Guide to the
Joseph E. Evarts Letters, RG 490

Listed by: Dwayne Cox
Date: 2-3-00

Date Span: October thru December, 1862

Size of Collection: 9 items

Biographical Sketch: Evarts served in Company K of the 23rd Connecticut Infantry during the Civil War

Scope / Content: Nine letters written between October and December, 1862, from Evarts to his wife, most of them sent from Camp Terry in New Haven, Connecticut, one sent from New York City, and one from on board ship.


Oct. 9, 1862.  Camp Terry, New Haven, CT.  He hopes to see his wife before he has to depart from the camp.  His unit has received marching orders, but no date is known.

Oct. 22, 1862.  Camp Terry, New Haven, CT.  He is missing his wife and children.  He will not be allowed to leave camp, so he asks his wife to come and see him.

Oct. 24, 1862.  Camp Terry, New Haven, CT.  He continues missing his wife and children very much.  Future plans for his unit are still uncertain.

Nov. 4, 1862.  Camp Terry, New Haven, CT.  He got back to camp last night.  His  tent is cold.

Nov. 14, 1862.  Camp Terry.  He tells his wife that his unit is leaving on Tuesday for NY.  He will write form there as soon as possible.

Nov. 19, 1862.  Centerville, New York City.  His unit departed Camp Terry on Sunday, loaded on a steamboat, and landed at New York on Monday morning.  He was very happy to see his wife before departure.

Nov. 21, 1862.   Camp Buckingham, Jamaica, N.Y.  He is in camp.  Apparently some soldiers have already run away due to anticipated assignment to enemy territory.

Dec. 11, 1862.  New York.  He is onboard a transport ship which is to take his unit to Fort Monroe, VA. in some twenty days travel.  He is very sad to be  going a greater distance from his wife and loved ones; and much nearer territory.  He is also concerned with his family’s financial situation.

Dec. 19, 1862.  Ship Island, LA.  After 12 days travel onboard a vessel loaded with 1400 soldiers, and suffering through a bad storm in the Gulf of Mexico, the shipped reached Ship Island.  He is in Bank’s Division.  There are 5 ironclads anchored alongside.  He expects action against the enemy soon, and seems apprehensive about his future.

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