Guide to the United Daughters of the Confederacy Records, RG 47

Listed by: Dieter C. Ullrich
Date: June 2003

Date Span:

7.0 cubic feet.

Number of Boxes:
3 Record Center boxes; 7 Letter Document Boxes & 4 Oversized Boxes

Historical or Biographical Sketch:
The Admiral Ralph Semmes Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was organized in Auburn, Alabama on April 29, 1896. It is a member of the Alabama Division of the U.D.C. historical organization.

Scope and Content:
Contains newspaper clippings, photographs, yearbooks, programs, booklets, reports, minutes, financial statements, and correspondence of Admiral Ralph Semmes Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy from 1896 to 1999. Also contains original applications for U.D.C. membership, and applications for Cross of Military Service.

Accession number: 1971
Item list:

I. Programs, reports, etc.

  • State and National Convention Programs, 1930-1962 (incomplete)
  • Annual President's Report, 1930, 1931, 1961, 1962
  • General Officers Club List 1962 (31 items)

    II. Minutes

  • April 29, 1896 - June 2. 1900, and sketches of Semmes life
  • Sept. 1941 - May 1958 and roll of members
  • Sept. 1960(3 items)

    III. Year Books

  • 1924-1964, 1971-1975 (except 1955-1956,1956-1957)
  • Pamphlets, Papers, and Miscellany (60 items) IV. Miscellany - Historical Materials Confederate

    V. History of Admiral Semmes Chapter

    VI. History of U. D. C. General Division

    VII. Addresses - General meetings 1946-1961, n. d* (incomplete)(11 items)

    VIII. Scrapbooks - Five scrapbooks containing articles about Civil War, war leaders and other articles of interest to the U. D. C., 1903, 1911, 1913, 1935, 1940.

    IX. Charter - United Daughters of the Confederacy organization of Auburn Chapter' no. 57

    Accession number: 1974
    Item list:

    I. Historian - Mrs. L.K. Ware

  • 1937-1938
  • Newspaper Clippings concerning the U.D.C
  • Program from William L. Yancey Chapter Children of the Confederacy
  • Newspaper Clippings concerning Margaret Mitchell-Author of Gone With the Wind
  • Photographs of 1937-38 UDC
  • Application for Cross of Military Service for Andrew Dowdell Lipscomb
  • Address of Dean Wilmre and Dean Petrie on Memorial Day
  • Articles on General Wheeler, Toombs, Alexander Stephens, and William L. Yancey

    II. Historian - Mrs. J.C. Crimes

  • 1951-1952
  • Newspaper Clippings concerning the UDC
  • Programs from meetings
  • Information on: Montgomery Chapter; Generals Grant and Lee's tombs: historic churches in the South; Confederate Veterans

    III. Historian - Lula Stodghill (Mrs. F.R.B.) Coggin

  • 1960-1961
  • Photos from newspaper and magazines taken during the Civil War.
  • Information an battles, soldiers, and officers of the War.
  • Pictures of antebellum homes
  • Real Daughters of the Semmes Chapter.

    IV. Historian - Lottie Busey Grimes

  • 1962-1963
  • Newspaper Clippings concerning the UDC
  • Auburn Train Depot
  • "The Old South and the Rise of the New South" by Dr. A.W. Reynolds
  • Address of Hon. Sydney J. Bowie to UDC and United Confederate Veterans Memorial Day, June 3, 1903.
  • "The First White House of the Confederacy"
  • Map of Federal Raids in Alabama

    V. Historian - Mrs. J.C. Lowery

  • 1968-1969
  • Flower and Motto
  • Honoring Real Daughters
  • Dedication to Lurleen B. Wallace
  • How Lee County got Its Name
  • Story of Decoration Day
  • General James B. Lane and his Home
  • Dr. George Petrie's Creed
  • Pictures of Montgomery - Then and Now
  • Report of Chapter - 1968
  • Auburn Chapter Meetings and Programs
  • History of Noble Hall
  • Year Book - 1968-1969
  • Report of the 1968 Convention in Montgomery - 1968
  • Program from Convention in Montgomery
  • Arlington House
  • Early History of Auburn After the Civil War
  • Sesqui-Centannial in Alabama
  • Langdon Hall
  • Founding of Auburn
  • Scenes from Atlanta and Natchez

    The following three scrapbooks were added to the collection in June, 1974 and were transferred to the Department of Archives from the Ralph Brown Draughon Library, Special Collections.

    VI. Historian - Miss Anna Persons

  • 1899
  • "Raphael Semmes, The Man Whose Memory is Honored"
  • "Naval Career of Admiral"
  • Reports of Conventions
  • Beautiful Miss (Ellen) Lee
  • List of Auburn Veterans
  • Death of Miss Winnie Davis
  • First battle of Manassas
  • "President Davis' Disguise"
  • Sketch of the Last Battle of the Civil War"
  • "James F. Bowdell"
  • Story of the Life of Daniel Emmitt
  • Bill Arp
  • Julia Jackson
  • Stonewall Jackson's Way
  • Beautiful Custom of Memorial Day had Its Origin in Columbus
  • Names of Co. F. Macon Confederates, 12 Ala. Regiment. Army of Northern Va.
  • Officers Company F 12th Alabama Regiment
  • 46th Alabama
  • Several articles on Jeff Davis
  • Confederate Generals of the South

    VII. Mrs. Frank Orr

  • 1941-1942
  • Yearbook of the Children of the Confederacy, 1940-41
  • Program of the Alabama division, UDC Forty-Fifth Annual Convention
  • Admiral Semmes Chapter UDC Yearbook,, 1941-42
  • William LeRoy Biloun by George Pertie
  • Letitia Ross District Convention Program Oct. 8, 1941
  • Clippings concerning Semmes Chapter Meetings

    VIII. Children of the "Confederacy Scrapbook

  • 1950-1951
  • Dedication of the Alabama State Memerial at Vicksburg
  • Convention Program for 1950
  • Yearbook and Minutes for State
  • Newsclippings of Yancey Chapter and other state and local chapters
  • Local Chapter Yearbook
  • Articles on last remaining Confederate Veterans
  • Articles on last remaining Alabama Confederate Veterans, Gen. James W. Moore and Col. P.R. "Riggs" Crump
  • Kappa Alpha - Old South Ball
  • Article an Mrs. L. A. Terrell of Auburn

    The following journal was found on a shelf. Date received is unknown as is the source,

    IX. Mrs. Aalph B. Draughon--Historian

  • 1938-1939
  • Yearbook for the Auburn Chapter 1938-1939
  • Certificate showing API is registered owner of Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar
  • Articles on Alabama's Confederate Veterans
  • Civil War Generals
  • Articles concerning Old Alabama
  • Acquiring Alabama's Secession Flag from Iowa
  • Selma School Pioneers
  • Old Homes in Selma

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