Cell Phone Rules

Hello, I am actually in the library studying and that is how this came to me. I know that the 4th floor is a quiet floor, and so therefore you have the ability to talk on the other floors of the library, however, I think there needs to be signs with rules on the level of the voices or something. The main issue is people talking way to loudly on their cell phones. There has been a boy talking on his 6 tables over for at least 10 minutes and it is keeping everyone from studying. I am suggesting there be a minimum of 3 minute call and if longer you must step outside or in the lobby. I am not sure the logistics and if that is an appropriate time, but I think there needs to be rules on talking on your cell phone at every floor of the library.

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  1. Gerrit DeWitt November 10th, 2010 9:25 pm

    Use of cell phones in the MDRL is permitted; the no-phone rules don’t apply there. However, it is good phone courtesy to not talk loudly around others trying to study. My recommendation is to politely ask the person talking on the phone to move to a more secluded location.