Transcription of the H. W. Fontain Letter, RG 697

Transcribed by:  Alfrieda Brummitt
Date:  July 1997

Date:  December 7, 1864

Note: Written in pencil on yellowed paper and is very difficult to read. Spelling left as found

Hedquarter 3 Ala Caveldry
[undecipherable] Ga
December the 7 1864

My Dear wife

This isn't Swet my Self to drop you afew lines for the purpus of giving you hearing from me these lines will in form you that I [am] well and these [undecipherable] lines will reach you in du time and find you and the famley all well Gatsey I haf nothing of im por tons to rit to you Wilis ses tell Mary Jane he is well [undecipherable] Jim man is well and Jim [Tuckman] is [undecipherable] in about forty milds of Savaner on persut of the yankeys from Macon thar is 2 ded yankeys in camps to nit that was killed this eavning dunkin Parker nor [Gurley] has not returned yet. I wold be more than glad to her from you it is the opinion that the yankeys is a going to Savana and to Charlston South Caroliner Tha are a marching a here fore a hed of us So nothing more than giv my lov and best respets to Mother and all the famley connection you must execuse bad spelling and writing for this time may the blessings of gods rest on you now and be with you in your last aflictions in the prars of your unworthey husband [undecipherable] so godby

H.W. Fontain to Gatsey Fontain

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