RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 116-7
Image Title: Auburn as seen from the WAPI towers southwest of town
Photo Date: 1928
Full Caption:
Two 200-foot towers of Radio Station WAPI stood in 1928 in an area south of what is now the Samford Avenue-Donahue Drive intersection.  Leonard B. Thomas, a student, climbed one of the towers to take the pictures seen here.  Three of the pictures have been put together to form the top panel and two to form the bottom panel.  To the left in the upper picture is Drake Field, the varsity football field then and located approximately where the upper Haley Center parking lot is today.  The gully at left in the late 1930s became the site of Jordan-Hare Stadium.  ROTC horses were stabled in the two buildings running north-south at lower left near where the Sports Arena is now.  Perpendicular to the stables was the long shed housing field artillery pieces, caissons, and trucks.  John C. Ball, Jr., retired assistant AU purchasing agent, recalled spending "many a night wrapped in a horse blanket" inside the little building in front of the gun shed.  He slept there when his father, an Army sergeant with the ROTC detachment, had guard duty.  The white sand road extended from the gun shed to Thach Avenue near Alumni Gym and the President's Mansion.  Samford Hall is shown directly in front of the water tank that stood behind Toomer Drugstore.  Bullard Field, in the middle of the picture, was the site for years of ROTC drill and parades, polo matches and intramural football and softball.  To the right of Bullard are the Theta Chi and Sigma Nu houses.  Shown directly behind the Sigma Nu house, but actually several blocks away is the Presbyterian Church.  At right stands Comer Hall, with greenhouses and other agriculture buildings nearby. -- Photos: Leonard W. Thomas and H.C. Morgan, Jr.

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