RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 148
Image Title: "Shug" Jordan as a freshman center
Photo Date: 1930
Full Caption:
Ralph Jordan was a steady center as a junior in 1930, when this picture was taken.  The next year he played sixty minutes in Auburn's first football victory over Georgia Tech in twelve seasons.  He also led the basketball team that reached the semifinals of the conference tournament, then hit a home run and pitched in the baseball championship victory over Florida.  Neil O. Davis was a freshman in 1931 when Jordan was a senior.  Nearly fifty years later, after Jordan's death, Davis recalled in the Auburn Bulletin:  "My freshman view of the campus 'wheel' saw him as a football-basketball-baseball hero who, despite his 'star' status, had the common touch.  He was a warm, friendly fellow who hadn't let prominence in athletics and election to major campus honor societies go to his head."  Davis ended: "Shug Jordan was Auburn through and through.  He loved the place.  He never lost that touch of friendliness that attracted to him so many died-in-the-wool, loyal friends.  He hated to lose.  But he was a gracious winner.  In victory and defeat he maintained his equilibrium.  That is hard to do in these days of pressure-packed, big-time football.  Auburn will miss him." -- Photo: AU Special Collections

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