Guide to the
Dunaway Family Papers, RG 465
Listed by: Peter Branum
Date: July 21, 1997

Date Span: 1886-1961

Scope / Content: Contains personal papers and business records of Ellis and Dunaway. Ellis's personal papers include a Mason's manual and material about Confederate veterans. Legal documents refer to land dealings between Ellis and Samuel W. Oliver. Published materials are a commercial history of Alabama from the Protective Life Company and a 1961 reproduction of a commemorative 1911 "Selma Mirror." Dunaway's 1934 business ledger, listing accounts receivable from local sharecroppers and tenants, is also in collection.

Biographical Sketch: Benjamin F. Ellis was the father-in-law and eventual business partner of J. E. Dunaway. Ellis was a large Dallas County (Ala.) planter who extended his business into retail trade and "advancing" after the Civil War. His business, which became the J.E. Dunaway Mercantile Company in 1898, was one of the oldest firms in Orrville (Ala.). Ellis was a Baptist and actively supported Judson College. Dunaway headed the firm in general merchandising, advancing, and farming, into the 1930s.

SERIES 1: Personal Items

SERIES 2: Legal Documents SERIES 3: Published Materials SERIES 4: J.E. Dunaway Mercantile Company


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