Guide to the Ruth and Norman Brittin Papers, RG 145
Listed by: Javan Frazier
Date: March 5, 2003

Date span:

14.25 cubic feet

Number of boxes:
27 Legal Documents and 2 1/2 Legal documents

Type of material:
Personal and professional correspondence, teaching materials, photographs

Physical condition:
Some rust damage on documents, papers creased due to being folded for years but generally in good condition

Chronological order first and then alphabetical, if necessary

This collection contains documents relating to the personal and professional lives of Ruth and Norman Brittin. It is divided into five series: Correspondence, Published and Unpublished Works, Teaching Materials, University and Personal Documents, and Photographs. It contains personal and business correspondence regarding their teaching careers at Auburn, information on the life and death Florence Mellor Brittin, Norman's first wife, teaching abroad in Puerto Rico, the Canary Islands, letters to and from their children, documents relating to the publication of Experiment, a literary journal, letters from jobs Norman had in Utah, and documents relating to Ruth Brittin's Red Cross service in Palestine and the Sudan during World War II. It also contains photographs of the Brittin family and Ruth's World War II experience.

Biographical Sketch:
Norman Brittin was born on September 9, 1906, in Syracuse, New York. He received an A.B. and M.A. in English from Syracuse University in 1927 and 1930 and later earned a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 1947. Norman's first wife, Florence Mellor Brittin, was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on November 6, 1904. Ruth Lowe Brittin was born on December 25, 1918, at Auburn, Alabama. She received a B.S. and M.S. in English from Alabama Polytechnic Institute, (now Auburn University), in 1940 and 1947. She served with the Red Cross during World War II and was stationed in Palestine and Africa. Norman Brittin moved to Auburn in 1948 and served as Professor of English until 1977. Norman's first wife, Florence Mellor, died in 1952 and he later married Ruth who was an assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School at that time.

Keyword descriptors:
Auburn University, English Department, Civil Rights Movement, Experiment, Red Cross, World War II

Geographical identifiers:
Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, Auburn, Alabama, Utah, Palestine, Sudan, Africa, Middle East, New Mexico, Mexico

Item list:

Series 1: Correspondence

Series 2: Published and Unpublished Works
Series 3: Teaching Materials
Series 4: University and Personal Documents

Series 5: Photographs

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