RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 190-1
Image Title: Funeral for L. N. Duncan
Photo Date: 1947
Full Caption:
API President L.N. Duncan's funeral took place in July 1947 in a pine-shaded amphitheater that had been part of a dream come true in his lifetime.  As Extension Service director, he had wanted to build a camp site for farmers and 4-H youths among the beautiful trees southwest of Duncan Hall.  As college president in 1935, he saw twenty-five cottages built there with Public Works money.  The Graves Amphitheatre, named for Governor Bibb Graves, five additional cottages, and a dining hall that doubled as an auditorium were built later.  Through the years not only farm and 4-H conferences, but other events ranging from plays and pep rallies to community church services were held there.  Eventually, athletes were housed and fed in Graves Centre until the completion of the athletic dormitory, Sewell Hall, in 1962.  Most of the cottages and the dining hall had been removed for the Physical Science Center and the new architecture building.  The last three cottages were removed in the 1990s.  The amphitheatre became a part of the Fine Arts complex. -- Photo: AU Archives

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