Collection Name:  Presidential Records of Luther N. Duncan (photo here)
RG No.: 533
Listed by:  Dwayne Cox / Alfreida Brummit
Date:  3-3-97

Date Span of Collection:  1935-1945
Collection Size:  7 cubic feet

Scope / Content:  Collection consists of President Duncan's office files. Materials generated during his tenure reflect Duncan's success at taking advantage of federal programs under the New Deal, responding to World War II, and negotiating the politics of Alabama.  Files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

History:  Duncan served as President of Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University), 1935-47.  Prior to that he had been the director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service and served as parat of the Administrative Committee that acted as API's executive from 1932-1935.

Acquisition Source:  Office of the President, Auburn University

Access:  Open.

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Box 1

Admissions Committee, 1946-7
Agricultural Experiment Station, 1935-47
Agricultural Experiment Station, Laws
Agricultural Extension, 1936-47
Agricultural Research Laboratory, February-July 1938
Agricultural Research Regional Laboratory, August-December 1938
Agricultural Research Regional Laboratory, 1938
Agriculture, School of, 1939-44
Agriculture, School of, Forestry Department, 1945-47
Agriculture, US Department (Extension Service), 1938-46
Agriculture, US Department, Farm Credit, 1936-7
Alabama Association of Secondary School Principals, 1938-47
Alabama Farm Bureau Federation, 1941-5
Alabama Historical Association, 1947
Alabama Legislation
Alabama, Medical College of (Survey), 1946
Alabama Politics (Duncan, Harry Ayers), 1939-40
Alabama, State of, Attorney General, 1935-44
Alabama, State of, Building Commission, 1945-46
Alabama, State of, Department of Education, 1935-41
Alabama, State of, Coordination of Higher Education, 1942
Alabama, State of, Department of Education, 1942-47
Alabama, State of, Educational Survey Commission, 1941-4 (7 folders)

Box 2

Alabama, State of, Educational Survey Commission, 1945
Alabama, State of, Governor's Emergency Commission on Higher Learning, 1946
Alabama, State of, Governor, 1946
Alabama, State of, Planning Commission, 1941-7
Alabama, State of, Department of Revenue, 1940-7
Alabama, State of, Toxicologists, 1940
Alabama, State of, Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1946
Alabama, University of, 1935-47
Alabama State Employment Service, 1947
Alabama State Planning Commission, 1937
Alumni Association, 1937-46
American Association of University Professors, 1939-47
American Association of University Women, 1939-46
American Council on Education, Committee on Southern Region, 1944-47
Applications for Positions, 1946
Arts and Sciences, School of, 1938
Architecture and the Arts, School of , 1940-7 (2 folders)
Association of Alabama Colleges, 1942-4
Association of American Universities, 1935-47 (3 folders)
Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities, 1942-3
Association of Governing Boards of State Universities
Athletic Scholarship Committee, 1940-1
Athletics, 1937-47
Athletics, AU-UA Controversy, 1940-7
Athletics, Homecoming, 1943
Athletics, Polo Statistics, 1931-3
Athletics, Selection of Coach, 1943-5
Athletics, Stadium Construction and Dedication, 1937-46
Auburn, City of
Auburn Golf and Country Club, 1941-5
Auburn-Opelika Airport, 1939-47
Auburn Research Foundation, 1937-44 (2 folders)

Box 3

Auburn Research Foundation, 1945-7 (2 folders)
Auburn Society for Public Improvements, 1938-45
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Box 3

Budget, 1935-47 (17 folders)
Buildings: Arboretum, 1942-5
Buildings: Alumni Gymnasium, 1941-4
Buildings: Auditorium, 1944
Buildings: Broun Hall, 1944-7
Buildings: Dining Hall, 1940-4
Buildings: Dormitories, Women's Quadrangle, 1937-40
Buildings: Dormitory for Men, 1944-7
Buildings: Engineering Laboratory, 1946
Buildings: Forestry Building, 1945-7
Buildings: Freezer Locker Plant, 1943-6
Buildings: Graves Center Cottages, 1941-2
Buildings: Langdon Hall, 1944
Buildings: Military Hangers, 1946
Buildings: Naval Science,1945-6
Buildings: President's Home, 1942
Buildings: ROTC, 1946
Buildings: Samford Hall, 1946
Buildings: Sports Arena, 1947
Buildings: Student Union, 1944-7
Buildings and Grounds, Real Estate, 1937-47
Buildings and Grounds, Department of, 1940-7
Buildings and Grounds, Surplus Property, 1941-7
Building Needs and Programs, 1937-47
Business Manager, 1938-47

Box 4

Business Office, 1943-4
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Box 4

Campus Planning, 1944-5 (2 folders)
Campus Speakers: James A. Farley, Postmaster General, 1940
Chemistry, School of, 1939-47
Civil Service Commission, Joint College Federal Service Council Meeting, 1947
Civilian Pilot Training Program, 1942-7
Class Attendance Policy, 1941-6
Commencement, 1937-47
Committee on Administrative Affairs, 1947
Compton Defrauding Case
Concerts and Lectures, Faculty Committee on, 1946-7
Conference of College Presidents on Contemporary Problems in Higher Education
Congressmen, Federal, 1946-7
Congressmen, State, 1945
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Box 4

Dairy Products Association, 1945-6
Dean of Women, 1937-47
Dean of Women, Disciplinary Controversy, Weinman v Waltson, 1942 (4 folders)
Duncan, Luther N., Death, 1947
Discipline, 1935-46 (3 folders)
Donations, Gifts, and Bequests, 1939-47
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Box 4

Education, School of, 1938-46
Education, School of, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department, 1938-45
Education, School of, Research Interpretation Council, 1944-6
Education, US Office of, 1935-47
Engineering, School of, 1939

Box 5

Engineering, School of, 1941-7 (4 folders)
Exchange Professorship, 1946
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Box 5

Faculty, 1935-41 (2 folders)
Faculty Forum, 1938-47 (2 folders)
Faculty Forum, Name Change for Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1945
Faculty Publication, 1935
Faculty, Director of Instruction, 1944-6
Faculty Loads, 1946-7
Faculty, Special Cases, Edna Jane Orr, 1939-62 (5 folders)
Federal Projects, Georgia Physical Laboratory, 1945
Fees, 1938-46
Financial Aid (Donations and Bequests), 1947
Foreign Students, 1943-6
Four-H Club
Fraternities, 1937-47
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Box 5

General Education Board, 1943-7
Governor's Emergency Committee on Higher Education, 1946
Graduate School, 1938-42
Graduate School, Graduate Record Examination, 1938-48 (2 folders)
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Box 5

High School Relations, 1937-46
High School Tournament, 1939-42
Higher Education, 1942-4
Home Economics, School of, 1939-47
Housing, Auburn Householders Association, 1940-1
Housing, Miscellaneous, 1940-7
Housing, Veterans, 1945-7
Housing for Fraternities, 1946
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Box 5

Income Tax Amendment to the Alabama Constitution, 1945
Industrial Recreation Clinic, 1944
Institutional Education, Other Agencies, 1945-6
Intercollegiate Correspondence, 1939-46
Interior, Department of, US, 1939
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Box 6

Legal Affairs, T.D. Samford, 1939-47
AA IV Legislative Matters, Experiment Station, 1935-40
Library, 1947
Loans and Bonds for Building
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Box 6

National Education Association, 1942-47
National Research Council, 1942-3
Negro Matters, 1937-46
Newspaper Clippings, 1945
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Box 6

Patriotic Rally, 1942
Personal, Duncan, Luther N., 1946-7
Personnel File
Personnel Office, 1938-46
Personnel Policies, Academic, 1940-7
Personnel Policies, Group Insurance, 1938-43
Personnel, Retirement, 1943-5
Pharmacy, School of, 1930-47
Policies, Miscellaneous, 1938-46
Potato Starch Factory, 1940-41
President's Report to the Board of Trustees, 1937-46 (7 folders)
Public Works Administration, 1940
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--Q / R--

Box 6

Quarter System, Policy, 1940-2
Radio Station, WAPI, 1936-47
Regional Animal Disease Research Laboratory, 1937-8
Registrar, 1937-46
Reorganization of Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1935
ROTC, Air Force, 1945
ROTC, Army Specialist Training, 1943-4
ROTC, Miscellaneous, 1940-7
ROTC, Naval, 1945-6 (2 folders)
ROTC, Naval, V-5 Aviation Program, 1942-4
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Box 6

Salary, 1940-9
Scholarships and Student Aid Funds, 1938-47

Box 7

Six Year Capital Improvement, 1941
Southeastern Conference, 1942-3
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1935--46 (4 folders)
Southern Association of Science and Industry, 1943
Southern Conference on Research and Education
Southern Council on International Relations, 1937
Southern Educational Film Production Service, 1945-6
Southern University Conference, 1944
Speeches, Presidential, 1934-47
Student Affairs, 1936-46
Student Affairs, Executive Cabinet, 1938-46
Student Financial Aid
Student Health Services, 1945-7
Student Laundry Fees, 1946
Survey of the General Organization and Administration of Alabama Polytechnic Institute
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--T / V--

Box 7

Teacher's Retirement System of Alabama, 1941-2
Teacher Training Program, 1935-6
Tennessee Valley Agricultural Correlating Committee, 1945-7
Tennessee Valley Authority, 1937-47 (2 folders)
Transportation Committee, 1947
Tuskegee Institute, 1939-41

Veteran's Affairs, 1943-7 (3 folders)
Veteran's Educational Training Programs, Legislation, 1944-6
Veteran's Guidance Center, 1946 (2 folders)
Veterinary Medicine, School of, 1935-47 (4 folders)

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