Guide to the Auburn Astronauts Collection, RG 646

Listed by:  Unknown
Date:  July 1982

Date Span:  1982

Size of Collection: 0.75 cubic ft.

Biographical Sketch:  Henry "Hank" Hartsfield and Thomas "Ken" Mattingly graduated from Auburn University and entered NASA's astronaut program.  After distinguished careers in the space program, they served as crew member and commander of the Columbia Four space shuttle mission in 1982.

Scope / Content:  Consists of newspaper clippings of the fourth test flight of the Columbia Space Craft, launched on June 27, 1982. Also included are documents, photographs of commander Thomas AKen@ Mattingly and Henry AHank@ W. Hartsfield, Auburn alumni.  The remaining folders contain National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) handbook, Space Shuttle news reference, press kits, hourly schedules of the space shuttle flight and Auburn University press releases.  Dates are June-July 1982.  At the invitation of  Mattingly, Hartsfield, and NASA, three Auburn mementoes were sent to Houston for the trip into space.  In the package were:  a portrait of the astronauts, a specifically lettered copy of the Auburn Creed, a first edition copy of Oliver Goldsmith=s poem, The Deserted Village

Box 1

  1. Alumni, Auburn

  2. Aubie (Auburn Mascot)

  3. Auburn, Alumnews, The

  4. Auburn, Connections

  5. Auburn, Football Illustrated Program

  6. AU Report

  7. Final Training Before Mission

  8. General

  9. Hailstorms Put Dents In Shuttle

  10. Hartsfield Family

  11. Hartsfield, Henry W.

  12. Landings, Prepare for

  13. Launch

  14. Mattingly, Thomas K.

  15. Mattingly, Thomas K.; Hartsfield, Henry W.

  16. Mechanical Arm Testing (1)

  17. Mechanical Arm Testing (2)

  18. Military Payload

  19. Rocket Boosters

  20. Shuttle=s Cargo Doors

  21. Space Camp, Notions, First

  22. Soviet Booster

  23. News, Auburn University; Hartsfield, H.W. (June 20, 1984)

  24. Prince William of Wales Clippings

  25. Esslinger, Jocie L. (Class of 1908) Celebrates 100th Birthday

Box 2

  1. America=s Spaceport

  2. Auburn University Press Releases on the Columbia and Space Shuttle Day

  3. Congressional Record Reprint:  Tribute to Ken Mattingly and Henry Hartsfield

  4. Correspondence, Memo

  5. Department of Defense Support of: Space Transportation System

  6. Hartsfield, Henry (photograph and negative)

  7. Publicity items about Columbia and Auburn University

  8. Fourth flight of The Columbia

  9. Interviews with Ken Mattingly

  10. Hourly schedule of the space shuttle flights

  11. Mattingly, Ken

  12. NASA News media Handbook

  13. Press Kit

  14. Space Shuttle News reprints, NASA

  15. Resolution commending Ken Mattingly and Hank Hartsfield Space Shuttle

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