Guide to the J. B. Stamp Memoirs, RG 269

Listed by:  Paul Martin, Michaelle Nelson
Date:  October 2001

Date Span:  1864 - 1865

Size of Collection: 1 item of 16 pages, typescript

Biographical Sketch:  Stamp was a sergeant in Company I, 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment, when he was captured on May 5th, 1864 during the Battle of the Wilderness

Scope / Content:  This typescript of sixteen pages summarizes Stampís experiences as a prisoner from May 5, 1864 until March 1865 when he was exchanged and returned to Virginia.  He describes his capture at the Wilderness, and blames it on the sudden flight of an adjacent Confederate Virginia brigade.  Among the topics discussed by Stamp are these:

  1. How prisoners were handled near the front lines.
  2. Relationships with guards who were in black union army units.
  3. Food supplied to prisoners.
  4. How prisoners who cooperated with Union authorities were rewarded.
  5. How prisoners tried to earn money to use for tobacco and sutlers' products.
  6. Housing conditions for prisoners.
  7. Clothing provided to prisoners.
  8. Medical conditions.
  9. Punishments given to prisoners.

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