RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 141
Image Title: Ag grads buy Fords
Photo Date: 1939
Full Caption:
These eleven agriculture students bought identical 1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedans for $700 each when they graduated from API.  Salesman Joseph B. Sarver, Jr., later executive secretary of the Auburn Alumni Association for more than 25 years, arranged for delivery at Atlanta Ford plant as soon as they buyers had jobs with which to make the payments.  When he sold the cars, Sarver was working for Anderson Blackburn, who in about 1930 began managing Auburn's first Ford agency.  Sam Teague, later an Auburn city councilman, also worked briefly as a salesman for Blackburn.  Blackburn was called "coach" by the football players, and he let them borrow used and demonstrator cars for dates in the 1930s. -- Photo:  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sarver

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