Guide to the Andrew W. Stohrer Papers, RG 247

Processed by: Midge Coates
Calendar by: Midge Coates
Listed online by: Dieter C. Ullrich
Date: October 2003

Date Span:

0.5 cubic feet; 300 items.

Type of material:
Letters and military documents

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Number of Boxes:
1 document box.

Historical or Biographical Sketch:
Andrew William Stohrer was born in Syracuse, NY, on March 8, 1906. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1928, where he majored in Political Science and was a member of the SAE fraternity. He married Bernice Roese, called Bunny, on September 9, 1932. They had no children and lived in DeWitt, New York, a village near Syracuse. Stohrer was an accountant and worked for the New York Telephone Company in Syracuse. Stohrer was a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve from 1928 – 1938. He was refused reappointment at that time. In October 1942, he joined the New York Guard as a private. He was appointed a First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps Reserve in November 1942. Upon his call to active duty, he was released by the New York Guard.

In the Marines, Stohrer served as an aviation ground support officer. He underwent training in Quantico, VA, and El Toro, CA. His unit, part of Marine Aircraft Group 23, was transferred to Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, then to an island aircraft base in the Pacific, presumably Midway Island, where he served as a communications officer. In December of 1944, he was transferred back to the United States, where he finished his active service at Cherry Point, NC in March of 1945. He continued in the Marine Corps reserves and eventually achieved the rank of major. After the war, Stohrer returned to work at the phone company. In 1952, he moved to Buffalo, NY, where he was the district manager of the NY Telephone accounting department. Stohrer died in Snyder, NY (a suburb of Buffalo), on September 8, 1962.

Scope and Content:
This collection consists of 266 letters, 32 military documents, and two pieces of military ephemera. The bulk of the letters were written to Stohrer’s wife, Bernice (Bunny), during the period of his active service from January 1943 through December 1944. There is a gap in the chronology from late April 1943 through mid-November 1943. At this time, Stohrer’s wife was living with him in California while they waited for him to be posted overseas. In his letters, he discusses family and friends, both at home and in the military, and describes his training, duties, and living conditions. The military documents cover the period from 1928 through 1946. They include certificates of appointment to the Army Reserves, the New York Guard, and the Marine Corps Reserve, orders from the Marine Corps to active service and to various postings, and requests by Stohrer for particular assignments. The collection also includes a photographic identification card and a metal identification tag (dogtag).

Keyword descriptors:
World War II, Aviation history, United States Marine Corps, Pacific Theater

Geographical identifiers:
Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA; Marine Corps Air Station, Ewa, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii; [Midway Island Naval Air Facility], Pacific Theater of Operations

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