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Frequently Asked Questions

ALLIES, ALabama LIbraries Exchange Service, is a partnership between several Alabama academic libraries.  Currently, the ALLIES libraries include Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, and Jacksonville State University; With this partnership, ALLIES patrons can place on-line requests and/or check out items from any of the ALLIES libraries provided they have an approved photo ID and meet the requirements of an ALLIES patron.

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Full-time, currently employed faculty and staff.
  • Retired faculty members as officially designated by their home library.

In addition, patrons must also be in good standing with their home library and all ALLIES libraries.

Items can only be checked out by the ALLIES patron who placed the request.  ALLIES patrons are responsible for all items checked out with their photo ID.

Patrons should check with their home library to make sure they are eligible to check out ALLIES items and their patron record is active before a visit is made to another library.

An institution issued photo ID is preferred; however, any official photo ID with the patron's name on the ID may be accepted.  Verification of eligibility will then be made through the ALLIES system.

Regular, circulating books are the only items eligible for ALLIES loans.  Reserve items, journals, reference materials, video cassettes, CD's, maps, microfilm, microfiche, and special collection materials are not eligible for ALLIES loans.  In addition, each holding library may designate additional material to be either included or excluded from ALLIES loans.

Currently the loan period for all ALLIES items and all ALLIES patrons is 28 days.  Administrative recalls will apply and may shorten the original due date.  One 28-day renewal is allowed.  If a patron has exceeded 100 items, renewals will not be allowed. 

Pre-established Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement for Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM):
Items checked out from Auburn University by AUM undergraduate students are allowed three on-line renewals.

The loan period for faculty, staff, and graduate students at AUM is 90-days for regular checkouts with three on-line 90-day renewals.  Journals can only be checked out when a visit is made to Auburn University's library.  An ALLIES request cannot be placed on-line for journals.

In most cases, items will be available for pickup within 3 to 5 working days from the time the request is processed to the time it is arrives at the pickup library.

Initially, no daily overdue fines will be charged.  However, each library charges replacement costs and  processing fees for each item that is 35 days past the due date.  Each library varies what they charge for replacement and processing fees.  In addition, if the holding library charges administrative recall fines, these may be applicable.  If the fees exceed $10, the patron will be blocked from ALLIES until all outstanding fees are cleared through their home library.

Library Replacement Cost Processing Fee
Auburn University current in-print price or an
established out of print charge
$15 non-refundable
Auburn University at Montgomery current in-print price or an
established out of print charge
$25 non-refundable
Jacksonville State University

current in-print price or an
established out of print charge

$3 non-refundable

If you have accrued any fines from an ALLIES item, you will need to clear your financial obligations through your home library.

This service is provided at no cost to the patron.

ALLIES patrons who visit other libraries are not able to place a hold and/or recall on any items.  In addition, if a patron at the holding library retrieves an item that has an ALLIES request but has not yet been processed, the patron at the holding library takes precedence over the ALLIES patron. 

The aggregate limit, the total number of items that may be checked out to an ALLIES patron, is 100 items.  For example, an Auburn University patron could have 50 items checked out from Auburn University at Montgomery and 50 items checked out from Jacksonville State Universtiy.  This limit does not include items checked out from the patron's home library.

A patron can be blocked for numerous reasons.

  • The patron has accrued $10 or more in fines at an ALLIES library.
  • The patron has more than 100 ALLIES items checked out.
  • The patron's library record expired after ALLIES request was placed.
  • The patron is not an eligible ALLIES patron.

The status of your ALLIES requests can be checked at the patron information page from your home library's web page.  Instructions on how to access your patron information can be viewed from the patron information link to the left.  If you do not have access to a computer or have further questions about your item availability, contact your specified pickup library.

Renewals can be placed on-line through your home library's web page or by bringing each item you want to renew along with an approved photo ID to any ALLIES library circulation desk.  Instructions on how to renew items can be obtained by clicking on the renew items link to the left of the screen.  A link to each home library's web page is also listed on the renew items link to the left of the screen. 

ALLIES items can be returned to any ALLIES library either in-person or by mail.  To ensure your items are properly returned, a return receipt may be requested at the circulation desk during normal business hours.  ALLIES items may also be dropped into any ALLIES library book drop. 

ALLIES libraries cannot be held responsible for any items returned by mail.

Last updated: 01/06/2020