Box 1


Andrews to E. W. Nixon, May 20, 1944

Comments about 1946 Congressional Race


Andrews to H. L. Holman, June 1, 1944

Construction bids and Black contractors


Andrews to Billy Nixon, July 3, 1944

Andrews membership in Sigma Nu Fraternity


Andrews to Robert E. Christmas, Oct. 24, 1944

Effects of W. W. II on Wiregrass Area


Andrews to R. S. Ward, Nov. 14, 30, 1944

FDR Inaugural Plans


Andrews to Lewis H. Sessions, Dec. 15, 1944

Request for Separate Lists of Black and White Babies born each month in Enterprise, Alabama


Box 2


Andrews to H. W. Nixon, March 3, 1945

Henry Wallace as Sec. of Agriculture


Andrews to C. C. "Shovel" Hodge, March 7, 1945

Role of Blacks in Post War South


Andrews to H. A. Ferrell, March 9, 1945

Opposition to Henry Wallace and Aubrey Williams


Andrews to Ed Seay, April 16, 1945

Death of FDR


Andrews to Mrs. J. C. Ventress, June 20, 1945

Death of Mother and comments about Father


Andrews to Ed Seay, June 28, 1945

Eisenhower Speech


Andrews to George Bliss Jones, August 4, 1945

Gov. Chauncey Spark's fiscal program


Andrews to Rep. Bob Sikes, Sept. 8, 1945

Chattahoochee River Project


Andrews to L. R. Sessions, Sept. 13, 1945

Early Discharge of W. W. II Veterans


Andrews to C. Ed Thigpen, Nov. 26, 1945

OPA, Atomic Bomb, Truman and Labor Management Conference, Strikes, Universal -Military Training, recovering of U. S. to Peacetime


Box 3


Andrews to S. C. Rountree, 14 January 1946

Andrews compared to Cong. Henry B. Stegall


Andrews to L. H. Sessions, May 13, 1946

Coal Strike and John L. Lewis


Andrews to R. S. Ward, July 19, 1946

Andrews opposition to loan to Britain


Box 4


Andrews to Mrs. J. C. Ventress, Jan 15, 23, 1947

Andrews on Appropriations Committee, etc.


Box 5


Andrews to Dr. John M. Gallalee, Jan. 8, 1948

Andrews' father, Univ. of Alabama Graduate, 1900


Andrews to A. B. Robertson, February 17, 1948

REA and PFA River Electric Cooperative


Andrews to G. M. Edwards, Feb. 19, 1948

Truman Civil Rights Program, Jim Folsom's Repudiation of Truman


Andrews to Leg. Reference Service, Feb. 27, 1948

Inquiry about lynchings, strikes, unions


Andrews to J. H. Raines, Jr., March 2, 1948

Andrew's bid for re-election & opposition in Barbour County


Andrews to J. H. Rainer, Jr., March 2, 1948

Political retaliation by Andrews in Barbour County


Andrews to Sam Dowling, March 3, 1948

Truman & Racial issue in Congressional Race


Andrews to M. S. Strickland, May 10, 1948

Truman and Strikes


Andrews to Neal Gates, June 30, 1948

Truman and Dewey


Box 6


Andrews to R. S. Ward, July 26, 1948

Philadelphia Convention, 1948, Dixiecrats


Albert L. Patterson to Andrews, July 30, 1948

Routine Political Matters


Andrews to Archie Grubb, Jan. 6, 1949

Truman and Civil-Rights Legislation


Andrews to R. S. Ward, Jan. 17, 1949

Southern Congressional Opposition to Truman


L. H. Sessions to Andrews, Feb. 25, 1949

Truman and Economic Condition


Andrews to Donald Comer, March 28, 1949

Taft-Hartley Act


Donald Comer to Andrews, March 29,  1949

Taft-Hartley Act and Unionism


Box 7


Andrews to Van Ritch, June 25, 1949

Racial Views


Andrews to R. J. Lawrence, Nov. 22, 1949

IRS investigation of Black teachers


Andrews to L. H. Sessions, Jan. 30, 1950

Guy Hardwick for Lt. Gov.


Box 8


Andrews to R. S. Ward, Feb. 20, 1950

Andrews recollection of job as solicitor in 3rd district


Andrews to Floyd Foreman, April 24, 1950

Andrews speaks in favor of Dixiecrats


Andrews to Floyd Forman, April 24, 1950

Andrews and Dixiecrats


Andrews to Alto V. Lee, III, June 28, 1950

Andrews decision not to seek re-election because of headaches associated with P. 0. appointments


Andrews to X. S. Strickland, June 30, 1950

Korean outbreak


Andrews to Harry P. Hall, Dec. 11, 1950

Andrews work on appropriations comm.


Box 9


Andrews to Charles Feagin, Feb. 12, 1951

Andrew's plan to draft RR strikers for military service


Andrews to Dr. John M. Gallalee, March 23, 1951



Andrews to R. S. Ward, April 17, 1951

Relief of Gen. Douglas McArthur


Andrews to Dr. John X. Gallalee, May 14, 1951

Training of airmen (white only) at U. of Alabama


Andrews to R. S. Ward, May 15, 1951

Korea and Psychological Warfare


Andrews to L. P. Mullins, May 21, 1951

Sec. of Interior (Oscar Chapman) and Civil Rights


Andrews to J. S. Williams, June 19, 1951

Truman's role in McArthur's hearings


Andrews to R. W. Ward, July 23, 1951

Splitting of 31st Div. in Korea


Box 10


G. C. Hughes to Andrews, Dec. 11, 1951

Hughes, Geneva, Ala. member of the State's Democratic Executive Committee, questions Andrews in RE: pledged electors, closed primary, party loyalty


Andrews to Donald Comer, Feb. 7, 1952

Universal Military Training


Rep. Carl Vinson to Andrews, March 15, 1952

Military induction of strikers


Andrews to W. P. Johnson, April 11, 1952

History of Chattahoochee Development 1946-52


Box 11


Andrews to J. A. Tucker, May 22, 1953

Integration of VA Hospitals


Andrews to Mrs. Joseph N. Smity, Dec. 27, 1954

Martial Law in Phenix City, Alabama


Box 13


Andrews to Mrs. Zaidee L. Foster, May 7, 1956



Andrews to Louie A. Hollis, June 29, 1956

George Wallace Candidacy for Congress


Andrews to T. Merlyn Borland, Sept. 25, 1956

Richard M. Nixon as successor to Eisenhower


Andrews to Estes Kefauver, Nov. 26, 1956

Loss of Presidency to Republican


Andrews to Paul J. Miller, Jr., Feb. 21, 1957

Off-Limits for certain establishments in Phenix City, Alabama


Box 14


Andrews to A. J. Peacock, May 6, 1958

Life Magazine and Alabama Gubernatorial Race of 1958


Box 15


Andrews to P. W. Reeves, Jan. 12, 1959

"Human Resettlement Bill"


Andrews to Charles Woods, July 28, 1959

Apartment in D. C. area with no Blacks nearby


Andrews to Gordon A. Mitchell, Aug. 18, 1959

Andrews in Favor of Landers-Griffin Labor Reform Bill


Andrews to Wright A. Gardner, Jan. 12, 1960

States Rights, Civil Rights, Political Scandals


Box 16


Charles S. Keller to Andrews, March 18, 1960

Civil Rights


Andrews to Grady Rogers, March 29, 1960

Andrew's racial views


Andrews to Grady Rogers, March 29, 1960

Race and Civil Rights


Andrews to E. C. "Bud" Boswell, Dec. 5, 1960

Redistricting in Alabama


Andrews to Sen. John Sparkman, Dec. 5, 1960

Sparkman's role in Alabama politics and the Presidential Race of 1960


Box 17


Andrews to T. W. Richardson, Jan. 16, 1961

Freedom Riders and Conservative Viewpoint


Cong. Frank W. Boykin to M. C. Stallworth (copy), April 22, 1961

Comments on JFK and Nixon


Andrews to D. H. Bowen, June 1, 1961

Concerned with Fed. Marshals in Birmingham & Montgomery


Box 19


Andrews to Gov. John Patterson, Feb. 5, 1962

Tenn. - Tombigbee Development


Thos. W. Martin to Andrews, Feb. 14, 1962

Alabama Power Co. and Electrical Cooperatives


Box 20


Andrews to James W. Webb, August 15, 1962

Statement about River project in 3rd District


Andrews to Watkins C. Johnston, Aug. 27, 1962

New Alabama Republican Party and Fight between McDonald Gallion and John Patterson


Box 22


Andrews to Mrs. G. M. Roper, April 19, 1963

JFK and Cuba


Box 23


Andrews to Lt. Gen. Edward G. Almond, Aug. 5, 1963

Gesell report and Black's opportunities in armed forces


Andrews to James 0. Carr, Sept. 12, 1963

George C. Wallace's 10% disability for W W 2 Service


Andrews-R. J. Stockham, Sept. 25, 1963

Comprehensive Andrews Statement about Civil Rights (see also Andrews to A. P. Weaver, Sept. 18, 1963; Paul H. Clark, Sept. 20, 1963)


Andrews to R. J. Stockham, Sept. 25, 1963

Comprehensive statement by Andrews on his racial and civil rights views, including his view that miscegenation is fear of "All Southerners"


Andrews to Werner Von Braun, Oct. 3, 7, 11, 1963

NASA budget, JFK and U. S. Space Program


Andrews to R. E. L. Cope III, Oct. 5, 1963

ICC Freight Rates on Chattahoochee River


Box 25


Andrews to V. F. Griswold, Jr., Feb. 21, 1964

Civil Rights


Andrews to W. T. Hutchens, Feb. 26, 1964

Integration of Huntsville Drug Store


Box 26


Cong. Peter W. Rodino to Andrews, May 12, 1964 (memo)

Geneva Switzerland negotiation concerning organic dyes and dye intermediates


Andrews to Robert M. Skelton, June 7, 1964

Marine Corps and KKK


Box 29


Andrews to F. E. Butler, April 5, 1965

Congressional Campaign in Dale County 1944


Andrews to F. E. Butler, April 5, 1965

Andrew's campaign for election in Dale County 1944


Box 30


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (telegram) to Andrews, July 8, 1965

Kings opposition to McColloch amendment to voting rights bill


Box 33


Andrews to Herbert Nations, Jan. 10, April 18, 1966

Voting Rights Act of 1965


Andrews to Hubert G. Hughes, April 30, 1966

Civil Rights Guidelines for Alabama Schools


Box 35


Frank M. Dunbaugh to Joe Bech (copy) Oct. 7, 1966

Voter registration statistics


Box 36


Andrews to Rep. Wm. M. Colmer, Dec. 16, 1966

Business, Rules Committee


Andrews to C. T. Coley, Jan. 26, 1967

Papers of Hugo Black


Kenneth A. Roberts to Andrews, Jan. 27, 1967

Death of Gen. Holland ("Howling Mad") Smith


Box 37


Andrews to Sharon Francis, March 9, 1967

Lady Bird Johnson's Beautification Program


Andrews to John Ike Griffith, April 21, 1967

Stokely Carmichael's speech at Miles College


Box 38


Andrews to Jere Beasley, May 10, 1967

Tax exempt status for private school in Barbour County


Andrews to Cong. Frank W. Boykin, May 17, 22, 1967

Boykin's Financial Difficulties


Andrews to Howard Hall, June 17, 1967

Adam Clayton Powell, Civil Rights, Vietnam


Andrews to Lt. Gov. Albert P. Brewer, July 22, 1967

Stokely Carmichael and Alabama Legis.  Resolution


Andrews to Sen. Tom Radney, Aug. 2, 1967

Lowering of voting age to 18


Andrews to Arthur M. Polley, Aug. 2, 1967

Riots, Violence, Wallace for President


Andrews to P. 0. Davis, Aug. 5, 1967



Box 39


Andrews to Mrs. James E. Greene, Aug. 21, 1967 37

Dr. Martin Luther King and Civil Disorders


Andrews to E. E. Bartley, Nov. 9, 1967

Urban renewal and LBJ's Great Society


Andrews to Rep. Jack Edwards, Nov. 29, 1967

Efforts to obtain Brookley AFB property for City of Mobile


Box 41


Andrews to Ted M. Bishop, May 3, 1968

Hunger and Malnutrition in Bullock County


Andrews to Ted M. Bishop, May 13, 1968

Media Coverage of War in Vietnam


Box 42


Andrews to Lt. Col. Geo. D. Bellis, Aug. 12, 1968

Geo. Wallace's popularity in Minnesota


Box 45


Rear Adm. A. F. Fleming to Andrews, Feb. 6, 1969

The Pueblo inquiry


Andrews to Pete Turnham, March 13, 1969

Boll Weevil Eradication


Box 47


Jack M. Eckerd to Andrews, June 30, 1969



Box 48


Sen Everett M. Dirkson to Andrews, Aug. 7, 1969

"Philadelphia Plan" (Minority groups and federal contracts)


Box 49


Bryce N. Harlow to Andrews, Oct. 13, 1969

Vietnam Moratorium and Nixon's reaction


Box 50


Andrews to Rep. Wm. J. Randall, Dec. 13, 1969

Racial outbreak at Fort Polk, LA


Charles Ublard to Andrews, Jan. 19, 1970

World Exposition in Japan March - Sept. 1970


Box 51


Andrews to L. L. Still, Feb. 19, 1970

"Freedom of Choice" in Public Schools


Box 55


Andrews to Lee N. Allen, Sept. 30, 1970

Tax exempt status of "Jerry Rubin Fund"


Box 56


Andrews to Henry Chappell, Jan. 22, 1971

Youth Conservation Corps of Nixon Administration


Box 57


John F. Kerry to Andrews, March 27, 1971

Vietnam Veterans Against the War


Box 58


Rep. James A. Burke to Andrews, May 13, 1971

Wilbur Mills for President


Box 59


Andrews to Richard M. Nixon, July 26, 1971

Union Pacific and Southern Railroad Strike


Box 60


Cong. G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery to Andrews, Sept. 13, 1971

Montgomery's Fact-Finding Tour of Vietnam


Rep. G. V. "Sonny" Montgomery to Andrews, Sept. 13, 1971

Vietnam and Soldiers Drug Usage


Eliot Richardson to Andrews, Nov. 3, 1971

Uniform Alcoholism and Intoxication Treatment Act


Andrews to Richard M. Nixon, Nov. 15, 1971

Andrews Questions tactics used in Vietnam


Box 61


Eliz. Andrews to Office of Congressional Liaison, April 12, 1972

Statement in regard to her filling husband's seat


Eliz. Andrews to Bill Baxley, June 9, 1972

Water Pollution Control Act