By General Era

World War II

The Truman Era

The Eisenhower Years

The New Frontier & Great Society

World War II

Box 1

May 1944

Andrews' election to Congress

Jun-Aug 1944

Wartime Price Controls

Jul-Dec 1944

German POW's and Wiregrass Peanut Harvest

Aug. 1944

Sugar Shortage and OPA

Nov. 1944

FDR's Election and Inaugural Plans


Box 1 - 2

Jan-May 1945

Geo-Physical Lab at Auburn University

Box 2

Mar-Jun 1945

Auburn Housing Program

Apr-May 1945

Opelika POW Camp

May 1945

Auburn University Naval ROTC Unit

Jun-Oct 1945

German POW's and Wiregrass Peanut Harvest

Nov. 1945

Truman and Labor Relations

OPA Administration

Atomic Bomb

Universal Military Training

Reconversion to Peacetime Economy


The Truman Era

Box 3

Jan-Feb 1946

Tribute to Geo. Washington Carver

Jan-Jul 1946 

OPA Legislation & Problems

March 1946

Atomic Energy and Civil Control

Mar-Jul 1946

U. S. Loan to Britain

Apr-May 1946

Public Welfare Legislation

May 1946

Truman's Anti-Labor Legislation

May 1946

Coal Strike to John L. Lewis


Box 4

Jan. 1947  

Compulsory Military Training

Apr-May 1947 

Auburn-Opelika Airport

Apr-May 1947 

Dothan Housing Shortage

Apr-Jun 1947 

Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

Apr-Jul 1947

Recreational and Educational Facilities for Auburn Veterans

Box 5

Oct-Nov 1947

Governor's Conference on State Control of Tidewater Lands


Feb. 1948

Truman & Civil Rights

May-Apr 1948

Truman and the Race Issue in 1948 Congressional Contests

Mar-Jun 1948

Auburn WPA Painting Collection

Box 6

Jul-Aug 1948

Dixiecrat Revolt


Box 7 June 1949 Federal Building Program
July 1949 College Housing Loan Provisions Bill
Nov-Dec 1949 Auburn Wind Tunnel


Box 7 - 8 Jan-Apr 1950 Auburn Wind Tunnel
Box 8 Feb-Dec 1950 Andrews proposal to draft strikers
Aug 1950 VA Payments to Auburn Veterans
Oct-Dec 1950 Transfer of land from VA to Tuskegee Inst.


Jan-Mar 1951 Andrews proposal to draft strikers
Jan-May 1951 Transfer of land from VA to Tuskegee Inst.
March 1951 Peanut Processing Workers and Fair Labor Standards Act
May-Dec 1951 Conversion of Opelika POW Camp into housing project
July 1951 Chattahoochee River Dam Appropriations
Box 10 Sept. 1951 Alabama National Guard in Korea
December 1951 Alabama Demo. Executive Committee


Feb. 1952  Federal Dam Construction Projects Coosa-Ala Basin Dev.
Feb-Mar 1952 Warrior-Tombigbee Project
April 1952 Chattahoochee Valley Dev. Since 1946
May-Dec 1952 Conversion of Opelika POW Camp


The Eisenhower Years

Box 11 Apr-May 1953 Warrior-Tombigbee Assoc.
May-Jun 1953 HEW Appropriations for Land-Grant Colleges
Jul-Dec 1953 Drought in Alabama


Box 12 December 1954 Foreign Peanut Importation
Phenix City under Martial Law


Mar-Apr 1955 Chattahoochee River Dev.
April 1955 Peanut Surplus
May 1955 REA Loan to Tallapoosa River Corporation
Transfer of Macon County Land & Auburn Univ.
June 1955 Federal Funds for Agric. Experiment Stations
Jun-Dec 1955 Auburn Nuclear Reactor
Sept. 1955 Jim Folsom and Bank in Elba


Box 13 Jan-Feb 1956 Auburn Nuclear Reaction
Jan. 1956 Communist Front Organizations
Feb. 1956 US 231 and Interstate Hwy System
Sept. 1956 US Economic Crisis
Peanut Grading System in Wiregrass
Nov-Dec 1956 Hungarian Refugee Program


March 1957 Dedication of Jim Woodruff Dam
Box 14 May-Aug 1957 Interstate Commerce Act & Amendment
June 1957 Andrews and Labor Unions
August 1957 Ft. Gaines Dam


January 1958 Tennessee Tombigbee Waterways
Jan-May 1958 Plan to Cut National Guard
March 1958 Land Grant Colleges
Jun-Jul 1958 Closing of Barin Field, Foley, Alabama
August 1958 Andrews and Landrum-Griffin Bill
Box 15 October 1958 Chattahoochee River Hearings
Nov-Dec 1958 Elba Hospital Project
Dec. 1958 Andrews and Columbia Dam


Jan-Feb 1959 Andrews and Columbia Dam
Box 16 April 1959 Auburn University Dept. of Soils and Agronomy
June 1959 Andrews's Recollection of WW2 Service.
August 1959 Andrews & Landrum-Griffin Bill


The New Frontier & The Great Society

Box 16 Feb. 1960 Andrews and Patronage
Mar. 1960 Andrews and Civil Rights
Jul-Aug 1960 The U. S. and Cuba
Aug. 1960 Alabama Declared Disaster Area
Nov. 1960 Corps. of Engineers & Chattahoochee Valley
Nov-Dec 1960 Redistricting Issues in Alabama


Box 17 Feb-Sep 1961 Redistricting Issue in Alabama
May 1961 Canal Zone and Balboa Bridge
May-Jun 1961 Racial violence in Birmingham and Montgomery
June 1961 Japanese Textiles Competition
Box 17 - 18 Jun-Jul 1961 St. Lawrence Seaway Dev. Corp.
Jun-Aug 1961 Cuban Crisis
Box 18 Sept. 1961 Public Works Appropriations Bill


Jan. 1962 JFK and Foreign Trade
Box 19 Feb. 1962 Tennessee
May-Jun 1962 Tombigbee Dev. Authorizing
Agricultural Legislation and Southern Farmer
Box 20 Jul-Aug 1962 Lake Eufaula Development
Jul-Oct 1962 Tri-State Weather Forecasting Service
Dec. 1962 Coosa-Alabama River Improvement Association


Box 21 Jan. 1963 "Packing" of House Rules Committee
Feb-Mar 1963 Reorganization of Alabama National Guard
March 1963 Federal Aid for Bessemer
Box 22 April 1963 Alabama Legislative Study and Cotton Prices
May-Jun 1963 Tenn.-Tombigbee Hearings in D.C.
Box 23 Aug. 1963 Gesell report and Equal Opportunities for Blacks in the Military
Sept. 1963 Civil Rights movement in Alabama
Box 23- 24 Oct. 1963 NASA Budget and Space Program
Box 24 November 1963 Andrews Investigation of IRS
Chattahoochee - Flint Rivers System Pollution in Appalachicola River
December 1963 USS Alabama Battleship Commission


Box 25 February 1964 NASA Grant and University of Alabama
Box 26 April 1964 Establishment of Resources Advisory Board, Southeast Rivers Basin
May-Jun 1964 Investigation of Nat. Council of Churches as Communist Front Organizations
Box 27 July 1964 Economic Opportunity Bill (H.R. 11377)
Box 28 Nov. 1964 Phasing out Brookley AFB, Mobile, Alabama


Jan. 1965 Southern Congressmen and Public Schools (Segregation)
Box 29 March 1965 Selma-Montgomery March
Box 30 May 1965 Desegregation and Public Schools
Box 31 Aug. 1965 Andrews's role in SBA (Small Business Administration)


Box 33 April 1966 Cable TV in Alabama
Box 33 - 34 May-Jun.1966 Desegregation Guidelines for Public Schools
Box 34 Jul-Aug 1966 Tax exemptions for state and local bonds in Industrial Dev.
Box 35 Oct. 1966 Perdido Pass Project


Box 36 Jan. 1967 Rhodesian Crisis
Box 37 March 1967 Perdido Pass Project
Box 37 - 38 May 1967 Tax exemption for Private school in Clayton, Alabama
Cong. Frank W. Boykin's Financial Difficulties
Box 38 July 1967 Ala. Senate Res. in re: Stokely Carmichael
Alabama Water Improvement Commission
Jul-Aug 1967 Lowering of voting age to 18
Box 39 August 1967 Southwest Alabama Cooperation
Unemployment Compensation and Min. Wage for agricultural workers
Dr. Martin Luther King and Civil Rights, Riots, Wallace for President
Alabama Power Co. and Relicensing Mitchell Dam
Nov. 1967  Closing of Brookley AFB in Mobile, Alabama
Box 39 - 40 Dec. 1967 Foodstamp Program in Columbus Ga.


Box 40 Jan. 1968 Deficient Balance of Trade in Textiles
Feb. 1968 Defense Budgetary Matters
Box 41 April 1968 L & N Trainmen Dispute
Box 42 July 1968 Coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan's Recovery from Cancer
Box 43 - 44 Nov-Dec 1968 Carl Albert's Bid for Re-Election as House Majority Leader


Box 45 Feb. 1969 Workman's Compensation and Soc. Security
Mar. 1969 Eradication of Boll Weevil
Box 47 - 48 July 1969 SBA and Expenditures Control Act of 1968
Box 48 - 49 Sept. 1969 Peanut Acreage Allotment
Box 49 Oct. 1969 AU President Harry Philpott and "Campus Unrest" at AU
Box 49 - 50 Oct-Nov 1969 Nomination of Clement F. Hagnesworth (Sup. Ct.)
Box 50 Dec. 1969 Manpower Training Project at Draper Prison


Jan. 1970 Closing of Brookley AFB, Mobile, Alabama
Youth Conversation Corps
Box 51 Feb. 1970 Freedon of Choice in Schools
Nixon and Bussing Issues
Box 52 - 53 May 1970 HEW and Clean Air Act
Box 54 Sept. 1970 Red China and U.N.


Box 57 Feb-Mar 1971 Regional Medical Program in Alabama
Box 58 May 1971 Wilbur Mills for President
Nixon's visit to Mobile (opening of Tenn. - Tombigbee)
Box 59 July 1971 Union Pacific- So. R. R. Strike
Box 60 December 1971 Death of Congressman Andrews


Box 61 March 1972 Urban Renewal in Alabama
April 1972 Elizabeth Andrews assumes office
Higher Education Bill
May-Jun 1972 Water Pollution Control Act
July 1972 Rural Dev. Act
Box 62 October 1972 National Guard Technicians Act.