these papers (or any other waste paper) into an open box marked “scrap paper.” Then eco-conscious/thrifty students can use this paper for notes or scratchwork. The library at my previous institution had a scrap paper bin, and it was well-used.

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Construction During Finals

I wanted to suggest not doing construction during finals. Finals is the absolute worse time to be hanging pictures and redoing the library. As long as everything is working I think the library can be left alone during finals. It’s hard to concentrate (and I’m writing this from the 4th) when there is a massive screwdriving sound going through the whole library, and hard to get back into the swing of studying when everyone is complaining about the noise after it stops, just for it go sound off again. The library is a place where you’re supposed to come and be able to study. It’s finals, we’re stressed enough, please cut us some slack!!

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