Sound Recordings Collection, RG 755

Listed by: Alfrieda Brummit
Date: May 3, 1999

Date Span:  1964-1997

Historical Sketch:  Artificial collection created to gain physical and intellectual control over individual or small groups of sound recordings.

Scope / Content:  Miscellaneous sound recordings, consisting mainly of recordings made by Auburn                     University faculty and staff. Includes oral histories conducted by faculty and staff; interviews with university officials and distinguished visitors; lectures and speeches; news conferences; building dedications and other ceremonies; conference and symposium proceedings; and concerts performed by Auburn musical groups.  Subjects of interviews, lectures and conferences include national and state political affairs and politicians, contemporary current events, and the research of faculty from Auburn and other universities.

Consists of 18 series:

1. Auburn Athletics
2. Dr. Jane Moore
3. Pres. Wilford F. Bailey
4. Biography & Political History
5. Board of Trustees
6. Commencement Addresses
  7. Concert Hall
  8. Pres. Hanly Funderburk
  9. Historical / Special Events
10. Lectureships
11. Pres. James Martin
12. Millitary History
13. Miscellaneous
14. Music
15. Pres. Harry M. Philpott
16. Reminiscences
17. Small Business Project
18. Student Affairs


AA #1: 1964 Football
AU 3 – Tennessee 0 September 26, 1964
AU 33 – Houston 0 September 19, 1964
AU 33 – Chattanooga 12 October 10, 1964  (first 3 quarters)
AA #2: 1964 Football
AU 33 – Chattanooga 12 October 10, 1964 (last quarter)
AU 0 – Kentucky 20 October 3, 1964
AU 14 – Southern Mississippi 7 October 24, 1964
AA #3: 1964 Football
AU 3 – Georgia Tech 7 October 17, 1964
AU 0 – Florida 14 October 31, 1964
AA #4: 1964 Football
AU 14 – Alabama 21 November 26, 1964
AA #5: 1970 Football
AU 33 – Southern Mississippi 14 1970
AU 36 – Tennessee 23
AU 33 – Kentucky 15
AU 44 – Clemson 0
AU 31 – Georgia Tech 7
AU 63 – Florida 14
AU 56 – Mississippi State 0, Aub. Alumni Bar-B-Q Mobile, 1970 Gary Sanders
AA #6: 1970 Football
AU 33 – Alabama 28
AU 35 – Mississippi 28 (Gator Bowl)
AA #7: 1971 Football
AU 60 – Chattanooga 7
AU 10 – Tennessee 9
AU 38 – Kentucky 6
AU 27 – Southern Mississippi 6
AU 31 – Georgia Tech 14
AU 35 – Clemson 13
AU 40 – Florida 7
AU 30 – Mississippi State 21
AU 35 – Georgia 20
AA #8--Auburn Football Highlights, 1955-1979

AA #9--Press conference announcing Pat Dye as football coach at Auburn University, 1-3-1981;  Pat Dye speaking to Savannah, Georgia, Alumni Club – March 25, 1981.

AA #10--Press conference with football coach Pat Dye prior to first football game, 9-12-1981.

AA #11--Press conference with basketball coach Sonny Smith withdrawing his resignation, 3-27-1985.

AA #12--"The Sports Explosion" of a preview of the 1987 football season with audio highlights from the 1986 season with WLWI radio broadcast of the AU/BAMA game representing Auburn.

AA #13--Interview with Jimmy Brown and Bo Russell on the life and career of former AU football coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan.

AA #14--G. W. "Jeff" Beard, Interview w/ David Rosenblatt, 1992. (G. W. "Jeff" Beard Papers, RG 931);  NCAA Football Violations, August 18, 1993 (2 cassette tapes – press conferences)

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SERIES 2: DR. JANE MOORE--Oral History Interview recorded by Dr. Jane Moore, former head, Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics, and Faculty Athletics Representative 1992-1997. Interviewer is David Rosenblatt of the Archives.

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1.  Address by President Bailey at Foy Union re: pledges to give his best effort and refrain from making judgements about Funderburk controversy, plays message from Board of Directors, 1 March 1983

2. Address to University Senate re: his goals, 8 March 1983

3. News conference, Birmingham, re: encourages press and Auburn to move forward, 10 March 1983

4. News conference, Mobile. Part 1 re: Auburn and plans for future. Part 2 re: "Generations Fund," 11 May 1983

5. News conference re: university budget, 27 July 1983

6. General faculty meeting speech, 25 October 1983

7. Phi Kappa Phi Banquet speech, December 1983

8. Question and answer session with CAUSE, 10 February 1983

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3.  Hardy Frye re: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), 27 June 1972 (2 reels)

4.  McCarthy (Eugene) – Kennedy (Robert) Debate – Student sponsored, Spring 1968

5.  Powell, Adam Clayton – Speech, 27 January 1969

6.  Sen. John Tower (R-TX) – Speech re: 3 November 1970 elections, also question and answer session, sponsored by the Auburn Veterans Assoc., 10 November 1970 (2 reels)

7.  George C. Wallace – Campaign speech for governorship of Alabama, 8 September 1970, Midway Shopping Center, Opelika, AL

8.  Sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine – Speech re: 1968 presidential campaign, 21 February 1969

9.  WEGL interview with candidates for U.S. Senate from Alabama: Winton Blount, Bert Nettles, Melba T. Allen, Robert Edington, 4 April 1972

10.  WEGL interview with Robert Edington, U.S. Senate (AL) candidate, 4 April 1972

11.  Rep. Luther Patrick, 9th District, 1937-1943 and 1945-1947 re: political views on postwar policies, personal life, and discussion of pros to loan to Great Britain after WWI. Informal interview on "Coffee with Congress." Two recordings of Patrick’s song, "Sleeping at the Foot of the Bed."

11a.  Original tape of Rep. Luther Patrick on "Coffee with Congress." See 11

12.  Tapes separated from the League of Women Voters of Alabama Records, RG 282, from 1950s-60s

The United Nations
Seg. 1, Adlai Stevenson, "The UN: The Changing Scene," 4:56
Seg. 2, Charles Yost, "Peacekeeping and the UN," 4:55
Seg. 3, Philip M. Kultznick, "Financing the United Nations," 4:56

New Perspectives, "The Impact of Science on Foreign Policy," 13:56--1: Mrs. George Little, "UN Report;"  2: Mr. Arant, "Financing the League Without Tax Deductions"

"New Perspectives on Nationalism"

New Perspectives, "The United Nations," 13:45

New Perspectives, "Loans to India"

New Perspectives, "International Communication"

Arthur Larsen, "The United Nations," OEF Seminar--1: Mrs. Robert J. Stuart, "Report of the President," 40:00; 2: "Panel on Political Effectiveness," 45:00

"The War on Poverty," panel discussion--1. Dr. Robert Weaver, "The Future of the Democratic Party;" 2. Wm. J.D. Boyd, "The States Under Reapportionment"

13.  Sen. Jonn J. Sparkman (AL) – Interview with questions concerning Vietnam War, 26 February 1965

14. Hon. Albert P. Brewer – Address to Auburn Law Society, Auburn University, 8 March 1965

15.  Gov. George C. Wallace – Address to Auburn Faculty Club Luncheon, 20 February 1974

16.  Tapes separated from the League of Women Voters of Alabama Records, RG 282

Preview tape of 8 "Political Perspective" tapes, 14:08

Adlai Stevenson, "The UN: The Changing Scene," 14:28

Mrs. Arthur Yabroff, "Men Anyone," 45:00

"Listening to the Experts," 25:00

Effective Educational Panel Discussion 1, 29 September 1971, Sides 1-2
Effective Education Panel Discussion 2, 29 September 1971, Sides 3-4

Welfare Panel Discussion 1, 29 September 1971, Sides 1-2
Welfare Panel Discussion 2, 29 September 1971, Sides 3-4
Welfare Reform Panel Discussion 3, 29 September 1971, Sides 5-6, questions and answers

Educational Finance 1--A.  Introduction and speech on the state education budget;  B. questions and answers, 29 September 1971

Educational Finance 2--A, Questions and answers and education accreditation;  B, Education finance, questions and answers, and report on effective educational panel discussion, 29 September 1971

Educational Finance 3--A, Dr. Delbert DeLong re: Community (Adult) Education, questions and answers, 29 September 1971

Environmental Quality Concerns 1--1: Dr. David T. Rogers re: "Development of Environment."
2, speech by unidentified woman, questions and answers, 29 September 1971

Environmental Quality Concerns 2--1: Speech continued;  2: Speech continued, questions and answers, slide presentation by Mrs. Mary Burkes re: "Wildlife," 29 September 1971

Environmental Quality Concerns 3--1: Blank;  2: Questions and answers, 29 September 1971

Education Accreditation, questions and answers, 29 September 1971

17.  Rep. Carl Elliott (AL) Address to Special Education Conference, morning session, 21 June 1965 (transcription)

18.  Gov. George C. Wallace. Address, 22 April 1965 (excerpts)

19.  George C. Wallace. Campaign speeches, governor’s race. Side 1, Andalusia, 23 March 1974, side 2, Birmingham, 22 March 1974

20.  Former Lt. Gov. M.E. Thompson of Georgia, who served as acting governor in 1947 after the resignation of Gov. Ellis Arnail, interviewed by Lanore Wisham, Auburn history graduate student

21.  H.L. Mitchell, former president of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union and co-founder of the Historic Southern Tenant Farmers Union. Informal talk at Auburn University, 26 February 1975

22.  Former Gov. Albert P. Brewer (1968-71). Speech, "Great Issues Facing Alabama," sponsored by Political Science Dept. at Auburn University, 20 April 1976

23.  Fob James, FORUM speaker, "Great Issues Facing Alabama," 10 November 1977

24.  Lawyer and former Gov. Albert P. Brewer, FORUM speaker, "Great Issues Facing Alabama," re: need for government reorganization and constitutional revision, 15 November 1977

25.  Bert Hayes, Prof., Athens State College and Republican gubernatorial candidate. FORUM speaker, "Great Issues Facing Alabama Today," sponsored by Auburn University Young Republicans, 9 February 1978

26 Julian McPhillips, former Asst. Atty. Gen. of Alabama and candidate for Atty. Gen., re: "White Collar Crime in Alabama," 11 April 1978, Haley Center.

27.  Bert Lance, former Dir. of Office of Management and Budget, 10 April 1978, Student Activities Building

28.  Howell Heflin, former AL Chief Justice and candidate for U.S. Senate, 23 May 1978

29.  State Sen. John Baker of Rainesville, AL, candidate for U.S. Senate, 25 May 1978

30.  James Martin, Rep. Candidate for U.S. Senate, 19 October 1978

31.  George C. Wallace, 1970 campaign speeches, Auburn and Midway Plaza in Opelika

32.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., re: Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s Presidential campaign, 24 January 1980

34.  Joe McCorquodale, Speaker of Alabama House of Representatives and Democratic candidate for Gov., May 1982

35.  Rev. Jesse Jackson, Democratic Presidential candidate re: campaign platform, 13 March 1984

36.  Shirley Chisholm re: need for black socio-cultural progress, 26 February 1984, St. Luke’s CME Church, Auburn

37.  George C. Wallace campaign speech, April 1970

38.  Berta Dunn, secretary to Presidents Dowell, Knapp, Duncan, and Draughon (ret. 1965), interviewed by Anne Wakeford, 11 February 1987

39.  John Herbert Orr, and associates, interviewed by Carl Voelcker

John Herbert Orr, 1 December 1981 and 21 February 1984
Herbert Hard, research chemist, 6 March 1984
Nathaniel Welch, financial backer, 2 April 1984
William E. Brassell, employee, 3 April 1984
Francis McLain, associate, 21 September 1983
41.  Bill Rambo portrays Col. William C. Oates, Alabama Governor in 1894, at Henry County Historical Society meeting, July 1990

42.  Bill Nichols Investigative Subcommittee on Dry Interdiction and Posse Committees

43.  Bob Ingram recounting some anecdotes from his book, That’s the Way I Saw It. 2 cassette tapes (April 30, 1996)

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SERIES 5: BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETINGS:  June 4, 1984 – Meeting (1st part of meeting inadvertently erased)

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1.  Dr. Eugene W. O’Brien – June 3, 1965 – Dr. Ralph B. Draughon presiding
2.  Russell I. Thackrey – August 24, 1965 – Dr. Ralph B. Draughon presiding
3.  Dr. W.M. Alston, Sr. – December 15, 1965 – Dr. Harry M. Philpott presiding
4.  Dr. Harry M. Philpott – March 6, 1967
5.  Dr. R. Matthews – December 15, 1967 – also transcript
6.  Dr. Harry M. Philpott – March 14, 1968
7.  Admiral T.H. Moorer – June 3, 1968 – also transcript
8.  First graduation in Memorial Coliseum – March 13, 1969 – Dr. Harry M. Philpott
9.  Dr. Harry M. Philpott – March 19, 1970
10. Dr. David W. Mullins, August 1969, Memorial Coliseum
11. Gov. George C. Wallace – August 23, 1973 –  receives honorary degree from Auburn University
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1.  September 1-7, 1968: Featuring Roman Lavore, pianist Featured Works: Beethoven’s "Sonata No. 26, Opus 81 in E Flat Major, Les Adieux"
Chopin’s "Scherzo No. 1 in B Minor".

2.  March 10-16, 1968: Featuring Dr. Wayne T. Moore, organist

Featured Works: Sowerby’s "Sonatina"
Mendelssohn’s "Sonata No. 3 in A".

3.  January 12-18, 1970: Featuring The Auburn Concert Choir

Featured Works: "Verbum Caro factum est" by Hans Leo Hassler
"Requiem" (Behold all flesh is as the Grass) by Brahms
"The Lamentation of Jeremiah" by Alberto Ginastera

4.  March 24-30, 1968: Featuring: Prof. Edgar Glyde, violist and Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist

Featured Works: "Regaudin," "Menuet," and "Tambourin" by Jean Phillippe Rameau
"Romance for Viola and Pianoforte" by Ernest Walker
"Elegy," "Ostinato," and "Scherzo" by Gordon Jacob

5.  July 27-Autust 2, 1969: Featuring Prof. Joseph Rawlins, tenor

6.  April 7-13, 1968: Featuring Miss Joan Hoerlein, pianist

Featured Works: "Sonata in F, K332" by Mozart
"La puerto del Vino" by Debussy
"Rhapsody in G minor" by Brahms
Also featuring a preview of next week’s Easter Special

7.  August 3-9, 1969 (Easter Special): Featuring AU Choral Union

Featured Works: Excerpts from Haydn’s "The Creation"

8. August 10-16, 1969: Featuring Asst. Prof. Joseph Stephenson

Featured Works: Works of Claude Debussy:

9.  April 28-May 4, 1968: Featuring AU Concert Choir

Featured Works: "Sing We Merrily Unto God," "Weep, O Mine Eyes,"
"Sing Unto God," "Shenandoah," "Dixie," "Great Day,"
"Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be," "Music for a While,"
"The Green Dog"

10. March 16-22, 1969: Featuring Asst. Prof. (Miss) Sharon Papian, soloist

Featured Works: "Chio mi scordi de te" by Mozart
Six poems written by Emily Dickinson and musically
Arranged by Aaron Copeland: "Nature, the Gentlest Mother"
"When They Come Back"
"The World Feels Dusty"
"There Came a Wind Like a Bugle"
"Heart, We Will Forget Him"
"Why Do They Shut Me Out of Heaven?"
11. May 12-18, 1968: Featuring AU Concert Choir Featured Work: "Requiem" by Garbiel Faure

12. April 6-12, 1969: Featuring Roman Lavore, pianist

Featured Works: "Sonata in E Major" and "Sonata in A Major" by Scarlatti
"Valses Nobles et Sentimentales" by Ravel
"The Harmonica Player" by Guion

13. September 15-21, 1969: Featuring Miss Sharon Papian, mezzo-soprano and accompanist, Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist

Featured Works: "A Woman’s Love and Life" by Robert Schmann PART II Featuring: Dr. Wayne T. Moore, organist
Featured Works: "Toccata in E Minor" by Pachelbel

14. November 10-16, 1968: Featuring Asst. Prof. Roman Lavore, pianist

Featured Works: "French Suite No. 6 in E Major" by Bach
"Sonata No. 3" by Prokoffief
"Clair de lune" by Debussy

15. June 9-15, 1968: Featuring Dr. Wayne T. Moore, organist

Featured Works: "Chaconne in F Minor" by Pachelbel
"Fugue in E Flat (St. Anne)" by Bach
"Roman Symphony, Op.73" by Widor
"Humoresque ‘L’organo primitivo" by Yon

16. June 16-22, 1968: Featuring Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist

Featured Works: "Fantasy in C Minor, K.396" and "Sonata in B Flat Major, K.333" by Mozart

17. June 23-29, 1968: Featuring Alexander Fiorillo, pianist

Featured Work: "Variations and Fuque" by Brahms-Handel

18. June 30-July 6, 1968: Featuring Marjorie Tyre, harpist and Francist Lapp Hunter, flutist

Featured Works: "Siciliano" by Bach
"Intermezzo" by Hendrik Andriessen
"Serenade #10 for Flute and Harp" by Vincent Persichetti
"Piece en Forme D’Habanera" by Maurice Ravel
"Entr’acte" by Jacques Ibert

19. July 7-13, 1968: Featuring Alexander Fiorillo, pianist

Featured Works: "Sonata in C Minor, K.357" by Mozart
"Four Pieces" by Charles J. Campbell
"Two Etudes" (Op.10, #1 and Op.10, #9) by Chopin

20. July 14-20, 1968: Featuring Roman Lavore, pianist

Featured Works: "Capriccio, Opus 116, #3" and "Intermezzo, Opus 116, #4" by Brahms
"Concert Etude in F Minor" and "Hungarian Rhapsody #6" by Liszt
"Ballade #3 in A Flat" by Chopin

21. July 21-27, 1968: Featuring Maureen Rosenbaum, Soprano and Richard Wursten, Pianist

Featured Works: "The Angel of Peace" by Mozart
"Ecstasy," The Tears in My Heart," "The Shadow of the Trees," "The Wooden Horses," "Green," and "Spleen" by Debussy

22. May 18-24, 1969: Featuring Asst. Prof. Joseph Stephenson, pianist

Featured Work: "Sonata in C Major, Opus #1," by Brahms

23. November 23-29, 1969: Featuring: Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist

Featured Works: "Perpetual Motions" by Poulenc
"Allegro Barbaro" and Sonatino" by Bartok
"Sonatini" by Ravel

24. November 30-December 6, 1969: Featuring Richard Wursten, pianist

Featured Works: "And ante & Variations in F Minor" by Haydn
"French Suite #5" (Last 5 dances) by Bach
"Consolations in D Flat, #3 & #4" by Liszt

25. December 7-13, 1969: Featuring Richard Wursten, pianist

Featured Works: "Intermezzo in A, Opus 118" and "Intermezzo in B Flat Minor, Opus 117" by Brahms
"Impromptu in F Sharp" by Chopin
"Valse Oubiee in F Sharp," "Valse Impromptu in A Flat," Consolation in D Flat," and "Sonetto No. 104 Del Petrarca" by Liszt

26. December 14-20, 1969: Featuring Hubert Liverman, pianist

Featured Works: "Bagatelle" by Beethoven
"Sonata in B Flat Major," (first movement), and "Impromptu in A Flat" by Schubert
"The Girl With the Flaxen Hair" and "Clair de Lune" by Debussy

27. February 11, 1969: Featuring Dr. William Tamblyn

Featured Works: "3 Nocturnes, Opus 9, "4 Mazurkas, Opus 17," and "Polonaise, Opus 26, #2" by Chopin

28. Featuring: AU Concert Choir

Featured Works: "Lord Do I Lift up My Soul" by Bach

29. Featuring: Miss Sharon Papian, mezzo-soprano, performs, accompanied by the Men’s Glee Club

Featured Works: "The Works of Brahms"

30. February 9, 1967: Featuring Norma Lavore

Featured Works: "Voi che sapete," Un Moto di Gioja," and "Per Pieta," "Ben Mio," from "Cosi Fan Tutte" by Mozart
"An die Musik," "Wohin," "Seitich ihn gesehen," "Er, der Herrlischtse von allen," by Schumann
"Les Berceaux" by Faure
"Romance" and "Mandoline" by Debussy
"Chanson Triste" by Duparc

31. March 7, 1968: Featuring Auburn Concert Choir

Featured Work: Special taping session

32. August 13, ?: Featuring Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist, Professor, AU Music Dept.

Feature Works: Hyden’s Sonatas, 30 minute tape

33. February 14, 1968: Featuring: Roman Lavore, Assistant Professor, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: Recital in Langdon Hall, Part 1 of 3, Sonata in E Major, Sonata in A Minor by Scarlotti
"Carnaval de Vienne, Op. 26," by Schuman
Sonata #2 by Hindemith
"Massig schnell," "Lebhaft," "Sehr langsam—Rondo," "Valses Nobles et Sentimentales" by Ravel
"Scherzo No. 2 in Bb minor, Op. 31" by Chopin

34. April 12, 1967: Featuring AU Concert Choir at Union Building, Tape one of one Master

35. May 16, 1967: Featuring AU Concert Choir, Choral Union, and AU Orchestra at Student Activities Building

Featured Works: "La Calinda,"—dance from the Opera "Koanga," by Delus
"Incidental Music to the Midsummer Night’s Dream Nocturne" by Mendelssohn
"Requiem Mass in D" by Mozart with student soloists

36. August 14, 1967: Featuring James Sikes, Baritone, Student and William Tamblyn, pianist, Professor, AU Music Dept. (Recital)

Featured Works: "Nebbie" and "Notte" by Respighi
"Air de Cadmus (Comdus et Hermoine)" by Lully
"Cinq melodies populaires grecques" by Ravel
"Blick ich umher (Tannhauser)" by Wagner
"The House of Life" by Vaughan Williams
37. August 14, 1967: Featuring James Sikes, baritone, student, and Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist, Professor, AU Music Dept. Featured Works: See Part 1, 36

38. August 16, 1967: Featuring Sarah Blake, soprano, and Roman Lavore, accompanist, Assistant Professor, AU Music Dept. (Recital)

Featured Works: "Musk for a While" by Purcell
"Gia il sole dal Gange" by Scarlatti
"Si Mi Chiamano Mimi," from "La Boheme" and "Vissi d’arte" from "Tosca" by Puccini
"En Priere" by Faure
"Silent Moon" by Vaughan-Williams
"Monica’s Waltz," from "The Medium" by Menotti
"The Green Dog" by Kingsley

39. August 16, 1967: Featuring John Hoerlein (Summer Recital)

Featured Works: Sonata in F, K332 by Mozart
"La puerto del vino" by Debussy
"Rhapsody in G Minor" by Brahms

40. No date: Featuring Herbert Liverman, pianist, head Prof. of Music, AU

Featured Works: 2 Intermezzi from Opus 117 and Rhapsody in B minor (#1), Rhapsody in G Minor (#2), from Opus 79 by Johannes Brahms
Impromptu in A Flat Major by Franz Shubert

41. December 6, 1967: Featuring Auburn University Concert Choir with Gretchen Ramm, contralto; Susanne Anthony, soprano; and Nancy Pritchett, soprano

Featured Works: Christmas Special (T.V. Dub), Benjamin Brittian’s "Ceremony of Carols"

42. January 30, 1967--Featuring: Alexander Fiorillo, pianist

Featured Works: Sonata in C Minor, k 357 by Mozart
Six Etudes by Chopin

43. January 30, 1967--Featuring: Alexander Fioriuo, pianist

Featured Works: "Variations and Fuque" by Brahms-Handel
Four Pieces by C.J. Campbell
Soneeto Del Petrarca, No. 104 by Liszt

44. March 29, 1967--Featuring: Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist, Professor, AU Music Dept.; Recital at
Langdon Hall, tape 1 of 2, See 47

Featured Works: "Five Bagatelles" by Ben Weber
Sonata in A minor, Opus 143 by Schubert
"Estampes" by Debussy
Opus 72 by Scriabin
Alborada del Gracioso by Ravel

45. December 5, 1966--Featuring: AU Concert Choir, Choral Union, AU Orchestra, Tape 1

Featured Works: Christmas Music Program Recorded at Student Activities Building, See 46

46. December 5, 1966--Featuring: AU Concert Choir, Choral Union, AU Orchestra, Tape 2

Featured Works: Christmas Music Program Recorded at Student Activities Building

47. March 29, 1967--Featuring: Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist, Professor, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: Recital at Langdon Hall, See 44

48. December 1969--Featuring: Christmas 1969 Special

49. October 19, 1967--Featuring: Edgar Glyde, Viola, & Roman Lavore, Pianist, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: Dance from "The Suite for Viola and Orchestra"
Johannes Brahams Sonata in F minor for viola and piano

50. December 5, 1967--Featuring: AU Concert Choir

Featured Works: A Christmas Concert in the Union Ballroom (See CH #63)

51. June 27, ?-Featuring: Hubert Liverman, pianist, Head Professor of Music, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: Fantasia in C Minor by Mozart
Sonata #2, Opus 7 by Beethoven
Adagio from Sonata, Opus 13, by Beethoven

52. Date unknown

Featured Works: Seven Popular Songs by de Falla
El pano moruno, Seguidilla murchiana, Asturiana, Jota, Nana, Cancion, and Polo
Encore is Stornellatrice by Resphigi

53. February 14, 1968--Featuring: Roman Lavore, pianist, Assistant Professor, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: Recital at Langdon Hall, Part 2 of 3, See: 33

54. February 14, 1968--Featuring: Roman Lavore, pianist, Assistant Professor, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: Recital at Langdon Hall, Part 3 of 3, See 33

55. January 18, 1967--Featuring: Roman Lavore, pianist, Assistant Professor, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: French Suite #6, in E Major by Bach
Sonata No. 26, op. 81 in E flat, Major "Les Adieux" by Beethoven

56. January 18, 1967--Featuring: Roman Lavore, pianist, Assistant Professor, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: Scherzo No. 1 in b Minor by Chopin
Sonata No. 3 (one movement) by Prokoffief
Reflects dans 1’eau & Clair de lune by Debussy
Hungarian Rhapsody #6 by Liszt

57. January 20, ?--Featuring: Dr. William Tamblyn, pianist, Professor, AU Music Dept.

Featured Works: All Debussy, Claude
    58. January 23, 1967--Featuring: Wayne T. Moore, organist, Associate Professor of Music, AU
    (Tape 1 of 2, See 59)
      Featured Works: Toccata in e minor by Pachelbel
      Chaconne in f minor by Pachelbel
      Fuge in E Flat (St. Anne) Bach
      Roman Symphony, Op. 73 by Widor
      Humoresque "L ‘organo Primitivo" by Yon

    59. January 23, 1967--Featuring: Wayne T. Moore, organist, Associate Professor of Music, AU
    (Tape 2 Of 2, See: 58)

      Featured Works: Sonatina by Sowerby
      Sonata No. 3 in A by Mendelssohn

    60. October 1966--Featuring: Albert Singerman, pianist, Assistant Professor of Music, AU Music Dept.

      Featured Works: Cut 1: 6 Intermezzo, Opus 4 by Robert Schumann
      Cut 2: Poems of the Sea by Ernest Bloch

    61. June 12, 1968--Featuring: Roman Lavore, pianist, Assistant Professor, AU Music Dept.

      Featured Works: Capriccio, Opus 116, No. 3 by Brahms
      Intermezzo, Opus 116, No. 4 by Brahms
      Concert Etude in F Minor by Liszt
      Mazurka in A Minor, Opus 59, No. 1 by Chopin
      Ballade #3 in A Flat by Chopin (flutter at 6:38)
      A selection from the Suite, The Baby’s Dolls, by Villa Lobos

    62. 1967?--Featuring: Hubert Liverman, Head Professor of Music, AU

      Featured Works: First Movement, Theme and Variations, from Moment Musicale by Schubert
      Impromptu in A Flat by Schubert

    63. December 5, 1967--Featuring: AU Concert Choir

      Featured Works: Christmas Concert at Union Ballroom, Part II  (See: 50)

    64. December 1967--Featuring: AU Concert Choir

      Featured Works: The Sounds of Christmas Special 1967

    65. Date unknown--Featuring: Albert Singerman, pianist, Asst. Prof. of Music, AU

      Featured Works: Schubert: Sonata in B Major, Opus 147
      Allegro M., Andante, Scherzo, Allegro G.
      Rachmanioff: Prelude #5 in G Minor, Opus 32; Prelude #12 in G Sharp Minor
      Chopin: Mazurka #4 in B Minor, Opus 33

    66. November 28, 1967--Featuring: Choral Union

      Featured Works: "The Creation" – Part 1

    67. November 28, 1967--Featuring: Choral Union

      Featured Works: "The Creation" Parts II and III

    69. December 4, 1968--Featuring: AU Concert Choir

      Featured Work: "Magnificat" by Bach, WSFA TV production of the AU Concert Concert Choir

    70. February 26, 1969--Featuring: Roman Lavore, pianist (Professor of Music – AU) Part I, Part III

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1. First address to faculty at general faculty meeting, 26 April 1980

2. General faculty meting, 14 October 1980

3. Side a: General faculty meeting, Funderburk address and faculty adopted resolutions criticizing university administration, 18 May 1981;  Side b: Speech to AAUP meeting, 19 May 1981

4. General faculty meeting with question and answer session, 25 May 1981

5. General faculty meetings with question and answer sessions, 2 June 1981 and 13 October 1981

6. General faculty meeting to consider "no confidence" in Funderburk resolution, 11 February 1982

7. General faculty meeting, 12 October 1982

8 /9. General faculty meeting, discussion of Funderburk issue and vote on confidence motion, 2 November 1982

10. News briefing re: Dan Holsenbeck supporting Funderburk, 4 November 1982

11. News conference re: Funderburk discusses presidential controversy issues with press, 11 November 1982

12. AU Board of Trustees meeting. Gov. James admits board’s inability to resolve presidential controversy, says board has scheduled meeting on 4 January 1983 with Funderburk, the vice presidents, deans, and members of faculty. 4 December 1982

13. AU Board of Trustees meeting. Resolution that Funderburk continue to serve as President and AU Chief Executive Officer and new position of Chancellor be established, serving as Chief Executive Officer of Auburn campus, 7 January 1982

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3. Dr. R.W. Green, address, January 1964

4. (Naming of Ralph Brown Draughon Library) Addresses by Dr. Paul S. Haley, REdus Collier, Ralph B. Draughon, Dr. M.C. Huntley (Master of Ceremonies), Dr. Harry M. Philpott (Introduction), Dr. Winfred Godwin, Joe Johnson, 12 May 1966; Dr. J. Wayne Reitz, Dr. O.C. Aderhold, entire symposium, conclusion and summary of symposium, inaugural ceremonies, 13 May 1966

5. Hon. Brook Hays address, 10-11 April 1966

6. Gov. Lurleen Wallace address, 20 April 1967

7. Nuclear Science Center Dedication – addresses by Dr. Alvin Biggio and Sen. Lister Hill, presentation by Ken Lott, acceptance by Dr. Frank Samford, 12 May 1967

8. Haley Center groundbreaking – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, Dean Roger W. Allen and Dean Truman Pierce, 20 June 1967

9. Dinner for Dean Allen – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, Dr. Winfred Godwin, Joe Johnson, 22 June 1967

10. Inauguration Symposium – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, Dr. Winfred Godwin, Joe Johnson, 12 May 1966

11. Inauguration Symposium re: Role of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities Today and Their Development to Meet Needs of a Changing Society – Dr. Winfred Godwin and Dr. Wayne Reitz

12. Inauguration Symposium – Dr. Winfred Godwin and Dr. O.C. Aderhold

13a. Inauguration – Frank Samford, Floyd Vallery, George McMillan, Ken L. Lott, Eugene Current Garcia, Gov. George C. Wallace, 12 May 1966

13b. (continuation of 12) – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, 12 May 1966

14. Ralph Brown Draughon, President Emeritus of AU, funeral and eulogy, 15 August 1968

15. Haley Center Dedication – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, Gov. Albert Brewer, 11 October 1969

16. Memorial Coliseum Dedication – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, Gov. Albert Brewer, Peggy Sue Wallace, 22 February 1969

17. Installation of Dr. Ralph B. Draughon as 8th President of API – Frank P. Samford, API Board of Trustees, John A. Hannah, President of Michigan State College, Gov. James E. Folsom, Ralph B. Draughon, 12 May 1949 (also on recording wire)

17a. 2nd copy of above, taped from 2 records recorded by Station WAPI, Birmingham

18. Dedication of cage for War Eagle IV in honor of Elwin Hamer, Jr.

19. Announcement of site selection for AUM campus and Vice President for AUM – Homan Head, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, George Wallace, representing Gov. Lurleen Wallace, Dr. Harry M. Philpott, 15 February 1968 (see also 29, Side 2)

20. Portrait presentation of Letitia Dowdell Ross for Letitia Dowdell Hall – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, Dr. Charles W. Edward, Hartwell Davis (nephew of Letitia Dowdell Ross), Dean Katharine Cater, 29 October 1969

21. Interview of Sen. Donald Horn, Dean Sam T. Coker and Dr. Harry M. Philpott re: proposed move of the AU School of Pharmacy to AU-Montgomery by Rob Rainey, news director of campus radio station

22. Congratulatory message to Auburn Radio station WEGL on first broadcast – Don Weir of WAPI, Birmingham, Tom Baty of UPI, Gov. George C. Wallace, 25 April 1971

23. Forestry Building dedication – Terril D. Stevens, Forestry Dept. Head, H.H. Hawke, State Building Commission, Paul S. Haley, Board of Trustees, Marion Funchess, Dean of Agriculture School, 12 May 1949 (also on recording wire)

24. Veterinary Complex dedication—Dr. M.R. Clarkson, American Veterinary Medical Assoc., Henry B. Steagall, Harry M. Philpott, 7 November 1971

25. Magnolia Hall (men’s dorm) dedication – W. Travis Ingram, Business Manager, Jerome Henry, President API Dormitory Council, H.H. Hawke, State Building Commission, Francis W. Hare, Sheldon L. Toomer, Board of Trustees, 12 May 1949 (also on recording wire)

26. Gov. Albert Brewer address, Governor’s Day Ceremonies and Honors Convocation, 15 May 1969

27. Rev. Billy Graham address, Cliff Hare Stadium, 27 April 1965

28. Dr. Harold Drake, AU Speech Dept., and Bill Weever, 1st production manager and disk jockey, interview re: beginning of WEGL-FM campus radio, 8 January 1974

29. Portrait dedication ceremony for Miss Allie Glenn, faculty and friends address Miss Glenn on tape, 25 November 1950 (original and magnetic tape copy)

30. Ringing of bell in Samford Hall, 200 times, in celebration of the nation’s bicentennial (copy made from tape recorded by Dr. Wilford S. Bailey, Vet. Med.)

31. Lillian Carter (mother of President Jimmy Carter) address re: her experiences with the Peace Corps in India, Campus Club Meeting and press conference, 3 March 1977

32. AU Arboretum dedication – R.D. Rouse, Dean of Agriculture, John H. Jeffers, Pastor First Baptist Church, D.E. Davis, Arboretum Committee chairman, R.C. Bamberg, Board of Trustees, Dr. Harry M. Philpott, 15 June 1977

33. Samford Carillon dedication – Dr. Harry M. Philpott; John H. Jeffers; Donald E. Feik; I.T. Verdin Co.; Frank P. Samford, Jr., Liberty National Life Insurance Co.; John B. Bush, President SGA; C. Lloyd Nix, President AU Alumni Assoc.; Donald E. Hayhurst, Mayor of Auburn, Cong. Bill Nichols, 8 October 1977

34. Dudley Hall dedication – Keith McPheeters, Dean of Architecture; Harry M. Philpott; Shug Jordan; Invocation by Rev. McCoy Franklin; Dr. Taylor Littleton, VP for Academic Affairs; James Bradberry, student president School of Fine Arts and Arch., 1 October 1977

35. Auburn Football Forum re: status of Auburn Football Forum re: status of Auburn football open meeting – President Philpott and Board of Trustees, 18 February 1978

36. Portraits of presidents dedication – Dr. Harry M. Philpott, George L. Bradberry, Maltby Sykes, Malcolm McMillan, 21 June 1978

37. Dedication of library’s one millionth volume – Harry M. Philpott, Edward G. Holley, Dean School of Library Science, UNC, Ward Allen, Prof. of English, Taylor Littleton, VP for Academic Affairs

38. Founders Day – Harry M. Philpott, Dr. Derald W. Johnson, Rev. J.O. Ellisor, Morris W. Savage, 5 May 1979

39. Press Conference announcing NCAA probation of football and basketball programs, Foy Union, transcript of Dr. Philpott’s speech available, 11 May 1979

40. Pi Kappa Alpha, Upsilon Chapter dedication (of new frat house?), 31 March 1979

41. Founders Day – Neil O. Davis address re: "Tales From (and about) Toomer’s Corner," transcript in AU Historical Collection, 3 May 1979

42. Katherine Cater Hall dedication and narrative to slide show presented at dinner—(on program) Dr. John Jeffers, Harry M. Philpott, President Hanly Funderburk, and Dean Katherine Cater, 25 April 1980

43. Founders Day—Charles W. Edwards address re: history and spirit of Auburn, 125th anniversary of Auburn, transcript in AU Historical Collection, 9 May 1981

44. Faculty hearing: "Priority Recommendations," presented by committee on Priorities and Planning, 30 September 1981

45. Gov. Fob James speaks to and answers questions of Auburn faculty, 18 January 1982

46. Student Activities Building dedication, 24 May 1982

47. Former President Gerald Ford speech on Auburn Campus, 4 April 1982

48. University Senate meeting re: faculty committee report on resignations of Vice Presidents Grady Cox and Taylor Littleton, 26 October 1982

49. General Faculty meeting re: no confidence vote on President Hanly Funderburk, 2 November 1982

50. George C. Wallace Center for Vocational and Adult Education groundbreaking ceremony—Interim President W.S. Bailey, Dr. Boyd Scebra, Dr. Jack Blackburn, Gov. George C. Wallace, G. Ray Jeffcoat, James H. Beckham, Dr. Wayne Teague, 28 October 1983 (2 copies)

51. Hall of Honor of the Alabama Press Assoc. at Auburn University, inducting W. Emmett Brooks (Brewton Standard) and Frank P. Thomas, Jr. (Alabama Citizen, Selma Citizen, and Mobile Beacon) 22 October 1983

52. Phil Donahue speech re: his impressions about life in the 1950s, Homecoming, 3 November 1983

53. Broun Hall dedication, 9 November 1984

54. Scott-Ritchey Laboratories dedication, Vet. Med. School, 18 November 1984

55. Debate between Dr. Timothy Leary and G. Gordon Liddy, UPC event, "The Great Debate," 18 February 1985

56. Ralph Brown Draughon Library addition groundbreaking ceremony, 30 April 1988

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SERIES 10: LECTURESHIPS (All lectures were given at Auburn University unless otherwise indicated.)

The Franklin Lecture Series in Science and Humanities (after 1998, the Littleton-Franklin Series) brought distinguished scholars from around the country to lecture on their areas of study.

The Ralph Brown Draughon Lecture Series on Southern History brought distinguished historians from around the country to lecture on topics in Southern history.

The Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecture Series featured members of the Auburn University graduate faculty lecturing on their fields of search.

1. Dr. David Riesman (Henry Ford II Prof. of Social Sciences, Harvard), Franklin lecturer re: Cultural Conflicts in the University, 2 November 1970 (3 reels)

2. Dr. T. Harry Williams, Draughon Lecturer of Southern History re: Huey Long (Part II); Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln (Part II), 21-22 October 1971

3. D.J. Boorstin, Franklin Lecturer re: Technology and Democracy, 11 November 1971

4. Arthur Link, Draughon Lecturer and George McGovern’s major professor at Northwestern, re: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Democratic Presidential candidate McGovern

5. Bernard Mayo, Prof. Emeritus, U of Va., Franklin Lecturer re: Thomas Jefferson, 24 April 1974

6. Dr. Dewey W. Grantham, Prof. of History, Vanderbilt University, Ralph B. Draughon lecturer re: Progressivism and the Emancipation of Southern Women (Side 1) and The Little Rock Crisis: Negro Rights and the Struggle for an Integrated America (Side 2), 29-30 November 1973

7. George B. Tendall, Kenan Prof. of History, U. of NC, Ralph B. Draughon Lecturer re: The Transition from Bourbon Leadership to Progressive Leadership in the South: 1874-1914, 14-15 November

8. James Reston, New York Times columnist, Franklin lecturer, 24 February 1975

9. Charles G. Dobbins, Franklin Bicentennial Lecture re: Alabama Governors and Editors, 1930-1955 & Old Alabama Books: A Collectors Notes, 13 October 1975

10. Dr. Bell Wiley, historian, Franklin Lecturer re: ‘Johnny Reb’ and ‘Billy Yank’ and Women of the Lost Cause, 30-31 October 1975

11. Dr. Malcolm C. McMillan, AU history professor, 1st AU Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lectureship re: My Interest in History, 20 November 1975

12. J.H. Plumb, English historian, Franklin Bicentennial Lecture re: The Impact of the American Revolution on Britain, 3 March 1976

13. Dr. Louis R. Harlan, history professor, U. of MD, Draughon Lecturer re: Booker T. Washington, Southerner (Side 1) and Booker T. Washington’s Racial Strategy (Side 2) 21-22 October 1978

14. Martial A. Honnell, professor of electrical engineering, Distinguished Faculty Lecturer re: his career, 10 November 1976

15. Dr. Lewis Mayhew, Franklin Lecturer re: the turning point of American higher education, 14 October 1976

16. Howard Simons, Washington Post managing editor, Alabama Press Assoc. Banquet in the University Lecture series re: Impact of Watergate on the press and future of journalism, 15 October 1976

17. C.P. Snow, Frlanklin Lecturer re: concepts of psychoanalysis and human behavior, 28 April

18. Alan Paton, Franklin Lecturer re: examples of racial prejudice in South Africa and personal views on future situation, 19 October 1977

19. Donald Davis, botany professor, Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecturer re: growth and decline of herbicide industry, 8 November 1977

20. Panama Canal Treaty Debate, position papers by Sen. James Allen and Ambassador Juan Antonio Stagg of Panama, followed by panel discussion

21. William H. McNeill, U. of Chicago, Franklin Lecturer re: Nineteen-Century Industrialism and European Armed Forces, 6 February 1978

22. Sessions 1 & 2 of "Southern Christianity and Public Policy," Joseph R. Washington, U. of PA re: "The Peril and Promise of Black Religion." Ronald B. Flowers, Texas Christian U. re: "The Jimmy Carter Phenomenon & Church-State Relations," 17 February 1978

23. Session 3, ibid., Samuel S. Hill Jr., Religion professor U. of FL re: "Models of Southern Piety," 17 February 1968

24. Sessions 4 & 5, ibid., James T. Baker, W KY U history professor re: "Inner Religion and Social Concern: Thomas Merton." David Edwin Harrell, Jr., UAB history professor re: "Pentecostal Religion and Public Policy," 18 February 1978

25. Kenneth M. Stamp, Morrison Professor of history, Berkeley, Phi Alpha Theta lecture re: History in Crisis, 20 February 1978

26. Frank E. Vandiver, Rice U., Ralph B. Draughon Lecturer re: Jefferson Davis as War Leader and Jefferson Davis as Modern President, 30-31 March 1978

27. Calvin W. Schwabe, U. CA-Davis epidemology and preventive medicine professor, Franklin Lecturer re: "Holy Cow—Provider or Parasite: A Problem for Humanists," 10 April 1978

28. Dr. Ben F. Hoerlein, Head Dept. of Small Animal Surgery and Medicine, Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecturer re: "The Slipped Disk in Dog and Man," 9 November 1978

29. Franklin Lecture re: "Southern Literature and Its Cultural Setting," readings and presentations by Redding Sugg, Jr., William Styron, Eudora Welty, Walter Sullivan and Hugh Holman, 15-16 November 1978

30. Dr. Melvin Calvin, 1961 Nobel Prize Winner, Chemistry & Physics Depts. Joint colloquium re: "Synthetic Chloroplasts, 20 February 1979

31. Anne Firor Scott, History Professor, Duke U., Draughon Lecturer re: "Southern Women: Image and Reality" (Tape 1) & "Why History Looks Different with Women in It," 4-5 January 1979

32. Dr. George F. Kennan, former ambassador to USSR, Phi Alpha Theta lecture re; "Morality and Foreign Policy, 4-5 April 1979

33. Dr. Hoogstrall, Franklin Lecturer, re: "Ticks and Civilization," April 2 1979

34. Madison P. Jones, Prof. of English and Alumni Writer-in-Residence, Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecturer re: "The Impulse of Fictions," 7 November 1979

35. Don Siegelman, Alabama Secretary of State, speech to Young Democrats re: "Election Reform Laws and Running for Office," 7 November 1979

36. History symposium re: "I’ll Take My Stand and Southern Endurance: A Perspective After Fifty Years," with Brandt Ayers, John Shelton Reed, and William C. Harvard, 6 March 1980

37. John Hope Franklin, U. of Chicago History Professor, Draughon lecturer re: (1) "Afro-Americans in the 1930s," and (2) "I’ll Take My Stand and the Problem with Race," 17-18 April 1980

38. "In Honor of Southern Women," Conference for recognition to women’s contribution to Southern culture, speeches and panels, 22 April 1980

39. Conference re: "Diverse Expressions of Religion in the South," AU Dept. of Religion. (1) Robert F. Martin, "Radical Religion’s Critique of the South: The Fellowship of Southern Churchmen and Its Legacy," and (2) John W. Kuykendall, "Glimpses of an Infrequent Vision: Religious Communities in the South."

40. Gregory Jeane, Dept. of Geography re: "Landscapes of the Dead: An Analysis of Rural Cemeteries in the South," 27 February 1980

41. Robert V. Remini, U. of Ill.-Chicago History Professor, Draughon lecturer re: "In Search of Andrew Jackson" and "A Reinterpretation of the Era of Good Feeling and the Age of Jackson," 23-24 October 1980

42. Shelby Foote, Franklin lecturer re: colloquium on scope and meaning of his work, with critics Redding Sugg & Helen White, Joseph Harrison, moderator

43. William Warren Rogers, FSU history professor, Phi Alpha Theta banquet speech, 6-7 May 1981

44. Dr. Richard M. Brown, Franklin lecturer re: "Violence in American History," 14 May 1981

45. (1) Paula Thomas, speaker for Home Economics Alumni Assoc. and (2) Tom Plummer and Aulma Farley re: "Challenges and Opportunities in the Apparel Industry," seminar sponsored by School of Home Economics, 27 April 1981

46. Dr. Joe B. Frantz, U. of TX history professor, Draughon lecturer re: current political trends and President Lyndon Johnson, 22-23 October 1981

47. William N. Hungate re: "Ethical Problems Present in Public Service," 11 November 1981

48. Daniel Boorstin, Director, Library of Congress, Franklin lecturer re: "The American Scholar in the 21st Century," 3 November 1981

49. Sidney D. Beckett, Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecturer re: "Vascular Aspect of the Male Reproductive System," 11 November 1981

50. Glenn W. Burton, First York Distinguished Lecturer re: "Food Resources in the Plant Kingdom," 21 January 1982

51. Leon Cooper, Watson Professor of Science at Brown U., Franklin lecturer re: "Modern Science and Contemporary Discomfort: Metaphor and Reality," 17 February 1982

52. Ann Deagon, Guilford College Classical Studies Professor, Carl Benson Lecturer, 10 March 1982

53. James Alan Downie, Herzfield Lecture Series, 28 March 1982

54. Jaroslav Pelikan, Franklin lecturer, 26-27 April 1982

55. Ray Marshall, Draughon lecturer re: "The Sunbelt in Transition" and "The South in National Economics Policy in the 1980s," 26-27 April 1982

56. Dr. Clifton R. Whorton, Jr., E.T. York Distinguished Lecturer, 29 September 1982

57. Franklin Lecture Series. James M. Cox re: "U.S. Grant: The Man in the Memoirs," and William McFeely, "History and Its Enemies: Writers and the Civil War," 21-22 October 1982

58. Robert Rea, History Professor, Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecturer, 17 November 1982

59. James S. Haskins, Franklin lecturer, 29 January 1983

60. James Jones, author of the book Bad Blood, re: the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, 10 February 1983

61. Alan Downie, Franklin lecturer re: the use of literary evidence by historians, 11 May 1983

62. Dr. Michael Uraban, AU Political Science Professor re: Soviet foreign policy and the nuclear freeze, 27 April 1983

63. Dr. Orville G. Bentley, Asst. Secretary of Agriculture for Science and Education, Centennial lecture presented by the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, 22 February 1983

64. Seymour Hersch, investigative reporter, Franklin lecturer re: Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, 24 October 1983 (poor quality tape)

65. Leon Litwack, Professor at U. of CA, Franklin lecturer re: "Father Knows Best: Culture and Politics in America After World War II," 1 February 1984

66. Henry Hartsfield, Auburn alumnus and member of first space shuttle team, E.T. York Distinguished lecturer re: NASA, his experience with the space shuttle program, the future of the U.S. space program, and an orbiting space station, 1983

67. Dr. Paul Melius, AU Chemistry Professor, Distinguished Graduate Faculty lecturer re: his research on enzyme mechanisms and biochemistry, 16 November 1988

68. Sherman Paul, Benson lecturer, re: 20th century literature, Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac and the Cold Mountain poems of Han Sham

69. Dr. Jack E. Green, Draughon lecturer re: "Southern Colonies and British Colonization" and "The Southern Colonies and the Creation of American Culture," 17 & 19 November 1983

70. Dr. Gerald Hammond re: the English Bible, 13 February 1984

71. Dr. Chris Hatcher re: "Hostage and Terrorist Negotiations," 19 April 1984

72. Dr. Chris Hatcher re: "Jonestown: The Leader, the Victims, the Survivors," 20 April 1984

73. Olin B. King, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SCI Systems, Inc., Annual Engineers Banquet speaker re: future of engineers and technological improvements, week of 22 February 1984

74. Robert Hughes, at critic for Time magazine, Franklin lecturer re: Auburn University Collection, purchased in 1948 from the ill-fated State Dept. exhibition of 1946-47, 22 February 1984

75. Paul Star, Harvard sociologist, Franklin lecturer re: his book, The Social Transformation of American Medicine: The Rise of a Sovereign Profession and the Making of a Vast Industry, 5 April 1984

76. Numan V. Bartley, Draughon lecturer re: "Southern Politics: Perspectives on the Once and Future Solid South," 18 October 1984

77. Misc., "AU Faculty: Second Class Citizens"

78. Daniel J. Boorstin, Director, Library of Congress, Franklin lecturer re: "Amateurs, Professionals, and the Quest for Lost Innocence," 8 April 1985

79. Kathleen Brooks, Canterbury Cathedral official guide and Resident Director, Smithsonian’s Travel-Study Program in Canterbury, Franklin lecturer re: "The Cultural Heritage of English Cathedrals," 3 March 1986

80. Women’s History Week Panel Discussion re: "Orange and Blue and Female 1940s-1980s," Dr. Ruth Crocker, Chairperson, Georgia G. Vallery, former Psychology professor, Karin McClinton, recent Auburn graduate, Anna B. Stickney, Auburn engineering student in 1940s, Josetta Matthews, first black female graduate, and Anne W. Amacher, professor Education Department, 1962-64, 5 March 1986

81. Bertram Wyatt-Brown, U. of FL, Draughon lecturer re: "Mask of Obedience: Another Look at the American Slave Personality," 3 April 1986

82. Col. Henry "Hank" Hartsfield, Jr. lecture sponsored by the ASPE Student Chapter and the Society of Physics Students re: space missions, 29 October 1987

83. AU Symposium on the University in Space Research, Development and Missions sponsored by the School of Electrical Engineering, 30 October 1987

84. Stanley Cohen, Nobel Prize Winner, medicine, Goodwin lecturer re: "Epidermal Growth Factors," 19 April 1988

85. Phillis Trible, Auburn Women’s Studies series re: "Feminism and Biblical Faith," 27 February 1989

86. William A. Beardslee, Franklin lecturer re: "Vital Ruins: Narrative Patterns in the Bible and the Story Framework of Our Lives," 8 February 1989 (transcript only)

87. Merrit Roe Smith, Metcalfe Professor of History at MIT, Franklin lecturer, 16-17 November 1989

88. "Apparel Industry: Education and Training Needs for the 1990s," Acc. 90-27, 23-24 January 1990 (4 tapes, schedule, conference report)

89. Onnie Lee Logan, author of Motherwit: The Story of an Alabama Midwife, talk and reception, Pebble Hill, 5 March 1990

90. James Trefil, George Mason University, Franklin lecture re: "The Role of Science in Cultural Literacy," (transcript, no tape)

91. John W. Kuykendall, "In Media Res? So What: The Place of the Liberal Arts in the University," 29 January 1990 (transcript, no tape)

92. Dr. Molefi Asante re: "The Afrocentric Idea." Transferred from WEGL tape, February 1990

93. Kathryn Thornton ’74, Astronaut, Discovery STS-33 flight, 28 September 1990

94. Jan N. Gretund re: Southern literature, Pebble Hill, October 1990

95. Gilbert Fite, agricultural historian, 29-30 October 1987

96. Mark & Delia Owens, Franklin lecturers, 25 October 1988

97. Hurston family, July 1994

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1. Press conference announcing Martin’s appointment as Auburn’s 14th president, 9 January 1984

2. First address to general faculty at annual spring meeting, 17 April 1984

3. Inauguration, AU Coliseum, 27 April 1984

4. Informal press conference with President & Mrs. Martin, 19 March 1984

5. Address to general faculty meeting, 16 October 1984

6. Address to general faculty meeting, 16 October 1984

7. General faculty meeting (Ben Fitzpatrick), 18 April 1989

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1. Major Emmett P. Smith, 3 April 1964 (transcript)

2. Colonel Everette Jackson; Private John W. Young (transcript); Private Irving C. Jones

From RG 835: 3 @ 7" tapes; Brig. Gen. Robert D. Knapp

3. Tape 1 – Beisert and Newton, 1 February 1967 (cassette copies available)

4. Tape 2 – Beisert and Newton, 24 September 1968 (cassette copies available)

5 .Harold B. Grow interviewed by Bob Taunton re: El Oncenio de Legula and Captain Grow’s experiences in Peru from 1924 to 1930, 5 September 1971

6. Adm. T. Moorer – CNO, side 1 - press conference, side 2 – address, 3 June 1968 (recorded by Radio and Television Service, AU)

7. Cassette of Knapp interviewed by Williamson (Tape 3, 1982)

?? Cassette of interview with George A. Wright re: Gen. Robert Knapp, January 1991

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1. Mrs. John W. Bradshaw, Address and Interview re: Alabama Creek Indians

2. A Yankee in Dixie, #1 and #2

3 .A Yankee in Dixie, #7 and #8

4. UN Security Council meeting 1382 re: Syria; General Assembly, 4th Committee 1862 re: Chair

5. Tribute to Martin Luther King, 8 April 1968
Carl Sanders re: Greek Forum, 10 April 1968 (have a duplicate copy of Carl Sanders, Side II)

6. J.I. Clark at Rotary Club re: City Beautification, 13 June 1968;  Bill Guerin at Rotary Club re: Campus Planning, 6 June 1968

7. Bill Moyers re: "The World Today," 4 December 1967

8. Dr. Ralph B. Draughon Interview

9. Sander Vanocur re: 1968 Presidential campaign, 3 October 1968

10. Buckminster Fuller, Franklin Lecturer, 30 October 1968

11. Baroness Maria Von Trapp, Mortar Board Convocation speech, 18 November 1968

12. William Sloan Coffin speech, 7 February 1969 (1 cassette, 1 reel-to-reel; tape ends side 1 – side 2 blank)

13. Dr. Frank Abernathy, Phi Alpha Theta lecturer, 13 November 1969

14. University Relations production for radio. ACOIA excerpts, "The Urban Crisis." Dr. Robert Wood, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary; Senator Abraham Ribcoff former HEW Secretary; James J. Kilpatrick, conservative journalist; Robert Goralski, NBC Washington correspondent; Peter Jarvis, AU Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, 1969

15. Buckminster Fuller, Franklin Lecturer, 29-30 October 1968 (tapes 1-3)

16. Braswell and Campbell Interview, 24 January 1969

17. John Moore, Apollo Test Mgr., 27 January 1969

18. Dr. Ernest Stone, Mobile news conference re: education, 4 March 1969

19. ETV, gun control debate, August 1968

20. Dr. Ben T. Gilmer lecture, 14 November 1968

21. Educational Study Commission TV specials, 10-11 December 1968

22. Educational Study Commission hearings, Montgomery, 7-8 November 1968 (tapes 1-4)

23. "This Day" series, month of May

24. Walter J. Hickel, former Interior Secretary, Kelley Mosley Environmental Lecturer, 5th Earth Day, 22 April 1975

25. Dr. Lewis Hanke, Professor of U. of MA, Phi Alpha Theta lecturer re: "All Mankind is One: Spanish Plans for the Christianization of the American Indians," 8 April 1976

26. Environmental Conference, 30 September 2-October 1970
Gov. Albert Brewer, luncheon speaker, 1 October 1970

27. Alan Levin, Media Projects Office of EPA, Alabama Environmental Conference luncheon speaker, October 1971

28. Alabama Environmental Conference, Professor Fred Hudson; Attorney General Bill Baxley; "Red" Bamberg, Director, Alabama Development Office; Senator John Sparkman, 6 October 1971

29. Dr. Felix Robb, Director Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, convocation honoring Dean of Faculties Michael C. Huntley speech, 27 May 1968 (side 2 is duplicate of 19)

30. Ken Mattingly, Greek Forum, 2 March 1971

31. Russell Kirk lecture, 10 March 1971

32. Greek Forum 1967. Cecil Bauer re: US fraternity system, 28 March 1967; William R. Hauser re: fraternities’ relationship to the college, 29 March 1967; William Tate, U of GA Dean of Men, re: Changes on Modern College Campuses, 29 March 1967, and Changes in Modern College Campuses and Role of Student Union

33. Religious Affairs Conference 1967. 9 April: Dr. George Butterick re: Scientific Depersonalization of Man; 10 April: Dr. John Killinger re: "Getting Out of the Well of Loneliness;" Dr. Wesley A. Kuhrt re: "God, Science, and Technology;" 11 April: Dr. Walter R. Courtney re: "Ways of Becoming Acceptable"

34. Religious Affairs Conference 1967 (cont.) April 11: Father Thomas M. Pucelik re: "Man at the Crossroad;" Dr. Charles M. Priestwood, Jr., re: summary.

35. Art Linkletter, interview, n.d.

38. Kim Davis, interviewed by Johnny Matthews on the afternoon after she was kidnapped at Draper Prison, 19 May 1972

39. Dr. Edward C. Graf re: his theory of evolution and other theories, 21 February 1967

40. Dr. Wellborn re: "The New Morality," n.d.

43. Auburn vs. Alabama football game replay, 8 min. into 2nd quarter through 1st half, November 1969

44. Auburn vs. Alabama football game replay, just before end of 3rd quarter to about 4 min. before game’s end, November 1969

45. Religious Emphasis Week, 1964

47. Dr. Linus Pauling re: "Science, Morality, and World Peace," 11 November 1969

48. Eugene Patterson, Atlanta Newspaper editor, re: his trip to Southeast Asia and Vietnam War, 5 May 1965

49. AAUP, 2nd panel discussion on tenure & promotion, 17 March 1973

50. AAUP panel discussion re: "Collective Bargaining in Higher Education." Panelists: Dr. Harry Philpott, SGA president Ed Milton, Economics Professor. Dr. Truly Kincey, Business Associate Dean Dr. Ellsworth Steele, Arts and Sciences Assoc. Dean Dr. Leslie Campbell, AU AAUP chapter president Dr. Wesley P. Newton, 16 January 1974

51. David Housel, interviewed by Jan Van deMark re: his book on Auburn football, Saturdays to Remember, October 1973

52. WEGL program, "Year in Review," 1972-73

53. "The Year That Was, 1972," re: Auburn football with emphasis o Alabama game

54. L.O. Brackeen, speech to Birmingham Industrial Editors re: public relations for industry and API, 1959

55. Current Events Nos. 3,18, 24, 23, and 20

56. Current Events Nos. 7, 6, 5, 4, 1, and 2

57. Current Events Nos. 19, 15, 8, 9, and 10

58. Current Events Nos. 30, 31, 32, 30, 17, 13, 16, and 14.

59. Current Events No. 26

63. Dr. Samuel Sandmel, Professor of Bible & Hellenistic Lit. at Hebrew College, Cincinnati, Ohio, Religious Affairs speaker re: "Judaism and Christianity: Overlap and Differences," 5 May 1975

67. John Middleton, LBJ Library Director, re: domestic affairs and foreign policy, concentrating on foreign affairs, Vietnam, and the American scene, May 1977

68. Blue Bonnett News, Johnny Matthews reporting re: Governor Albert Brewer, President Harry M. Philpott, and Athletic Director Jeff Beard, 17 December 1969

69. Five taped radio advertisements for the Tennessee Valley Bicentennial South Caravan: "Little Girl," "Old South," "Time Tunnell," "History and Spirit," "Local Information" from the Auburn Bicentennial Committee Collection, RG #463

70. Executive Vice President Dr. Rex Rainer, speech to School of Arts and Sciences faculty, 30 September 1980

71. Husselback and Parks re: Asbestos at Auburn, 11 January 1983

72 .Kribel and Glasser briefing re: nuclear fusion, 13 January 1983

73. Lewis, Funderburk and Rouse, media briefing re: Task Force Report to Governor Wallace regarding state development and recovery, 27 January 1983

74. Dr. Lynn Weaver, Dean of Engineering, news briefing re: School of Engineering’s programs and problems, 15 February 1983

75. 100th Anniversary History of Agricultural Experiment Station, 16 February 1983

76. Student Activities Building Dedication, 28 April 1984

77. AAUP meeting, discussion re: "AU Faculty: Second-Class Citizens?" role of AU professors in politics, 19 November 1975

78. Society of Alabama Archivists, conferences re: access to public records. Panel: M. Roland Nachman, Jr., Chair; Hollinger F. Bernard; Jane E. Kirtley; James Rowell; Edwin C. Bridges; Dennis R. Bailey; Philip C. Davis; Rod Benton; John Rochester; Mike Ryland and William B. Keller

79. Arthur Lee Hill, Sr., interviewed by Anne W. Amacher, 9 November 1996,  Re: 37 years service with the ACES

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1. Edison Recordings – ca early & mid-1920s

2. Edison Recordings – ca early & mid-1920s

3. The Auburn Knights play selections from the album "Happy," 1960

4. New Auburn Knights spring concert, 2 May 1962

5. Christmas music performed the University Symphony Orchestra

6a. I Capital Production Music Series, May 1969

7. Theme music by Auburn Knights, 2 May 1967

8. Auburn University Festival of Christmas featuring the Auburn University Singers, Jazz Ensemble, and Concert Choir, Dr. Thomas R. Smith, director

9. Auburn University Festival of Christmas featuring the Auburn University Singers, Concert Choir, and Orchestra

10. Delta Kappa Gamma Society Autumn Music Festival, 1966

11. Auburn Knights, Markham Roof, Summer 1935. Taped from recording.

12. Auburn Knights, Menc-Atlanta, jam session with James Moody, Urbie Green & Carol Kaye, 10 March 1972

13. Auburn Knights, "Happy"; "Hallelujah, I Just Lover Her So"; "The Tender Trap"; "Little Girl Blue"; "Too Close for Comfort", 1956

14. Auburn Knights, "Castle Rock"; "Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe"; "Court’s Carol"; "Misty"; "You’re the Cream in My Coffee", 1957

15. 1933 Auburn Knights, 6 August 1977

16. 1948-49 Auburn Knights, 6 August 1977

17. Alumni Band, Auburn Knights, 6 August 1977. Tape 1

18. Alumni Band, Auburn Knights, 6 August 1977. Tape 2

19a-b. Auburn Knights, taped broadcast, WAUD radio, Spring quarter, 1951

20. 1933 Auburn Knights, 6 August 1977

21. 1978-79 Auburn Knights, Annual reunion, Auburn, 3 August 1974

22. Festival of Christmas, 1988

23. New Orleans’ Sweet Emma and her Preservation Hall Jazz Band, 1964 (Record Album)

24. "Sacred Harp Singers." Auburn, AL: Radio & Television Service, University Relations, Auburn University, 1968 (7" reel)

25. Sounds of Auburn. Side 1. Auburn University Band: Tiger Rag/Marche Lorraine/Glory to Ole Auburn/British Eighth March/Samford Tower/Pressessemo Galop/Auburn Alma Mater/The White Rose March/America the Beautiful/The Star Spangled Banner
Side 2. Auburn University Concert Choir: The Star Spangled Banner/Auburn Alma Mater/America the Beautiful/Sing and Rejoice/Ain’t Got Time to Die/Ride on King Jesus/Battle Hymn of the Republic

26. "Smokey Bear" in the Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention Campaign, sponsored by the State Foresters and Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture. Twenty-six different recordings (record albums)

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1. Auburn Chapter of AAUP, 19 October 1965

2. General Faculty Meeting, 26 October 1965

3. School of Science and Literature, 27 October 1965

4. "The Future of the Land-Grant University," Downtown Birmingham Rotary Club, 3 November 1965
Phi Kappa Society, 23 November 1965
Dr. Charles Simmons, 1 December 1965

5 .Phi Kappa Society, 23 November 1965
Faculty Club, 2 February 1966

6. Society of Sigma Xi, 21 April 1966

8. General Faculty Meeting, 26 April 1966

9. General Faculty Meeting, 25 October 1966

10. AIA

11. Jim Allen, Honorable Albert Brewer, Dr. Frank A. Rose, Birmingham Banquet

12. Harry Philpott, Birmingham Banquet (cont.)

12a. Birmingham Press Conference

12b. Birmingham Press Conference (cont.)

13. Dr. Austin Meadows, Harry Philpott, Huntsville Banquet

14. Dr. Frank A. Rose, Huntsville Banquet (cont.)

15. AEA Delegates in Montgomery

16. Speech to ACPT, Birmingham, 25 April 1968

17. Interview for WTVM and Wallace Whatley bit for WTVM, 28 May 1968
Dr. Felix Robb, lecture for Dean M.C. Huntley, 27 May 1968

18. Address to Boy’s State, 6 June 1965

19. General Faculty Meeting, 22 October 1968

20. General Faculty Meeting, 28 October 1969

21. Philpott, Rose, Brewer, Wegener for ETV

22. AISME, Birmingham, 16 January 1969 (tapes 1 & 2)

23. Philpott, Rose, Stone, Mobile News Conference on Education, 4 March 1969

24. Philpott, Rose, Stone, Montgomery News Conference on Education, 6 March 1969

25. Speech to faculty, 10 February 1969

26. Education Conference, n.d.

27. Decatur Banquet, 18 February 1969 (tapes 1 & 2)

28. Education Study Commission, Birmingham Banquest, ca. 1968

29. General Faculty Meeting, 22 September 1970

30. Answering questions in Samford Park, 21 May 1970

31. Answering questions in Samford Park, 22 October 1970

32. Answering questions in Samford Park, 6 May 1971 (3 reels)

33 University of Alabama Commencement, Spring 1970

34. Pharmacy Awards Banquet, 4 May 1971

35. 1. "The Role of the University in Changing Society," Religious Affairs Conference, April 1967
2. Address to Sigma Xi, n.d.
3. Interview conducted by Wendell Harris and Bob Jones of WAPI TV, Birmingham, July 1971
4. Sigma Delta Chi meeting, Birmingham, 9 September 1971

36. WEGL interviews, 15 May 1972

37. Answering questions in Samford Park, 27 May 1972 (2 reels)

38. General faculty meeting, 26 October 1971

39. Answering questions in Samford Park, 31 October 1972

40. "Auburn University and Your Academic Responsibilities," Freshman Convocation Fall 1969

41. Freshman Convocation, Fall 1965

42. Rap session with students chosen by SGA senators, President’s Office, 12 March 1975

43. General faculty meeting, 18 October 1977

44. WEGL interview by Dan Griffin and telephone question and answer series, 21 October 1977

45. "The Core Curriculum in Perspective," faculty panel discussion, General Studies at Auburn conference, 11 May 1978

46. General faculty meeting, 18 October 1978

47. Faculty meeting, Philpott’s last address to faculty, Sen. Robert Harris, Chairman, Board of Trustees, re: search process, 16 October 1979

48. Sound track and slide show by Philpott, 1974

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1. Dr. Paul S. Haley, Board of Trustees, interviewed by Carolyn J. Dixon, 13 December 1966 (transcript, tape missing)

2 .Wilbur Hall Hutsell, Prof. Emeritus, Athletics Dept., interviewed by Ralph B. Draughon and Carolyn J. Dixon, 19 June 1968 (tape is blank)

3. Miss Leland Cooper and Miss Berta Dunn, interviewed by Ralph B. Draughon and Carolyn J. Dixon, 28 March 1968

4. P.O. Davis, interviewed by Carolyn J. Dixon, 28 March 1968

5. Ralph C. Williams re: health care field, May 1970 (typescript)

6. Fred Allison, Prof. Emeritus, Physics Dept., interviewed by Carolyn J. Dixon, Gordon Hughes and Howard Carr (Physics Dept.) (2 reels)

1st Interview, 23 September 1969 (transcript)
2nd Interview, 30 September 1969
3rd Interview, 15 October 1969

7. Bessie Emeric ’04, Sec. To Dean of Vet. Med., 1935-58, interviewed by Wilford S. Bailey and Allen W. Jones, 15 October 1974

8 .Bette Wegener, Auburn Chamber of Commerce Manager, interviewed by Mary Ann Buffington and Larry Quattrochi, 28 January 1977

9. Mr. Marion C. Boner, Director, Coleman Library, LaGrange, GA, interviewed by Joy Krause re: History of Marion Institute, 25 February 1977 (transcript)

10. Ramph Hammond interviewed by Donathon C. Olliff re: William Spratling

11. Caroline Draughon and Grace Jones re: Draughon family, Auburn University and town of Auburn (transcript)

12. Jane L. Katz and Sarah Caloot Pierce interviewed 22 October 1977 and Lois D. Goodwyn interviewed 29 October 1977 by Mary E. Miller, all former League of Women Voters Presidents

13. Phyllis E. Rea, former League of Women Voters President, interviewed by Mary E. Miller, 8 November 1977

14. Mary Brown, daughter of Lee County black tenant farmers, interviewed 22 February 1978

15. Miss Leland Cooper interviewed by Brenda Matson re: Dr. George Petrie and early Auburn, 14 March 1978

16. Arthur W. Nelson, Jr., Vice President Industry Affairs, Champion International Corporation, interviewed by Warren Flick, Forestry Dept. and Wayne Flynt, History Dept., 8 November 1978, 29 November 1968, and 5 December 1978

17. Dr. B.N. Lauderdale ‘17 interviewed by Bill Sumners, Agee Wiggins & C.C. Christenberry, Vet. Med., re: Lauderdale’s career as vet. Med. Student, 1914-17 at API, 9 February 1979

18. Jim Motley and Bill Porteous, 1930s Auburn Knights members, re: experiences on 1930s Gulf Coast, 28 July 1979

19. Jacie Lee Esslinger ‘08 interviewed by Bill Sumners re: student days at API, 12 November 1979

20. Woodrow and Bob Darling, 1930s Auburn Knights members, interviewed by Allen W. Jones, 8 August 1981

21. J.C. Bullington, ACES agent, 1939-62 and district agent, 1962-77, interviewed by Jack Smith, 4 February and 9 February 1982

22. W. Kelly Mosley interviewed by Allen W. Jones re: his student days at Auburn, 1920-24, 11 May 1983 (transcript) and re: William Spratling, 21 July 1983

23. William G. Gilchrist, Jr., ’28 interviewed by Allen W. Jones re: "Double Dozen," group of 24 students who organized to force ouster of API President Spright Dowell, 22 October 1983 (No transcript, but brief summary. See: Knapp, Duncan, Dowell files.)

24. Philip Gilchrist ’36, AU football manager 1932-36, interviewed by Allen W. Jones re: AU athletics and Auburn during Depression, 4 November 1983

25. Bill Lee, head cheerleader 1937, re: student days at Auburn

26-27. Added to McLemore; 90-30, Box 2 @23-A-2

28. Florida Segrest interviewed by Hilton E. Hanna re: Macon County history and Segrest family. Interview part of project on "Unsung Heroes of Tuskegee" (transcript)

29. Vet School, History of: Interview of Drs. Vaughan, Bailey, Beard, and Morgan on August 21, 1995. Audio and Video tapes.

30. Judith Hillman Paterson speaks about her book, Sweet Mystery, a book of remembering at Pebble Hill. See Paterson, Misc. Coll. III.

31. Judith Hillman Paterson speaks about her book, Sweet Mystery, a book of remembering at Behind The Glass. See Paterson, Misc. Coll. III

32. Oral history interview with Dr. William H. Highfill, former dean and director of the RBD Libraries. (Recorded 1-19-96). Tape and transcript.

33. Oral history interview of Mrs. Ruth Waldrup about the history of Alabama Library Association at the time an executive office was formed. (Gift agreement).

34. Oral history interview with Mrs. Carrie Robinson about her professional experiences as a librarian in Alabama. (No gift agreement).

35. Morris Dees: Alabama’s Role in Civil Rights History. Speech made on 20 January 1992 (Auburn University’s First Observance of the Martin Luther King Holiday). Introduction by Dr. J. Wayne Flynt, 2 audiocassette tapes

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SBP #1 – Program 1: Income Tax and Investments – Dr. Ed Kern and Dr. Robert Criss
Program 2: Collecting Accounts Receivable – Dr. Kern and Prof. W.H. Allen, Jr.
Program 3: Business Deductions – Kern and Criss
Program 4: Tax Deadlines and Penalties – Dr. Kern and Dr. Criss

SBP #2 – Program 1: Pricing Decisions in Small Business – Dr. Ed Kern and Jim Yeaman, Radio and TV Director, Dept. of University Relations
Program 2: Measuring the Results of Advertising – Dr. Ed Kern and Jim Yeaman
Program 3: Stimulating Impulse Buying for Increased Sales – Dr. Ed Kern and Jim Yeaman
Program 4: Are Your Sales People Missing Opportunities, Part I – Dr. Ed Kern and Jim Yeaman

SBP #3 – Program 1: Record Keeping for Tax Purposes – Dr. Ed Kern and Dr. Robert Criss
Program 2: Freight Loss, Damage, and Overcharge Claims – Dr. Ed Kern and Dr. William D. Clark
Program 3: Concealed Damage Claims – Dr. Kern and Dr. Clark
Program 4: Visible Loss and Damage Claims – Dr. Kern and Dr. Clark

SBP #4 – Program 1: Are Your Sales People Missing Opportunities, Part II – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Ed Kern
Program 2: Analyze Your Records to Reduce Costs – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Kern
Program 3 &4: Reducing Shoplifting Losses, Part I & II – Dr. Ed Kern, Ted Little

SBP #5 – Program 1: Keeping Score with Effective Records, Part II – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Ed Kern
Program 2 & 3: Customers: A Neglected Sales Force, Part I & II – Dr. Kern and Dr. Bill Henley

SBP #6 – Program 1: Partnerships and Corporations – Dr. Ed Kern and Dr. William Allen, Jr.
Program 2 &3: Investments, Part I & II – Dr. Kern and Dr. Malcolm Henderson

SBP #7 – Program 1&2: Knowing Your Store’s Image, Part I & II – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Ed Kern
Program 3: Are You Kidding Yourself About Profits, Part I – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Kern

SBP #8 – Program 1: Investments, Part III – Dr. Ed Kern and Dr. Malcolm Henderson
Program 2: Changing Social Patterns and Their Effect on the Small Businessman – Dr. Kern and C.W. Hardwick
Program 3: A Continuing Education Program for Small Business – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Kern

SBP #9 – Program 1: Can You Afford Installment Selling? – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Ed Kern
Program 2: Electronic Record-Keeping for Small Marketers – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Kern
Program 3 &4: Keeping Score with Effective Records, Part I & II – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Kern

SBP #10-Program 1: Small Business Project of Talladega County (n.d.) – A part of AU’s Small Business Project, Jim Yeaman interviews the head of the Talladega County Project

SBP #11-Program 1: Records a merchant should keep for tax purposes – Prof. Bob Criss and Jim Yeaman
Program 2: Creative Thinking in a Common Sense Approach – Jim Yeaman and Dr. Ed Kern, Professor of Economics and Business Administration

SBP #12 Small Business Administration report of activities in the Pell City office from October 8 to October 18, 1967. Speaker unknown.

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1. Concert Choir, Bach contact, 5 December 1967

2. War Eagle Week spots, 1965

3. War Eagle Week, others – Hugh Williams Interview, Jay Brumfield Interview

4. Wreck Tech, 1968 (2 reels)

5. Bama Pep Rally, 1964

6. Bama Pep Rally, 1968 (2 reels)

7. Bama Pep Rally, 1969

8. War Eagle – Tide Week. Includes interview with Dr. Philpott of Auburn and Dr. Frank Rose of the University of Alabama re: relationship between AU and UA, 1967

9. War Eagle spots, 1966

10. Auburn University Homecoming Special. Includes: AU Marching Band, the Auburn Knights & comments by Ralph "Shug" Jordan, 8 November 1967

11. WEGL interview with Terry Beasley & Dick Smaltz the week before the 1971 Auburn-Georgia game played 13 November 1971

12. API’s Beat Bama Pep Rally, followed by Alabama’s Beat Auburn Pep Rally, 1948 (1st meeting in 41 years, recorded from 2 records made by WAPI, Birmingham)

13. Step Sing, Part 1 of 2. Kappa Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Gamma Delta, Kappa Alpha, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa Tau, Chi Omega, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Alpha Chi Omega, 15 February 1968

14. Step Sing, Part 2 of 2, 15 February 1968

15. Step Sing. Alpha Gamma Pi, Phi Mu, Alpha Gamma Delta, Chi Omega, Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1967

16. Step Sing. Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Delta Phi, Delta Delta Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Delta, Delta Zeta, Kappa Alpha Theta, 1967

17. Step Sing. Sigma Nu, Sigma Pi, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Kappa Alpha, 1967

18. Perspective ’73. Dave Schiere, Entertainment Committee Chairman, Jim Bailey, AU Plainsman, Chris Carter, Program Director WEGL, discuss AU Concerts (Process Red Tape, Problems), 22 January 1973

19. Insights, Press Forum with Jerry Batts and Jimmy Blake, candidates for SGA President, 1972

20. Black Heritage Week, Johnny L. Ford, Tuskegee’s 1st black mayor, and A.J. (Jay) Cooper, Pritchard’s (AL) 1st black mayor, Langdon Hall, 13 February 1974

21. Black Heritage Week, Cong. Lewis Stokes, Cleveland, OH, 1st black elected to Congress from Ohio, 13 February 1975

22. Model United Nations Conference. William T. Bennet, Jr., of Georgia, Deputy U.S. Rep. To United Nations, 7 February 1975

23. AU Board of Trustees meeting with students, Pharmacy Auditorium, 28 January 1978

24. Rap session between Students & Board of Trustees, Part 1, 16 November 1974

24a. Part 2

25. Beat Bama Pep Rally, co-captain Benny Sivley and Coach Shug Jordan, Student Activities Building, ca. 1972

26. Coalition of Auburn University Students for Education (CAUSE) President-Faculty debate, taped by WEGL, 11 February 1983 (2 tapes)

27. Barry Mask press conference announcing formation of Auburn Students for a Greater Auburn (ASGAU), 14 February 1983

28. AU Marching Band, 1983 season

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