Guide to the Willy O. Rossel Papers, RG 570

Listed by:  Anthony Donaldson
Date:  March 2001

Date Span:  1920-2000  (Bulk:1965-1985)

Size of Collection: 6.5 cubic ft.

Biographical Sketch:  Willy Rossel, a native of Switzerland, was a professional chef who spent the bulk of his career in the United States. He served as a consulting chef to a number of organizations and Executive Chef and Director of Food Service Planning for Pan American World Airways in Miami, Florida (1982-1985) and Braniff Airways in Dallas, Texas (1965-1980). He was also involved in a number of professional organizations including the American Federation of Chefs and the American Culinary Federation.

Scope / Content:  Includes menus, business files, correspondence, and photographs, most of which concern the feeding of airline passengers. The bulk of the material covers the years 1965-1985.

Series 1: Professional Chef Societies

                  Box 1

1-9. American Culinary Federation Publications, Policies, Reports, and 35mm Tape

10. Culinary Society of New York and Cuisine Chefs of America Yearbooks, 1984-1986, 1995

11. The Honorable Order of the Golden Toque Honor Society Newsletters and Correspondence

12. Newsletter Articles

13. Newsletters and Journals, 1997-1998

Series 2: Photographs

                  Box 1:  14-20. Miscellaneous Photographs

Series 3: Airlines:  Materials on Improved In-Flight Food Service

                  Box 2:  1-19. Braniff Airlines

                  Box 31-29. Braniff Airlines

                  Box 4

1.      Air Florida

2.      American Airlines

3.      American Airlines

4.      Canadian Pacific Airlines

5.      Canadian Pacific Airlines

6.      Continental Airlines

7-16. Pan American Airlines

17. United Airlines

Series 4: Personal Material

                   Box 5

1.      Correspondence, Recommendations, and Awards, 1941-1997

2.      Correspondence and Awards

3.      Correspondence, 1980s-1990s

4.      Correspondence, 1982

5.      Correspondence, 1982

6.      Correspondence- Willy Rossel Reading File, 1983

7.      Correspondence- Willy Rossel Reading File, 1983

8.      Correspondence

9.      Correspondence and News Clippings

10.  Passport, Correspondence and Miscellaneous

11.  Correspondence and Schedules

12.  Resume, Menus, and Awards

13.  Correspondence and News Clippings

Series 5: Menus and Miscellaneous Material

                  Box 6

1.      Air Florida- Galley and Catering Information

2.      Airline Photographs Scrapbook

3-8. Menus

                  Box 7:  1-20. Menus, Recipes and Miscellaneous Material

                  Oversize Folder

                  Paul Bocuse Autographed Poster

                  2 Award Certificates

                  2 Braniff Airlines Posters

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