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Places To Eat In The Library

Although it is very nice having Caribou Coffee, sometimes I find myself around lunch/dinner time while I am studying wanting real food. I know the student center is not very far away, but it would be very nice to be able to ask a friend to watch your stuff and run downstairs and grab a chicken sandwhich (maybe chick-fil-a) or something along the lines of that. Many of my friends have also expressed the same opinion. Thank you for taking time to hear my suggestion!

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Bags for Books

I think having some plastic bags made up would be a great idea for those who check out large numbers of books for various papers and projects as well for days that it is raining.

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Cell Phone Rules

Hello, I am actually in the library studying and that is how this came to me. I know that the 4th floor is a quiet floor, and so therefore you have the ability to talk on the other floors of the library, however, I think there needs to be signs with rules on the level of the voices or something. The main issue is people talking way to loudly on their cell phones. There has been a boy talking on his 6 tables over for at least 10 minutes and it is keeping everyone from studying. I am suggesting there be a minimum of 3 minute call and if longer you must step outside or in the lobby. I am not sure the logistics and if that is an appropriate time, but I think there needs to be rules on talking on your cell phone at every floor of the library.

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New Headphones

Although I have a pair of my own headphones, sometimes I forget them. The ones that are at the circulation desk were made in the 1980s, and one can only slightly hear out of them.

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The second floor provides a great number of outlets, but the other floors need more. Putting more outlets on the floor would really help

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More Tables Among the Bookshelves

This is a good idea, if space permits. I’d add that it’d be great if some comfortable (read: soft) chairs could be worked in too, for just sitting and reading. The only comfortable ones are out in the common areas, next to the stairs and elevator; and all of the ones elsewhere are meant for desks.

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Creative Art Gallery on 2nd floor RBD

Location: The empty wall adjacent to the reference desk on the second floor of RBD (where the sad little podium is now) would be an ideal space for a rotating art gallery exhibit of student work. Creative work could come from students in Visual Art and Design, Photography, Costume Design, and Textile Engineering, among others. Each semester, the exhibit could rotate once – so, first half of semester one exhibit, second half a different exhibit. Requirements: A lead person in charge of coordinating and announcing this new gallery space to the university and making initial contact with the specific departments that would participate. A cross-disciplinary decision committee tasked with reviewing all student-submitted works at the beginning of each semester for exhibition the following semester – suggest recruiting committee members from library as well as creative departments (three minimum, members serve one year and then new members brought in). Payment: Service points for committee members and good karma. Benefits to students: An extremely busy public space in which to showcase only the most excellent works – competitive entry, selection on merit. Important credential for resume. Benefits to library: Beautification in a central part of the library and the opportunity to participate in the support and encouragement of the arts at Auburn University. By dedicating a wall as a gallery showcase of student work, this sends the message to the student and faculty population that art and creativity are important and valuable. Opening night: Suggest holding a two-hour opening night honoring the artists on the first Friday night of the each new display (after the library closes at 6). Open to university and broader community. (Recruit volunteers from committee and library staff to help with event.)


Enforce the No-Cell Phone Policy

I grow more and more frustrated with students talking on their phones, especially in the computer labs. In the commons it isn’t too bad, but in the stacks and on the upper levels it is frustrating!

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More tables back among the bookshelves

I really miss being able to find a table with a power outlet where I can spread out my stuff and be back in the quieter parts of the library without all the noise and distractions.

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Quiet Study Rooms/Areas

Given the abundance of common areas, desks and tables; and the large number of group study rooms, the faculty and graduate student study room on the third floor really ought to be “quiet”, as it is labeled. In reality, it is a place for students to come and talk, engage in group study, eat lunch, and pretty much do whatever they want — but should be doing ANYwhere else in the library. The fourth floor sometimes suffers the same problem — especially during breaks. My suggestion is for the library to have its workers that are shelving books make periodic stops (maybe every 1/2 hour) to check in and ensure that the quiet areas are actually that — QUIET. Rather than being given a warning, offenders should be asked to relocate within the library. The policy is clear, and the words “Quiet Study Area” are painted in letters six inches high on the door itself — if common sense didn’t avail on the way in, it’s unlikely that common courtesy will take hold once they’re there.

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