RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 145
Image Title: Construction of Farm Pond One
Photo Date: ca. 1930
Full Caption:
Auburn's internationally known fisheries began with Farm Pond One in the early 1930s.  Leslie Wright's workers and mule teams built the dam for the 1.8-acre pond north of the swine production unit off Shug Jordan Parkway (old-bypass road) at the Bull Test Station.  The pond was stocked with bullhead catfish, bluegill bream, shell crackers, and red-eye bass.  When the pond was drained after one year, 293 pounds of fish and 2,225 pounds of tadpoles were collected.  To reduce the tadpole population, the pond was restocked partly with large-mouthed bass.  Dr. Homer Swingle led the Auburn fisheries program to international stature before his death in 1973.  He remarked that in the thirties he simply was trying to find a good place to fish.  Under the leadership of Swingle's successor, Dr. Wayne Shell, professors did further research helpful in feeding the hungry in other nations and in developing farm ponds in Alabama.  By 1996, Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures had 317 ponds, with thirty research projects ranging from worldwide tilapia to Alabama catfish. -- Photo: Mrs. Homer S. Swingle

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