Guide to the Samford-Wise Papers, RG 165

Listed by:   Anthony Donaldson

Date:   April 2001



Date Span:   1856-1902


Size of Collection:  28 items


Biographical Sketch:   William F. Samford (1818-1894), a Georgia native and lawyer, moved to Macon County, later Lee County, Alabama, in 1847. He farmed, edited newspapers in Tuskegee, 1856, and Auburn, 1859, and wrote editorials for newspapers throughout the South.


Henry A. Wise (1806-1876), a Virginia native and lawyer, served in the U.S. Congress from 1832 to 1844, as minister to Brazil from 1844 to 1847, as governor of Virginia from 1855 to 1860, and as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army from 1861 to 1865. After the war, he practiced law in Richmond. He became acquainted with Samford through Samford's editorial support for states' rights.


Scope / Content:   Correspondence (1856-1860) from Wise to Samford, discussing states' rights, Democratic Party politics, and constitutional support for slavery; letter (1864) from Samford to Wise; miscellaneous correspondence (1860-1868) to Samford; correspondence and notes (1903) on an article about Wise by Alabama Polytechnic Institute professor George Petrie; and maps from the Report of the Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey for 1852.


Box 1

  1. December 28, 1856, Richmond, H. A. Wise to W. F. Samford


August 6, 1857, Rockbridge County, Va, Wise to Samford (and typed copy)


September 6, 1857, Richmond, O. Jennings Wise ( for his father) to Samford


November 3, 1858, Richmond, Wise to Samford (and typed copy)


November 17, 1858, Richmond, Wise to Samford (and typed copy)


December 2, 1858, Richmond, Wise to Samford


January 27, 1859, Richmond, Wise to Samford (and typed copy)


February 9, 1859, Richmond, Wise to Samford


March 24, 1859, Richmond, Wise to Samford


April 5, 1859, Richmond, Wise to Samford


July 7, 1859, Richmond, Wise to Samford, (typed copy of pages 1-4, but not 5)


July 24, 1859, Richmond, Wise to Samford (and typed copy)


October 14, 1859, Richmond, Wise to Samford


December, 1859, Two surfaces of mounted clippings including an item by Wm. Samford for the Richmond Enquirer on Henry A. Wise in Alabama, and other items relating to national politics.


[1859] A manuscript beginning “Henry A. Wise for the Presidency.” Three pages, and a clipping attached.


March 12, 1860, Dunganess, R. C. Fitzhugh to W. F. Samford, Sunny Slope, near Auburn, Al, asking Samford’s opinion on squatter sovereignty


October 21, 1860, Rolliston, Norfolk, Va, H. A. Wise to Samford (and typed copy)


December 16, 1864, Auburn, Al, Samford to Wise, about the prospects for peace, and related problems (and typed copy)


July 16, 1868, Norfolk, James to “Dear Colonel,” in response to a letter evidently suggesting that James make Alabama his home; mentions names of friends including Wise


August 18, 1868, New Madison, Ohio, D. P. Bowman to W. F. Samford, commenting on the Samford letter published in the New York “Day Book” of August 1, its tribute to Wise, and commenting on current presidential campaign


September 16, 1868, Richmond, J. Harmer Gilmer, Jr. to Samford, commenting on the “Day Book” letter; also commenting on present political situation and the future; also personal inquiries


April 10 and 13, 1902, Auburn, Al, George Petrie to S. Leigh Boyd at Washington, D.C, asking for copies of items from Richmond Enquirer, August 2, 1859, and Mobile newspaper, January 1855, in Library of Congress, for article on H.A. Wise (in connection with a group of original letters in Auburn, Al)


April 18, S. L. Boyd’s reply to George Petrie



     2. Miscellaneous Material, eg. Partial letter, empty envelopes, articles


     3. Miscellaneous Material, eg. Empty ledger


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