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Creative Art Gallery on 2nd floor RBD

Location: The empty wall adjacent to the reference desk on the second floor of RBD (where the sad little podium is now) would be an ideal space for a rotating art gallery exhibit of student work. Creative work could come from students in Visual Art and Design, Photography, Costume Design, and Textile Engineering, among others. Each semester, the exhibit could rotate once – so, first half of semester one exhibit, second half a different exhibit. Requirements: A lead person in charge of coordinating and announcing this new gallery space to the university and making initial contact with the specific departments that would participate. A cross-disciplinary decision committee tasked with reviewing all student-submitted works at the beginning of each semester for exhibition the following semester – suggest recruiting committee members from library as well as creative departments (three minimum, members serve one year and then new members brought in). Payment: Service points for committee members and good karma. Benefits to students: An extremely busy public space in which to showcase only the most excellent works – competitive entry, selection on merit. Important credential for resume. Benefits to library: Beautification in a central part of the library and the opportunity to participate in the support and encouragement of the arts at Auburn University. By dedicating a wall as a gallery showcase of student work, this sends the message to the student and faculty population that art and creativity are important and valuable. Opening night: Suggest holding a two-hour opening night honoring the artists on the first Friday night of the each new display (after the library closes at 6). Open to university and broader community. (Recruit volunteers from committee and library staff to help with event.)