Transcription of the George Harris Letter, RG 416


Transcribed by:  Alfrieda Brummitt
Date:  October 10, 1999

[Note:  This is a typescript letter with some handwritten corrections.  Spelling is left as found in original. "[Cents]" substitutes for Harris's use of that symbol which is not currently supported by AU Archives word processing software.]

38 Hudson st
New Haven Conn

Sept 1, 1940

Mr M M Jackson

dear sir I rec your note in regods to the $16.42 [cents] witch I stood for my farther and all of witch I am sorry that I have not paid it but I am sending you $5.00. of it witch I hope you will rec and that will leve me oweing you $11.42 [cents] witch I hope to pay you in the next tow months by sending you five Dollars a month untell it is paid,

now Mr jackson you donít know what a hard time I have had sence I have seen you the city tacking care of me and my family untell the 25th of July 1939 be fore I could get a job and the job that they give me was a W P A Job as a night watchman an I yet has it and it only pays me $ 52.80 [cents] a month for a hundred an twenty hors a month, but after that I let my boy buy a old truck and I made me a job for the day time, I did not make eny money we just had a lettle more to eat and the first of April I went to the supertenter of Parks of New haven and ask hem would he give some work if we would get a better truck and he ask me where was I from and I told him that I was from Ala and that I had eleven children he told me that was from S C and he lake the way that I talk to hem and he told me that he would see what he could do for me and he did he hope me pick the truck and I has a good one it is a 37 G M C dump truck and it cost me $ 400 .and 13 dollars and I has paid all of it but $142 dollars, now that I wonts to tell you is this just the time I was getting rady to send you some money we had to move the bank takeing the house over from the owens and we could not get a rent no where in this city be corse we have so meny children and at that time I was only getting 5days a month with truck and wont but one way to get a house an that was to buy one and I told the super of the park a bout my trubles and he give me 15 days strat thrue at twelve dollars a day for eight hors a day at that time I had $50 00 and the bank wanted $2500 for the house and a big lot with three gurgas on the lot and I made my bid for 2,000 dollars for the borth of them the lot is next to my house, now mr jackson this cost me just a bout $ 300 to get it and we had to rase the money our selves not body will not let you have one cent here,

now my house haves ten Rooms and all improvements gass and lights the banks has so meny houses they are all most giving them a way now Mr. Jackson I donít like up well as I do at home but I likes the chools my childerns is making good in chool and you no I is got to have some whare for them to live untell they fenish Hi chool that if the wor donít gets us but if it comes over here I thanks that I am in one worst placess in the U S A to be blowed up

Mr jackson I am sending you one of my bessnes cards, now this mans name that is on the card wilson he ant with me no more he had a bout 50 Rubbish places but he did not have no truck and I done his trucking for hem for two thirds of what we would make and I had some cards made and put his name on the cords and he give so meny of them out now I is got me a Rout of my own . I no that the askew told you a bout the house

Yours truly george Harris

[handwritten] I hope to send you more money soon
George Harris

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