Eddie Rickenbacker Papers, RG 101

Guide to the Collection By Accession


Date Span: 1943

Size of Accession: 1 item

Scope / Content: Photocopy of Rickenbacker's speech We Prayed concerning his mission to the South Pacific in 1942.

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Date Span: Undetermined [ca. 1940 - 1959]

Size of Accession: 3 items

Scope / Content: Twelve-inch vinyl phonograph records made for Eastern Airlines. One, at 78 rpm, is "The Talking Emblem." Two others are red vinyl recordings of parts 1 and 2, "A Salute to Eastern Airlines"

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Date Span: 1909 - 1970

Size of Accession: 9 folders

Scope / Content: Correspondence, brochures, incorporation papers, and other company documents of the Columbus Buggy Company and Rickenbacker Motor Company.

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Date Span: 1935 - 1977

Size of accession: 1 cubic ft.

Scope / Content: Correspondence of Eddie and Adelaide Rickenbacker with their son, William Frost Rickenbacker, many of which appeared in William's book, From Father To Son; The Letters Of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker To His Son William, From Boyhood To Manhood. Topics covered range from the mundane running of the family ranch to William's schoolwork, to politics, to important events of the day. There is also William's handwritten diary of his Harvard years, March 1945 through November 1947.

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Date Span: 1908 - 1978

Size of Accession: 4.25 cubic ft.

Scope/Content: This accession consists of Four Series: 1) Documents--correspondence, articles by and about the Rickenbackers, diaries, trip logs, official documents from WWI and WWII, reports, speeches, obituaries, interviews. 2) Photographs--5x7, 8x10, and larger, movie stills, autographed photos, dated photos--1920s--1970s, especially of EVR, ADR, extended family, EVR--ADR wedding, Bohemian Grove, Eastern Airlines. 3) 16mm movies--various personal subjects. 4) Audiotapes--eulogies of EVR memorial services. Oversized materials: series vary but kept in same physical location.

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Dates: 1922 - 1991

Size of Accession: 1.25 cubic feet

Scope/Contents: Materials relative to the Life of Eddie Rickenbacker. Diaries, Scrapbooks, letters and pictures from President Hoover and letters from President Eisenhower (with signatures), EVR contracts for early books, 141 photographs for biography. Arranged into 3 series. Series 1: Documents; Series 2: Photographs; Series 3: Scrapbooks.

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Date Span: 1913 - 1973

Size of Accession: 18 cubic feet

Scope/Content: 26 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings; 4 miscellaneous oversized graphics items; 1 box of microfilm copies of the materials from the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute.

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Date Span: 1913 - 1973

Size of Accession: 45 items

Scope / Content: Rickenbacker's Rolodex address book, Photographs of his auto racing career, Fighting the Flying Circus, and three volumes of Eastern Airlines Staff Meeting Talks, 1937-1972.

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Date Span: 1927, 1967

Size of Accession: 2 items

Scope / Content: Photocopy of photograph of aviators and industrialists published in August 10, 1927 issue of Detroit News + transcript of U. S. Air Force Academy Oral History Interview by Rickenbacker, #168A.

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Date Span: 1939, 1943

Size of Accession: 2 items

Scope / Content: Typescript of stories about the Rickenbacker family collected by journalist Isabel Leighton in 1943 + report by Adelaide Rickenbacker of 1939 family trip to Norway and northern Europe.

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