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Vet Med New Book List -- August/September 2015

New Vet Med Books @ RBD -- August/September 2015

Vet Med New Book List -- June/July 2015

New Vet Med Books @ RBD -- June/July 2015

Vet Med New Book List -- August/September 2015

Antibodies for infectious diseases / edited by James E. Crowe, Jr., Diana Boraschi, and Rino Rappuoli.
QR 186.7 .A534 2015

Saunders veterinary anatomy coloring book 2nd ed. / expert consultant, Baljit Singh.
SF 761 .S38 2016

Plasmids : biology and impact in biotechnology and discovery / edited by Marcelo Tolmasky and Juan Carlos Alonso.
QR 76.6 .P563 2015

Small animal emergency and critical care for veterinary technicians / edited by Andrea M. Battaglia, Andrea M. Steele.
SF 778 .B38 2016

Dukes' physiology of domestic animals 13th edition / editor, William O. Reece ; associate editors, Howard H. Erickson, Jesse P. Goff, Etsuro E. Uemura.
SF 768 .D77 2015

Gene control 2nd ed. / David S Latchman.
QH 450 .L38 2015

Drug therapy for infectious diseases of the dog and cat / Valerie J Wiebe.
SF 991 .W5955 2015

Networking for nerds : find, access and land hidden game-changing career opportunities everywhere / Alaina G. Levine.
HD 69 .S8 L475 2015

Nutritional management of hospitalized small animals / edited by Daniel L. Chan.
SF 95 .N888 2015

Research in medical and biological sciences : from planning and preparation to grant application and publication / edited by Petter Laake, Haakon Breien Benestad, Bjorn Reino Olsen.
QH 315 .R474 2015

Pascoe's principles & practice of equine dermatology 2nd ed. / Derek C. Knottenbelt ; with a contribution by John W. McGarry.
SF 901 .K66 2009

Management of small animal distal limb injuries / Steven F. Swaim, Janet Welch, Robert L. Gillette.
SF 914.3 .S93 2015

New Vet Med Books @ RBD -- August/September 2015

Scanning probe microscopy : atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy / Bert Voigtlander.̈
QH 212 .A78 V65 2015

Culture of animal cells [electronic resource] : a manual of basic technique and specialized applications / R. Ian Freshney.
QH 585.2 .F74 2010 ELECTRONIC

Stem cell dialogues : a philosophical and scientific inquiry into medical frontiers / Sheldon Krimsky.
QH 588 .S83 K75 2015

Crimson and Grey : the red-tailed hawks of Saint Joseph's University / editor, Michael P. McCann.
QL 696 .F32 C75 2015

Principles of neuraldesign / Peter Sterling and Simon Laughlin.
QP 376 .S765 2015

Handbook of frontal lobe assessment / Sarah E. MacPherson, Sergio Della Sala ; with Simon R. Cox, Alessandra Girardi, Matthew H. Iveson.
QP 382 .F7 M33 2015

Cerebral cortex : architecture, connections, and the dual origin concept  / Deepak N. Pandya, Benjamin Seltzer, Michael Petrides, Patsy Benny Cipolloni.
QP 383 .P35 2015

Touch : the science of hand, heart, and mind / David J. Linden. 
QP 451 .L57 2015

PCR / Michael J. McPherson and Simon Geir Møller. 
QP 606 .D46 M37 2006

Microbiology : an evolving science / Joan L. Slonczewski, John W. Foster ; appendices 1 and 2 by Kathy M. Gillen. 
QR 41.2 .S585 2014

Optical coherence tomography in neurological diseases /  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge medicine.
RC 349 .T65 O68 2015

Pearls and pitfalls in cardiovascular imaging : pseudolesions, artifacts and other difficult diagnoses / edited by Stefan L. Zimmerman, Elliot K. Fishman. 
RC 683.5 .I42 P43 2015

Gastrointestinal imaging / edited by Angela D. Levy, Koenraad J. Mortele, Benjamin M. Yeh ; with medical illustrations by Heike Blum. 
RC 804 .D52 G3785 2015

Challenging concepts in neurosurgery : cases with expert commentary / edited by Robin Bhatia, Ian Sabin. 
RD 593 .C483 2015

Validating clinical trial data reporting with SAS® / Carol I. Matthews, Brian C. Shilling.
RM 301.27 .M38 2008

Primer on QSAR/QSPR modeling : fundamental concepts / Kunal Roy, Supratik Kar, Rudra Narayan Das. 
RM 301.45 .R69 2015

Vet Med New Book List -- June/July 2015

Seizures in dogs and cats / by Sean Sanders.
SF 895 .S26 2015

Practical clinical epidemiology for the veterinarian / Aurora Villarroel.
SF 780.9 .V55 2015

Atlas of small animal CT and MRI / Erik R. Wisner and Allison L. Zwingenberger.
SF 757.8 .W57 2015

Veterinary image-guided interventions / edited by Chick Weisse and Allyson Berent.
SF 772.55 .V485 2015

Veterinary anesthesia and analgesia / edited by Kurt A. Grimm, Leigh A. Lamont, William J. Tranquilli, Stephen A. Greene and Sheilah A. Robertson.
SF 914 .L82 2015

Writing dissertation and grant proposals : epidemiology, preventive medicine and biostatistics / Lisa Chasan-Taber, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.
853 .P75 C48 2014

Small animal dermatology / Karen A Moriello, DVM, DACVD, Department of Medical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Alison Diesel, DVM, DACVD, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Texas A & M University, Texas, USA.
SF 901 .M67 2014

Handbook of veterinary pharmacology / Walter H. Hsu.
SF 917 .H78 2013

Handbook of small animal radiology and ultrasound : techniques and differential diagnoses / Ruth Dennis
SF 757.8 .H365 2010

Veterinary medical school admission requirements 2015 / Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges.
S 533 .V47

Surgical patient care for veterinary technicians and nurses / Gerianne Holzman, Teri Raffel.
SF 911 .H65 2015

Nutrition and disease management for veterinary technicians and nurses / by Ann Wortinger and Kara M. Burns.
SF 427.4 .W67 2015

Clinical echocardiography of the dog and cat / edited by Éric de Madron [and three others] ; in collaboration with Oriol Domenech [and four others].
SF 811 .E24 2016

Veterinary parasitology / Hany M. Elsheikha, Jon S. Patterson.
SF 810 .A3 E47 2013

I wanna see a veterinarian / Steven F. Swaim ; [edited by Marjorie M. Swaim and Angela Lowry ; illustrations, Rhoda Pidgeon].
SF 613 .S935 A3 2010

Respiratory diseases of the horse : a problem-oriented approach to diagnosis & management / Laurent L. Couëtil, Jan F. Hawkins.
SF 959 .R47 C68 2013

Avian immunology / edited by Karel A. Schat, Bernd Kaspers, Pete Kaiser.
SF 995 .A945 2014

Atlas of equine ultrasonography / edited by Jessica Kidd, Kristina G. Lu, Michele L. Frazer.
SF 951 .A85 2014

Equine reproductive procedures / John J. Dascanio, Patrick M. McCue.
SF 768.2 .H67 D37 2014

Introduction to veterinary anatomy and physiology textbook / Victoria Aspinall, Melanie Cappello ; contribution by Catherine Phillips.
SF 761 .A86 2015

Kuby immunology / Judith A. Owen, Jenni Punt, Sharon A. Stranford ; with contributions by Patricia P. Jones.
QR 181 .K83 2013

New Vet Med Books @ RBD -- June/July 2015

Atomic force microscopy in nanobiology / edited by Kunio Takeyasu.
QH 212 .A78 A859 2014

Scanning transmission electron microscopy of nanomaterials : basics of imaging and analysis / editor: Nobuo Tanaka, Nagoya University, Japan.
QH 212 .S34 S23 2015

New statistics with R: an introduction for biologists / Andy Hector.
QH 324.2 H44 2015

Python programming for biology : bioinformatics and beyond / Tim J. Stevens, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Wayne Boucher, University of Cambridge.
QH 324.2 .S727 2015

Molecular biology and biotechnology / edited by Ralph Rapley, David Whitehouse.
QH 506 .M6614 2015

Chemistry and the sense of smell / Charles S. Sell.
QP 458 .S45 2014

Antibody molecule : from antitoxins to therapeutic antibodies / by Anthony R. Rees.
QR 186.7 .R44 2015

Viral network : a pathography of the H1N1 influenza pandemic / Theresa MacPhail.
RA 644 .I6 M33 2014

Pain medicine : an interdisciplinary case-based approach / edited by Salim M. Hayek, Binit J. Shah, Mehul J. Desai, Thomas C. Chelimsky.
RB 127 .P3325 2015

Systems biology of cancer / edited by Sam Thiagalingam.
RC 268.4 .S97 2015

Renal cell carcinoma / edited by Nizar M. Tannir.
RC 280 .K5 R46 2014

Atlas of gross neuropathology : a practical approach / Kathreena M. Kurian, Tim H. Moss, Sandra Camelo-Piragua.
RC 347 .K87 2014

Handbook of neurological therapy / edited by Carlo Colosimo, Antonio Gil-Nagel, Nils Erik Gilhus, Alan Rapoport, Olajide Williams.
RC 349.8 .H36 2015

Interventional radiology cases / Anne M. Covey, MD, Bradley B. Pua, MD, Allison Aguado, MD, David C. Madoff, MD.
RC 78 .C68 2015

We know how this ends : living while dying / Bruce H. Kramer with Cathy Wurzer.
RC 406 .A24 K73 2015

Ethics of surgery : conflicts and controversies / edited by Robert M. Sade.
RD 27.7 .E84 2015

Introducing anaesthesia : a curriculum-based guide / Dr Paul Greig, Dr Nicholas Crabtree.
RD 81 .G74 2014

Essential clinical anesthesia review : keywords, questions and answers for the boards / edited by Linda S. Aglio, Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA, Robert W. Lekowski, The Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvar
RD 82.3 E66 2015

Oxford case histories in anaesthesia / edited by Jon McCormack, Keith Kelly.
RD 82.45 .O94 2015

Atlas of surgical techniques in trauma / edited by Demetrios Demetriades, Kenji Inaba, George Velmahos.
RD 93.3 .A85 2015

Basic & clinical pharmacology / edited by Bertram G. Katzung ; associate editor Anthony J. Trevor.
RM 300 .B285 2015

Arresting contagion : science, policy, and conflicts over animal disease control / Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode.
SF 781 .O46 2015

Basic principles of equine massage/muscle therapy / written by Mike Scott ; photography, Annie Converse ; illustrations, Shawn Scott.
SF 956 .S36 1997

Understanding equine neurological disorders : your guide to horse health care and management / by Bradford G. Bentz ; foreword by David E. Granstrom.
SF 959 .N47 B461 2001

Roads and ecological infrastructure : concepts and applications for small animals / edited by Kimberly M. Andrews, Priya Nanjappa, Seth P.D. Riley.
SK 356 .W54 R63 2015

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