Eddie Rickenbacker Papers, RG 101

Finding Aid: Accession 97-054

Listed by: John Frederick -- February 5, 1998

Date Span: 1913-1973

Scope / Content: Rickenbacker's Rolodex address book, Photographs of his auto racing career, Fighting the Flying Circus, and three volumes of Eastern Airlines Staff Meeting Talks, 1937-1972.


Box 1:

EVR's Rolodex

w/ Accesson 96-066, Box 3:

3 volumes of Eastern Airlines Staff Meeting Talks


Box 2:

  1. EVR and mechanic in 1916 Maxwell, Indianapolis Motor Speedway P/N
  2. EVR with dirty face and Racing Gear P/N
  3. EVR behind the wheel of German Blitzen Benz P/N
  4. EVR and mechanic in 1916 Maxwell / Sideshot P/N
  5. Indianapolis Speedway, (L-R) Seth Klein, unidentified man, EVR, Ralph Depalma P/N
  6. Indianapolis Speedway, (L-R) Johnny Aitken, EVR, Dario Resta P/N
  7. EVR reading a letter P/N
  8. EVR, Billy Carlson, Bob Berman, Teddy Tetzlaff, Joe Thomas, Harry Grant, Rick ?, Santa Monica 191?
  9. EVR and Fred McCarty, masked from Peugot race car 1914, Corona California P/N
  10. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1933 with Pierce Arrow, Silver Arrow V-12 P/N
  11. EVR with Brown Bear mascot of Maxwell Team 1916 P/N
  12. Prest-O-Lite Race Team P/N
  13. EVR in Peugot in Racing Days, From A.G. Michaelson, Peterson Motor Library, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles P/N
  14. Pete Henderson P/N
  15. EVR as an Automobile Racer
  16. Six photos on felt: Auto Races, Tacoma Washington-Aug.1916:
    • EVR winner of 300 mile race in a Maxwell
    • "The Lineup"
    • Drivers and Mechanics
    • Melton (2nd Place)
    • Depalmas only stop (6th Place)
    • Oldfield stops for a tire change
    • P/N
  17. Check written to Indianapolis Oldtimers' Club, $5.00, 01/09/70
  18. Chevrolet Soap Box Derby 08/16/34
  19. 1915 North Randall Dirt Track. P/N
  20. EVR right after finishing second in 250 mile race at Sheepshead Bay, 09/15/1916 P/N
  21. At Columbus, Ohio, Buggy Factory Oct 7, 1908. Postcard w/negative
  22. EVR wearing tie and racing goggles
  23. Mason Quartet: EVR, Eddie O'Donnell, Billie Chandler, (Fritz Walker, Mercedes Fritz, killed in Galesburg, Ill. in Aug. 1914) August 1913, for Miss May Gothany P/N
  24. EVR with pit crew P/N
  25. Maywood Speedway (Chicago) 1915, EVR (#7 Maxwell) P/N
  26. 1915 North Randall Dirt Track. P/N
  27. 1915 North Randall Dirt Track P/N (different picture)
  28. 1915 North Randall Dirt Track P/N (different picture)
  29. Maywood (Chicago) board speedway 1916-EVR in #7 Peugot
  30. EVR with mechanic in a Maxwell at a pit stop P/N
  31. EVR and mechanic in #20 P/N
  32. EVR and E. O'Donell Mason Car, Elgin August 1919 P/N
  33. Postcard - Mason Quartette P/N
  34. EVR behind the wheel P/N
  35. EVR, Pit stop with a bottle of milk, 1916 P/N
  36. EVR looking intently at the camera from behind the wheel