Guide to the Alabama Extension Homemakers Council Records, RG 653

Listed by: Brenda Prather
Date: 8/23/99

Date Span: 1947-1982

Biographical Sketch: Organized in 1926 as the Alabama Council of Home Demonstration Clubs to be administered by the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service; joined the National Home Demonstration Council in 1965. In 1972 it became an independent organization, severing its ties with the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service to avoid involvement in a civil rights case.

Scope / Content: Includes annual county reports, state reports, minutes of state and national meetings, financial records, yearbooks, photographs, pamphlets, and scrapbooks relating to AEHC programs. Also includes 7 oral history interviews conducted by Council volunteers with active or formerly-active Council members.  Organized in 3 series:  1. AEHC Records; 2. Scrapbooks; 3. Interviews.

SERIES 1: AEHC Records

Box 1
1.  Annual Meeting – State – Minutes & Programs – 1965-1980
2.  Annual Reports – County, 1974-1979, Baldwin-Butler
3.  Annual Reports – County, 1972-1979, Calhoun-Dale
4.  Annual Reports – County, 1972-1979, Dallas-Houston
5.  Annual Reports – County, 1974-1979, Jackson-Macon
6.  Annual Reports – County, 1974-1979, Madison-Pike
7.  Annual Reports – County, 1974-1979, Randolph-Walker
8.  Annual Reports – County, 1975-1976, District 1
9.  Annual Reports – County, 1975-1976, District 2
10. Annual Reports – County, 1975-1976, District 3
11. Annual Reports – County, 1975-1976, District 4
Box 2
12. Associated Country Women of the World, 1969-1980
13. Awards and Contests, 1976-1979
14. Bibliographies
15. Bylaws and revisions – State and National
16. Clean Up America Campaign, "Johnny Horizon ‘76"
17. Correspondence – Civil Suit – Jan.-May, 1972
18. Correspondence – National, 1972-1979
19. Correspondence – State and Local, 1967-1979
20. Cultural Arts Program
21. Family Life
22. Financial Records – State, 1968-1980
23. Financial Records – National, 1973-1981
24. 4-H
25. Guatamala Health Project, 1969
26. Handbooks – Information, 1970-1979
Box 3
27. Health, 1969-1976
28. Map of Alabama Counties
29. Membership Survey and List, 1979-1980
30. Minutes – Board Meetings, 1955-1979
31. Minutes - NEHC Annual Conference, 1967-1976
32. Narrative and Oral Reports, 1968-1976
33. NECH Reports and Records
34. Newspaper Clippings, 1947-1971
35. Nomination of Officers, National – Local
36. Officers, County and State, 1971-1980
37. Pamphlets
38. Photographs, black and white (most undated)
39. Program of Work, 1969-1978
40. Public Information, 1971-1978
41. Publicity, 1968-1978
42. Safety, 1968-1977
Box 4
43-52. State Reports, 1969-1981 (scattered)
53. State Report forms
54. Yearbooks, 1964-1974
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Box 5
55. AEHC, 1949-1955, clippings, photographs, programs
56. AEHC, 1958-1971, clippings, photographs, programs
57. News Articles, May, 1953
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SERIES III: Oral History Interviews
Interview #1 – Interviewee: Mrs. J. L. (Bertha) Andrews, Lafayette, Alabama (age 90)
Interviewer: Mrs. William T (Nina) Langley.
March 30, 1982
Discusses early activities of Homemakers Club in Lafayette in the 1920’s, her own family and background, church life, early childhood activities, home remedies,changing role of women, the Depression, Ku Klux Klan, family farming, child
raising, and impact of modern appliances and electricity on homemakers life.

Interview #2 – Interviewee: Mrs. Sallie M. Bell (black; age 76) of Livingston, Alabama.
Interviewer: Mildred M. Ennis
April 2, 1982
Discusses activities of Busy Bee Extension Homemakers Club in Sumter County and the activities of the club since 1965; her personal background and early life, the Depression years, and changes in racial attitudes.

Interview #3 – Interviewee: Mrs. M. T. (Ouida) Harwell (age 68) of Georgiana, Alabama.
Interviewer: Mrs. Ivor (Opal) Price.
March 15, 1982
Discusses her activities and involvement with the Industry Homemakers Club since 1948; projects of the club, advantages of club involvement, past leaders, early family life, especially school activities, her work experience, curb marketing, and changes in farm life.

Interview #4 – Interviewee: Mrs. J. I. (Elizabeth) McAdams (age 69) of Florence, Alabama.
Interviewer: Mrs. H. N. (Miriam) Watkins.
September 18, 1981
Discusses growing up in Lauderdale County, Alabama, her family, her career in teaching, early religious life, recreation and home activities of her childhood, women’s role in society in WW II, early health care, her marriage and family life, influence of modernization, attitudes toward homemakers role, and activities of Homemakers Club.

Interview #5 – Interviewee: Mrs. J. L. (Sue) Moman (age 55) of Albertville, Alabama.
Interviewer: Mrs. Jean Ann Moon
April 12, 1982
Discusses early activities as a girl in homemakers club in Madison County, membership in club as a young bridge, home demonstration agents and club programs, 4-H programs, experience as state president, and national and state meetings.

Interview #6 – Interviewee: Mrs. Calvin (Jean Ann) Moon (age 34) of Guntersville, Alabama.
Interviewer: Mrs. J. L. (Sue) Moman
Discusses growing up in Marshall County, family background, work experience. After graduating from Birmingham-Southern College, involvement in homemakers club, and home industry activities.

Interview #7 – Interviewee: Mrs. Ivor (Opal) Price (age 70) of McKenzie, Alabama.
Interviewer: Mrs. John (Madge) Becton
March 16, 1981
Discusses activities of McKenzie Homemaker’s Club since 1969, benefits of club in rural setting in Alabama from urban setting in St. Louis, her family life in Missouri, folk cures, World War II, and value of homemakers clubs to women, and family life.

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