Presidential Records of Bradford Knapp
RG No.: 533
Listed by: Alfrieda Brummitt
Date: March 10, 1998

Date Span: 1925-1932 (Bulk, 1928-1932)

Scope / Content:  Collection consists of President Knapp's office files covering events and subjects at the campus, state, and national level that impacted the administration of Auburn University.  Organized into 3 series:  President's Reports to the Board of Trustees; Correnspondence and Reports; and Correspondence with Dean Funchess (Agriculture)

History: Knapp served as president of Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University), 1928-32.  He resigned, in part, because of the depression that followed the 1929 stock market crash and the impact it had on API.

SERIES 1: PRESIDENT'S REPORTS TO BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  The President of API submitted Annual Reports to the Board of Trustees detailing the state of the university.  Because of the dire economic straits faced by API during the early years of the Great Depression, Knapp submitted more frequent reports than required.  They are summarized or reproduced in full in the Board of Trustee's Minutes.

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SERIES 2: CORRESPONDENCE AND REPORTS:  Mixed files concerning topics such as campus buildings, campus finances, university divisions and administration, precursor to the NCAA, accredition, faculty, and fraternities.

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SERIES 3: CORRESPONDENCE WITH DEAN FUNCHESS:  Dean Marion Funchess (College of Agriculture) was also in charge of the Alabama Experiment Stations.  Both the College and the Experiment Stations were exceptionally important to the mission of API.  The correspondence concerns finances and daily activities of the entities under Dean Funchess's control.