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Carter D. Poland Photograph Collection:
Cotton From Seed to Soap
and the
Boll Weevil From Egg to Maturity

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    This is a collection of photographs taken by Carter D. Poland in ca. 1939.  It illustrates the history of cotton agriculture in the South since the 1893 boll weevil infestation.  The photographs tell four interrelated stories:  planting, cultivating, and harvesting cotton; the biology of the boll weevil, the damage it causes, and measures to stop it; ginning, spinning, and weaving the cotton lint; and manufacturing oil from the cotton seeds.  Poland also published a pamphlet that provides captions for the photographs as well as technical photography information.

    Biographical Sketch:

    Poland was a principal of the Poland Soap Works of Anniston, Alabama.  The staff of the Archives & Manuscripts Department will soon have a biography ready.

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