Guide to the Schuessler & Ellington Records, RG 46

Listed by: Dieter C. Ullrich
Date: June 2003

Date Span:

15 cubic feet.

Number of Boxes:
168 ledgers; 1 Letter Document Box

Historical or Biographical Sketch:
The Charles Schuessler and Sons business operations were located in Lafayette, Alabama. The earliest date of a loose item is 1901; the latest is 1926. However, dates on the bound journals and ledgers would indicate that the business was in operation by 1876 and continued until 1937. The business included farming interests, tenant farmers, cotton ginning and a general merchandise store selling dry goods and hardware. The early records are of the growth of a store named Ellington and Cherry. The source of the name Cherry is unknown. The dates of this store appear from the ledgers to be from 1902 to 1916. During this same period the J. E. Ellington and Company records begin. The dates on these ledgers stretch from 1908 to 1920. They contain the same type of general merchandise records as those for Ellington and Cherry. As well, the Ellingtons had cotton gin and shipping interests which are recorded in ledgers dating from 1905 until 1920. They also appear to have owned the Gold Hill Supply Company, some ledgers of which were found with the Ellington and Co. ledgers.

Scope and Content:
The collection contains one box of correspondence divided by years into business papers and correspondence, all of a business nature. Included in this box are three folders of miscellaneous receipts and charges, mostly tenant farmer accounts. The bulk of the collection consists of ledgers and journals recording the transactions of the Schuessler and Ellington businesses. They are divided into Schuessler, Ellington, and Unidentified series. The Schuessler series contains 48 ledgers. The Ellington series contains 96 ledgers. The Unidentified series contains 24 ledgers. The series are subdivided by type of record, and these records are listed in chronological order. The Unidentified series is identified by type of record, but it was not possible to identify to which series it belonged. As well,there are nine ledgers at the end of the collection that may or may not belong to the Schuessler collection as a whole.

Item list:
Box 1

Account Ledgers - Ellington Schuessler Account Ledgers

Unidentified Series