Guide to the Thomas Maxwell Papers, RG 35

Listed by: Dieter C. Ullrich
Date: June 2003

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10 items; 1 file folder.

Historical or Biographical Sketch:
Thomas Maxwell was born at Cockermouth, England on January 30, 1815. He was the son of John Maxwell (March 23, 1778-August 7, 1855) and Mary McMurray (August 14, 1787-June 2, 1862). He emigrated on his own to the United States, departing England on October 15, 1836, and arrived in Mobile on December 24, 1836. The details of his family and personal history as of 1859 are contained in the three letters written to his sons, each letter containing a chronological segment of that history. He died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on June 5, 1877, after having brought his parents and brothers and sister to the United States. He had achieved some business success in Alabama, which enabled him to bring them to America, and set his brothers up in business enterprises. He composed poetry throughout his life, including a long allegorical poem published in 1875, "The King Bee's Dream: A Metrical Address Delivered Before the Druid City Literary Club of the City of Tuskaloosa, Alabama by Thomas Maxwell, May 12, 1875." This poem dealt with his journey to America, the origin of the Indian race, and the city of Tuscaloosa.

Scope and Content:
Consists of typescripts of letters by Thomas Maxwell to his three sons which outline in detail the Maxwell family history, and his own life history. Includes poems composed by Maxwell and miscellaneous items.

Item list:

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