Guide to the Historic Records Survey in Alabama Local Histories Collection, RG 108

Listed by: Dieter C. Ullrich
Date: September 2003

Date Span:

0.1 cubic feet; 6 items.

Number of Boxes:
1 file folders

Historical or Biographical Sketch:
The Historic Records Survey was part of the Work Progress Administration's "Federal One" programs. It employed white collar workers, mostly clerks, from 1936 to 1942. Because of conflicts with the Department of Archives and History, the Alabama Historic Records Survey kept separate offices in Birmingham from 1936 until Congress forced states to sponsor their own programs in 1939. From then until 1942, Alabama Department of Archives and History administered the Historic Records Survey. Clerks and scholars compiled county histories to add context to the records surveys made by the Historic Records Survey.

Scope and Content:
Contains typescript copies of six county histories written for various publications between 1870 and 1905. Copies were made by Work Progress Administration - Historical Records Survey workers from documents provided by Alabma Department of Archives and History.

Item list:

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