Guide to the Albert F. Sharp Papers, RG 342

Listed by:  Paul Martin, Michaelle Nelson
Date:  Aug. - Nov. 2001

Date Span:  1863 - 1864

Size of Collection: 11 items

Biographical Sketch:  Sharp served as a lieutenant in the 10th Connecticut Volunteers during the Civil War.  He died on August 18, 1864, from a gunshot wound to the head.

Scope / Content:  Consists of seven letters written home by Sharp between Nov. 1863 and Feb. 1864.  Also contains papers related to Sharp's death and newspaper clippings of actions involving the 10th Connecticut.


Nov. 29, 1863:  Sharp to Father + Mother. St. Augustine, Fla.  He is in good health, and has received only one letter from New Haven since arriving at St. Augustine.  He is now in command of a company.

Dec. 17, 1863.  Sharp to Ones At Home.  St. Augustine.  The mail streamer arrived today, but he received only one letter from the North; it was not from home.  He rejoices in Grant’s victory at Chattanooga, and hopes Gen. Meade will strike at Gen. Lee.  The chance of victory over the South looks very bright.  He sends $25.00 to his parents as a New Year’s gift.

Jan. 1, 1864.  Sharp to Ones At Home.  St. Augustine.  He reviews the past year of his life, and though some misery was there, he rejoices in his religious beliefs and practices.  These have helped him meet military calamity.  During the year, a pleasant few weeks were spent in camp at St. Helena, S. C.  Then his unit helped capture Seabrook Island, S. C., and were there for several months.  Then they took James Island, near Charleston, S.C., but left it soon.  They then moved to Morris Island, entrenched it, and lost many men to Confederate artillery.  After destruction of Fort Sumter, he took leave and visited home.  Upon return to the regiment, he moved with it to Florida.

Jan. 8, 1864.  Sharp to Mother.  St. Augustine.  He was paid, and is sending money home in a series of letters.  He wants some furniture bought with it.

Jan. 10, 1864.  Sharp to Ones At Home.  St. Augustine.  He has been to worship at the Presbyterian church.  He is now a member of a singing club on the Sabbath.  Gen. Gilmore has made an inspection visit.  Enclosed with the letter is $110.00.  He may be home by 1 February. 

Jan. 25, 1864.  Sharp to Ones At Home.  St. Augustine.  He says that an anticipated visit home has been delayed by a general order from department headquarters.  Veterans have been assured however that furloughs will be given within 60 days.  He is sending $50.00 with this letter, to go with $171.00 sent earlier.  He is sorry his father is ill, and tells his mother not to take in boarders.  He will continue to send money home for the family.

Feb. 1, 1864.  Sharp to Ones At Home.   St. Augustine.  He is sorry that the letter from home says his father is still very ill.  He is in good health in Florida.  It is unknown when the soldiers will be allowed to go home.  He sends $110.00 with the letter, and asks for furniture to be purchased.  He also wants some flannel shirts.

Undated. [Feb. 1864].  Sharp to Mother.  St. Augustine.  His mind is occupied with military matters.  He specifies what furniture is to be purchased.  He expects to be home by late February, and will send $100.00 before that.  Upon arrival at home, he will bring $400.00 more.

Aug. 18, 1864.  Record of Death and Interment.  This is a copy of the Army record forwarded to the Adjutant General which confirms Sharp’s death due to severe head wound.  The original record in at the National Archives.

Aug. 18, 1864.  Inventory of Personal Effects.  This is a copy of the form recording the personal effects of Sharp at the time of his death in the Hampton Division Hospital, Virginia.  The original copy is at the Nation Archives.

Aug, 1864.  Newspaper clippings.  These all relate to military actions involving the 10th Connecticut volunteers, and include mentions of Sharp’s death from combat. 

N.B.  Between the date of Sharp’s last letter in February and his death on August 18, his unit moved from St. Augustine.  According to the National Park Service, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, the 10th Connecticut was “ordered to Gloucester Point, Va., April 20. Butler's operations on south side of the James and against Petersburg and Richmond, Va., May 5-28. Occupation of Bermuda Hundred, Va., May 5. Port Walthall Junction, Chester Station, May 7. Operations against Fort Darling May 12-16. Battle of Drewry's Bluff May 14-16. On Bermuda Hundred front May 17-July 21. Action Bermuda Hundred June 2. Petersburg June 9. Walthall Junction June 16-17. Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond June 16, 1864, to April 2, 1865.”

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