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New Books at RBD Library of Interest to Vet Med

May 2018

My patients and other animals : a veterinarian's stories of love, loss, and hope / Suzy Fincham-Gray.
Spiegel & Grau
SF 613 .F528 A3 2018

Veterinary forensics : investigation, evidence collection, and expert testimony / edited by Ernest R. Rogers, Adam W. Stern.
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
SF 769 .47 .V486 2018

April 2018

Cooperative veterinary care / by Alicea Howell, Monique Feyrecilde.
SF 756.4 .H69 2018

Domestic animal behavior for veterinarians and animal scientists (6th ed.) / Katherine A. Houpt.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
SF 756.7 .H68 2018

Veterinary toxicology : basic and clinical principles (3rd ed.) / edited by Ramesh C. Gupta.
Academic Press
SF 757 .5 .V48 2018

Parasites and pets : a veterinary nursing guide / Hany M. Elsheikha, Ian Wright, John McGarry.
SF 810 .A3 E47 2018

Color atlas of farm animal dermatology (2nd ed.) / by Danny W. Scott.
SF 901 .S37 2018

Small animal imaging : self-assessment review / John S. Mattoon, Dana A. Neelis.
CRC Press
SF 991 .M245 2018

March 2018

Domestic animals, humans, and leisure : rights, welfare, and wellbeing / edited by Janette Young and Neil Carr.
GN 407 .6 .D66 2018

Animals, race, and multiculturalism / Luís Cordeiro-Rodrigues, Les Mitchell, editors.
Palgrave Macmillan
QL 85 .A57 2017

Periparturient diseases of dairy cows : a systems biology approach / Burim N. Ametaj, editor.
SF 208 .P48 2017

Farewell to the horse : a cultural history / Ulrich Raulff ; translated by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp.
Liveright Publishing Corporation
SF 283 .R2813 2018

Animals and the shaping of modern medicine : one health and its histories / Abigail Woods, Michael Bresalier, Angela Cassidy, Rachel Mason Dentinger.
Palgrave Macmillan
SF 745 .W66 2018

King's applied anatomy of the central nervous system of domestic mammals (2nd ed.) / by Geoff Skerritt.
SF 761 .K564 2018

Veterinary forensic pathology (vols. 1-2) / Jason W. Brooks, editor.
SF 769.47 .V48 2018

Equine neck and back pathology : diagnosis and treatment (2nd ed.) / edited by Frances M.D. Henson.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 951 .E542 2018

Rebhun's diseases of dairy cattle (3rd ed.) / Simon F. Peek and Thomas J. Divers, 
SF 961 .R43 2018

Advances in the canine cranial cruciate ligament (2nd ed.) / edited by Peter Muir.
SF 991 .A38 2018

Reptile medicine and surgery in clinical practice / edited by Bob Doneley, Deborah Monks, Robert Johnson, Brendan Carmel.
John Wiley Blackwell
SF 997.5 .R4 R466 2018

February 2018

No way to treat a friend : lifting the lid on complementary and alternative veterinary medicine / Niall Taylor, Alex Gough.
5m Publishing
SF 745.5 .T39 2017

Textbook of veterinary diagnostic radiology (7th ed.) / Donald E. Thrall.
SF 757.8 .T48 2018

Animal handling and physical restraint / C.B. Chastain.
CRC Press
SF 760 .A54 C483 2018

Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics (10th ed.) / edited by Jim E. Riviere and Mark G. Papich.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 915 .V49 2018

Equine internal medicine (4th ed.) / [edited by] Stephen M. Reed, Warwick M. Bayly, Debra C. Sellon.
SF 951 .E565 2018

Avian medicine and surgery : self-assessment color review (2nd ed.) / edited by Neil A. Forbes, David Sanchez-Migallon Guzman.
CRC Press
SF 994 .F67 2017

January 2018

The business of farm animal welfare / edited by Nicky Amos and Rory Sullivan.
Taylor & Francis Group
HD 9440 .A2 B866 2018

Bayesian data analysis for animal scientists : the basics / by Agustín Blasco.
QA 279 .5 .B583 2017

Skills for communicating in veterinary medicine / Cindy L. Adams, Suzanne Kurtz ; forewords by Warwick Bayly, Christoph K.W. Mülling, Anthony L. Suchman.
Dewpoint Publishing
SF 610.5 .A33 2017

Veterinary immunology (10th ed.) / Ian Tizard.
SF 757 .2 .T59 2018

Lavin's radiography for veterinary technicians (6th ed.) / Marg Brown, Lois C. Brown.
SF 757 .8 .L38 2018

Safe handling and restraint of animals : a comprehensive guide / Stella J. Chapman.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
SF 760 .A54 C43 2018

Equine anatomy guide : thorax, abdomen and pelvis : an illustrated guide / Mahmoud Mansour, Janet Steiss, Ray Wilhite.
College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University
SF 765 .M36 2017

Practical veterinary dental radiography / Brook A. Niemiec, Jerzy Gawor, Vladimír Jekl.
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
SF 867 .N538 2017

Slatter's fundamentals of veterinary ophthalmology (6th ed.) / David J. Maggs, Paul E. Miller, Ron Ofri.
SF 891 .S53 2018

Exotic animal formulary (5th ed.) / editor, James W. Carpenter; assistant editor, Christopher J. Marion.
SF 917 .C27 2018

Physical rehabilitation for veterinary technicians and nurses / edited by Mary Ellen Goldberg, Julia Tomlinson.
SF 925 P69 2017

Interpretation of equine laboratory diagnostics / edited by Nicola Pusterla, Jill Higgins.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 951 .I58 2018

Manual of clinical procedures in the horse / edited by Lais R.R. Costa and Mary Rose Paradis.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 951 .M346 2018

Feline anesthesia and pain management / by Paulo V.M. Steagall, Sheilah A. Robertson, Polly Taylor.
SF 985 .S74 2018

Chronic disease management for small animals / edited by Dunbar Gram, Rowan Milner, Remo Lobetti.
SF 991 .C55 2017

Canine internal medicine : what's your diagnosis? / Jon Wray.
SF 991 .W73 2018

Canine and feline geriatric oncology : honoring the human-animal bond (2nd ed.) / by Dr. Alice Villalobos with Laurie Kaplan.
SF 992 .C35 V55 2018

Clinical chemistry of laboratory animals (3rd ed.) / edited by David M. Kurtz and Gregory S. Travlos.
Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group
SF 996 .5 .C55 2018

Pathology of small mammal pets / Patricia V. Turner, Marina L. Brash, Dale A. Smith.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
SF 997 .5 .R64 T87 2018

Fall 2017

December 2017

The dark art of blood cultures / edited by Wm. Michael Dunne, Jr. and Carey-Ann Burnham, 
ASM Press
QR 66 .D37 2018

Management of animal care and use programs in research, education, and testing (2nd ed.) / edited by Robert H. Weichbrod, Gail A. (Heidbrink) Thompson, John N. Norton.
CRC Press
SF 406 .M36 2018

Biology of domestic animals / editors, Colin G. Scanes, Rodney A. Hill.
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
SF 745 .B56 2018

Clinical atlas of small animal cytology / Andrew G. Burton.
SF 757.25 .B87 2018

Necropsy guide for dogs, cats, and small mammals / edited by Sean P. McDonough,  Teresa L. Southard.
SF 769 .N43 2017

Aspinall's complete textbook of veterinary nursing (3rd ed.) / edited by Nicola Ackerman ; foreword by Victoria Aspinall.
SF 774.5 .C66 2016

Cardiology for veterinary technicians and nurses / edited by H. Edward Durham, Jr.
SF 811 .C388 2017

BSAVA manual of canine and feline nephrology and urology (3rd ed.) / editors, Jonathan Elliott, Gregory F. Grauer, Jodi 1. Westropp.
British Small Animal Veterinary Association
SF 871 .B753 2017

The essential hoof book : the complete modern guide to horse feet : anatomy, care and health, disease diagnosis and treatment / Susan Kauffmann and Christina Cline ; foreword by Gene Ovnicek.
Trafalgar Square Books
SF 907 .K38 2017

The Equine Acute Abdomen (3rd ed.) / edited by Anthony T. Blikslager, Nathaniel A. White II, James N. Moore, Tim S. Mair.
SF 959 .C6 E68 2017

Small animal thoracic surgery / E. Christopher Orton, Eric Monnet ; illustrated by Molly Borman, Thomas O. McCracken.
SF 991b .O8 2018

Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult. Ruminant (2nd ed.) / edited by Christopher C.L. Chase, Kaitlyn A. Lutz, Erica C. McKenzie, Ahmed Tibary.
SF 997.5 .R86 B532 2017

November 2017

Bioinformatics--A Student's Companion / Kalibulla Syed Ibrahim, Guruswami Gurusubramanian, Zothansanga, Ravi Prakash Yadav, Nachimuthu Senthil Kumar, Shunmugiah Karutha Pandian, Probodh Borah, Surender Mohan.
QH 324.2 .S94 2017

Morphological mouse phenotyping : anatomy, histology and imaging / Prof. Dr. Jesús Ruberte (DVM, PhD), Associate Prof. Dr. Ana Carretero (DVM, PhD), Associate Prof. Dr. Marc Navarro (DVM, PhD).
Elsevier/Academic Press
QL 737 .R6 R83 2017

Peripheral nerve disorders : pathology and genetics / edited by Jean-Michel Vallat, Joachim Weis foreword by Peter J. Dyck.
Wiley Blackwell
RC 409 .P458 2014

Equine color genetics (4th ed.) / D. Phillip Sponenberg, Rebecca Bellone.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
SF 279 .S665 2017

Dog bites : a multidisciplinary perspective / edited by Daniel S. Mills and Carri Westgarth.
5M Publishing
SF 433 .D64 2017

Body MDCT in Small Animals : Basic Principles, Technology, and Clinical Applications / Giovanna Bertolini, editor.
SF 757.8 .B63 2017

Clinical veterinary echography / Federica Rossi and Giliola Spattini ; translated by Claudio Parcellana.
5M Publishing
SF 772.58 .R67 2017

Current techniques in canine and feline neurosurgery / edited by Andy Shores and Brigitte A. Brisson.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 981 .C87 2017

Canine and feline dementia : molecular basis, diagnostics and therapy / Gary Landsberg, Aladár Mad̕ari, Norbert Žilka, editors.
SF 992 .N3 C36 2017

September 2017

Fundamentals of laboratory animal science / edited by Enqi Liu, Jianglin Fan.
CRC Press
QL 55 .F86 2018

Histology : a text and atlas : with correlated cell and molecular biology (7th ed.) / Michael H. Ross, PhD; Wojciech Pawlina, MD.
Wolters Kluwer Health
QM 551 .R67 2016

Cellular and molecular immunology (9th ed.) / Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, Shiv Pillai ; illustrations by David L. Baker, Alexandra Baker.
QR 185.5 .A23 2018

Fenner and White's medical virology (5th ed.) / Christopher J. Burrell, Colin R. Howard, Frederick A. Murphy.
Elsevier/AP, Academic Press
QR 360 .F43 2017

How to read a paper : the basics of evidence-based medicine (5th ed.) / Trisha Greenhalgh.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
118.6 .G74 2014

One health case studies : addressing complex problems in a changing world / edited by Susan C. Cork, David C. Hall, Karen A. Liljebjelke.
5M Publishing
RA 441 .O53 2016

Fundamentals of medical imaging (3rd ed.) / Paul Suetens.
Cambridge University Press
RC 78.7 .D53 S84 2017

Essentials of nuclear medicine imaging (6th ed.) / Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Milton J. Guiberteau.
Elsevier Saunders
RC 78.7 .R4 M47 2012

Biostatistics for animal science (3rd. ed.) / Miroslav Kaps and William R. Lamberson USA.
SF 140 .S72 K37 2017

It's a dog's life, but it's your carpet : everything you ever wanted to know about your four-legged friend / Justine A. Lee.
Three Rivers Press Press
SF 426.2 .L4395 2008

Leaders of the pack : women and the future of veterinary medicine / Julie Kumble and Donald F. Smith.
Purdue University Press
SF 612 .K86 2017

The desert vet : how a city boy became a bedouin nomad and spent thirty years caring for a menagerie of camels and other exotic creatures / Alex Tinson with David Hardaker.
Allen & Unwin
SF 613 .T56 A3 2016

Photodynamic therapy in veterinary medicine / Fábio Parra Sellera, Cristiane Lassálvia Nascimento, Martha Simões Ribeiro.
SF 745 .P575 2016

Veterinary ethics : navigating tough cases / Siobhan Mullan and Anne Fawcett.
5M Publishing
SF 756.39 .M85 2017

The E-myth veterinarian : why most veterinary practices don't work and what to do about it / Michael E. Gerber, Peter Weinstein.
Prodigy Business Books
SF 756.4 .G467 2015

Dyce, Sack and Wensing's textbook of veterinary anatomy (5th ed.) / [edited by] Baljit Singh.
SF 761 .D93 2018

Functional anatomy and physiology of domestic animals (5th ed.) / William O. Reece, Eric W. Rowe.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 768 .R44 2017

Treatment and care of the geriatric veterinary patient / edited by Mary Gardner and Dani McVety.
SF 768.5 .T74 2017

Performing the small animal physical examination / Ryane E. Englar.
SF 772.5 .E54 2017

Reproductive technologies in farm animals (2nd ed.) / Ian Gordon.
SF 871 .G67 2017

Diagnostic techniques in veterinary dermatology / Ariane Neuber, Tim Nuttall.
SF 901 .N48 2017

Pitfalls in veterinary surgery / edited by Geraldine B Hunt.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.,/Blackwell
SF 911 .P568 2017

Manual of small animal soft tissue surgery (2nd ed.) / Karen Tobias.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
SF 911 .T63 2017

Veterinary surgery : small animal (2nd ed.) / editors, Spencer A. Johnston, Karen M. Tobias.
SF 911 .V48 2018

Atlas of canine and feline urinalysis / Theresa E. Rizzi, Amy Valenciano, Mary Bowles, Rick Cowell, Ronald Tyler, Dennis B. DeNicola. 
Wiley Blackwell
SF 991 .R59 2017

The chicken health handbook : a complete guide to maximizing flock health and dealing with disease (2nd. ed.) / Gail Damerow.
Storey Publishing
SF 995 .D33 2015

August 2017

Bats and viruses : a new frontier of emerging infectious diseases / edited by Lin-fa Wang and Christopher Cowled.
Wiley Blackwell
RA 641 .B38 B38 2015

Small animal imaging : basics and practical guide (2nd ed.) / Fabian Kiessling, Bernd J. Pichler, Peter Hauff, editors.
SF 757.8 .S63 2017

Hemostasis : lecture notes 2015 (3rd. ed.) / Mary K. Boudreaux, DVM, PhD, Auburn University.
Linus Publications, Inc.
SF 769.5 .B68 2015

Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult clinical companion. Small animal emergency and critical care (2nd ed.) / edited by Elisa M. Mazzaferro.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
SF 778 .B53 2017

Summer 2017

June/July 2017

Student handbook and college policies [print] / Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.
The College
LD 271 .A813 V458222 2005 (Reference Collection)

Avian anatomy : textbook and colour atlas (2nd ed.) / Horst E. König, Rüdiger Korbel, Hans-Georg Liebich ; translated by Corinna Klupiec.
5m Publishing
QL 697 .A95 2016

Handbook of primate behavioral management / edited by Steven J. Schapiro.
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
QL 737 .P9 H36 2017

Manual of commercial methods in clinical microbiology (2nd ed.) / editor-in-chief Allan L. Truant.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc./Blackwell
QR 46 .M433 2016

Arthropod borne diseases / Carlos Brisola Marcondes, editor.
RA 641 .A7 A58 2017

Atlas of infectious disease pathology / Bryan H. Schmitt, editor.
RC 113.3 .A85 2017

Mims' Pathogenesis of infectious disease (6th ed.) / Anthony A. Nash, Robert G. Dalziel, J. Ross Fitzgerald.
RB 153 .M55 2015

Veterinary medical school admission requirements [print] / Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges.
Purdue University Press
S 533 .V47 2017 (Reference Collection)

Holistic goat care : a comprehensive guide to raising healthy animals, preventing common ailments, and troubleshooting problems / Gianaclis Caldwell.
Chelsea Green Publishing
SF 383 .C25 2017

The dairy goat handbook : for backyard, homestead, and small farm / Ann Starbard.
Voyageur Press
SF 383 .S82 2015

Managing the laboratory animal facility (3rd ed.) / Jerald Silverman.
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis
SF 406 .S56 2017

Handbook of laboratory animal anesthesia and pain management : Rodents / edited by Cholawat Pacharinsak, Jennifer C. Smith.
CRC Press,Taylor & Francis Group
SF 407 .R6 H36 2017

Pet health insurance, a veterinarian's perspective / Dr. Doug Kenney.
PhiloSophia Publishing
SF 411.43 .U6 K46 2016

The other end of the leash : why we do what we do around dogs / Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.
Ballantine Books
SF 431 .M4626 2003

For the love of a dog : understanding emotion in you and your best friend / Patricia B. McConnell.
Ballantine Books
SF 433 .M34 2007

Mononegaviruses of veterinary importance (v.1-2) / edited by Muhammad Munir.
SF 718 .M59 2013

Veterinary guide to animal breeds / Beth Vanhorn.
John Wiley & Sons
SF 745 .V36 2017

Veterinary medical education : a practical guide / edited by Jennifer L. Hodgson, Jacquelyn M. Pelzer.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 756.3 .V48 2017

Case studies in veterinary immunology / Laurel J. Gershwin.
Garland Science
SF 757.2 .C37 2017

Handbook of small animal imaging : preclinical imaging, therapy, and applications / edited by George C. Kagadis.
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group
SF 757.8 .H36 2016

Guide to ruminant anatomy : dissection and clinical aspects / Mahmoud Mansour, Ray Wilhite, Joe Rowe.
John Wiley/Blackwell
SF 762 .M36 2018

Guide to ruminant anatomy [electronic resource] : dissection and clinical aspects / Mahmoud Mansour, Ray Wilhite, Joe Rowe.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 762 .M36 2018

Clinical radiology of the horse (4th ed.) / Janet A. Butler, Christopher M. Colles, Sue J. Dyson, Svend E. Kold and Paul W. Poulos.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
SF 765 .C56 2017

Nutrition experiments in pigs and poultry : a practical guide / edited by Michael R. Bedford, Mingan Choct, Helen V. Masey O'Neill.
CAB International
SF 768.2 .S95 N84 2016

Small animal endocrinology and reproduction / edited by Deborah S. Greco & Autumn P. Davidson.
John Wiley/Blackwell
SF 768.3 .S63 2017

Principles and practice of veterinary technology (4th ed.) / [edited by] Margi Sirois.
SF 774.4 .P75 2017

Neosporosis in animals / J.P. Dubey, A. Hemphill, R. Calero-Bernal, G. Schares.
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis
SF 810 .A3 D79 2017

Equine neonatology : medicine and surgery / Derek Knottenbelt, Nicola Holdstock, John E. Madigan.
SF 959 .N45 K66 2004

The veterinarybook for dairy farmers (4th ed.) / R.W. Blowey.
5M Publishing
SF 961 .B58 2016

BSAVA manual of wildlife casualties (2nd. ed.) / editors, Elizabeth Mullineaux, Emma Keeble.
British Small Animal Veterinary Association
SF 996.45 .B73 2016

Pathology for toxicologists : principles and practices of laboratory animal pathology for study personnel / edited by Elizabeth McInnes.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 996.5 .M35 2017

Spring 2017

May 2017

The design of animal experiments : reducing the use of animals in research through better experimental design (2nd ed.) / Michael F.W. Festing, Philip Overend, Mario Cortina Borja, Manuel Berdoy.
HV 4915 .D47 2016

How to use mediation to resolve conflicts over animals : nipped in the bud, not in the butt / Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
KF 390.5 .A5 V63 2015

Lewin's genes XII / Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein, Stephen T. Kilpatrick.
Jones & Bartlett Learning
QH 430 .L4 2018

Comparative medicine : disorders linking humans with their animals / Erika Jensen-Jarolim, editor.
RC 113.5 .C66 2017

Pet bird diseases and care / Indranil Samanta, Samiran Bandyopadhyay.
SF 461 .S26 2017

McCurnin's clinical textbook for veterinary technicians (9th ed.) / [edited by] Joanna M. Bassert, Oreta Samples, Angela Beal.
SF 745 .C625 2018

Color atlas of veterinary ophthalmology (2nd ed.) / Kirk N. Gelatt, Caryn E. Plummer.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
SF 891 .G45 2017

Nutritional management of equine diseases and special cases / edited by Bryan Waldridge.
Wiley Blackwell
SF 951 .N88 2017

Equine laminitis / editor, James K. Belknap ; associate editor, Raymond Geor.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc./Wiley-Blackwell
SF 959 .L3 E75 2017

Hospice and palliative care for companion animals : principles and practice / edited by Amir Shanan, Jessica Pierce, Tamara Shearer.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc/Blackwell
SF 981 .H67 2017

March/April 2017

Statistics for bioinformatics : methods for multiple sequence alignment / Julie Dawn Thompson.
QH 324.2 .T466 2016

The biology of parasites / Richard Lucius, Brigitte Loos-Frank, Richard P. Lane, Robert Poulin, Craig W. Roberts, and Richard K. Grencis.

Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA
QL 757 .L8313 2017 

Veterinary medicine : a textbook of the diseases of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, and goats 11 ed./ Peter D. Constable, Kenneth W. Hinchcliff, Stanley H. Done, Walter Grunberg.
SF 745 .R65 2017

Canine and feline skin cytology /Francesco Albanese.
SF 757.25 .A43 2017

Veterinary embryology 2nd ed. / T.A. McGeady, P.J. Quinn, E.S. FitzPatrick, M.T. Ryan, D. Kilroy, P. Lonergan.
John Wiley/Blackwell
SF 767.5 .V48 2017

Fenner's veterinary virology 5th ed. / edited by N. James MacLachlan, Edward J. Dubovi.
SF 780.4 .V48 2017

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases of livestock / Jagadeesh Bayry, editor.
SF 781 .E447 2017

Manual of equine neonatal medicine 4th ed. / John E. Madigan, D.V.M., M.S., editor.
Live Oak Publishing
SF 959 .N45 M36 2013

Practical transfusion medicine for the small animal practitioner 2nd ed. / Carolyn A. Sink.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc
SF 992 .B57 F45 2017

January/February 2017

Dogs who serve : incredible stories of our canine military heroes / Lisa Rogak
Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Griffin
UH 100 .R64 2016

The domestic dog : its evolution, behavior, and interactions with people 2nd ed. / James Serpell 
Cambridge University Press
SF 433 .D66 2017

Veterinary medicine : a textbook of the diseases of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, and goats 11th ed. / Peter D. Constable, Kenneth W. Hinchcliff, Stanley H. Done, Walter Grunberg

SF 745 .R65 2017

Canine and feline skin cytology / Francesco Albanese
SF 757.25 .A43 2017

Veterinary cytology : dog, cat, horse and cow 2nd ed. / Francesco Cian and Kathleen Freeman
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

SF 757.25 .F74 2017

Atlas of clinical imaging and anatomy of the equine head / Larry Kimberlin, Alex zur Linden, Lynn Ruoff
SF 765 .K56 2017

Veterinary embryology 2nd ed. / T.A. McGeady, P.J. Quinn, E.S. FitzPatrick, M.T. Ryan, D. Kilroy, P. Lonergan
John Wiley/Blackwell

SF 767.5 .V48 2017

Fenner's veterinary virology 5th ed. / edited by N. James MacLachlan and Edward J. Dubovi 

SF 780.4 .V48 2017

Animal parasites : diagnosis, treatment, prevention / Heinz Mehlhorn
SF 810 .A3 M47 2016

Diagnostic parasitology for veterinary technicians 5th ed. / Charles M. Hendrix, Ed Robinson
SF 810 .A3 H46 2017

Two-dimensional and m-mode echocardiography for the small animal practitioner 2nd ed. / June A. Boon
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
SF 811 .B663 2013

BSAVA manual of canine and feline musculoskeletal imaging / editors: Robert M. Kirberger, Fintan J. McEvoy
British Small Animal Veterinary Association
SF 901 .B73 2016

Tumors in domestic animals (5th ed.) / edited by Donald J. Meuten
Wiley Blackwell
SF 910 .T8 M6 2017

Veterinary oncology : a short textbook / Robert Klopfleisch
SF 910 .T8 V486 2016

Acid-base and electrolyte handbook for veterinary technicians / edited by Angela Randels-Thorp, David Liss
John Wiley & Sons Inc.
SF 910 .W38 A25 2017

Errors in veterinary anesthesia / John W. Ludders, Matt McMillan
John Wiley & Sons, Inc
SF 914 .L77 2017

Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics for veterinary technicians 4th ed. / Robert L. Bill, DVM, PhD.
SF 915 .B55 2017

Essential calculations for veterinary nurses and technicians 3rd ed. / Terry Lake, DVM, and Nicola Green, RVN 
SF 919 .L35 2017

Equine wound management 3rd ed. / edited by Christine Theoret, Jim Schumacher
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

SF 951 .S77 2017

Equine ophthalmology 3rd ed. / edited by Brian C. Gilger
Wiley Blackwell
SF 959 .E93 G55 2017

Clinical signs in small animal medicine 2nd ed. / Michael Schaer
CRC Press
SF 981 .S373 2017

Small animal surgical nursing : skills and concepts (3rd ed.)/ Marianne Tear

SF 991 .B92 2017

Ear, nose and throat diseases of the dog and cat / Richard G. Harvey, Gert ter Haar
CRC Press
SF 991 .H26 2017

Monitoring and intervention for the critically ill small animal / Rebecca Kirby and Andrew Linklater
Wiley Blackwell
SF 991 .M65 2017

Multimodal management of canine osteoarthritis 2nd ed. / Steven M. Fox
CRC Press/Taylor & Francis
SF 992 .A77 F69 2017

Animal influenza 2nd ed. / edited by David E. Swayne
Wiley Blackwell
SF 995.6 .I6 A92 2017

Handbook of raptor rehabilitation / David E. Scott
SF 996.45 .S39 2010

Ferret medicine and surgery / [edited by] Cathy A. Johnson-Delaney
CRC Press
SF 997.5 .F47 F46 2017

New Books at RBD Library of Interest to Vet Med

(These books are housed at RBD Library on main campus, but may be requested to be delivered to the Vet Med Library in Greene Hall.)

Updated: 1 May 2018

Basic applied bioinformatics : a beginner's guide for students / by Chandra Sekhar Mukhopadhyay, Ratan Kumar Choudhary, Mir Asif Iquebal.
QH 324.2 .M85 2018

Communicating genetics : visualizations and representations / Han Yu.
Palgrave Macmillan
QH 430 .Y82 2017

Plants that kill : a natural history of the world's most poisonous plants / Elizabeth A. Dauncey and Sonny Larsson.
Princeton University Press
QK 100 .A1 D38 2018

The ark and beyond : the evolution of zoo and aquariumconservation / edited by Ben A. Minteer, Jane Maienschein, and James P. Collins.
University of Chicago Press
QL 76 .A75 2018

The wild within : histories of a landmark British zoo / Andrew Flack.
University of Virginia Press
QL 76.5 .G7 F53 2018

Patient zero and the making of the AIDS epidemic / Richard A. McKay.
The University of Chicago Press
RA 643.86 .N7 M46 2017

Adaptive oncogenesis : a new understanding of how cancer evolves inside us / James DeGregori.
Harvard University Press
RC 268.5 .D437 2018

Oxford textbook of neuro-oncology / edited by Tracy T. Batchelor, Ryo Nishikawa, Nancy J. Tarbell, Michael Weller.
Oxford Universiy Press
RC 280 .N43 O94 2017

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