Photographs from
Mickey Logue and Jack Simms, 
Auburn: The Loveliest Village Collection, RG 798

Selected images and captions from Mickey Logue and Jack Simms, Auburn: A Pictorial History of  The Loveliest Village, 2nd edition (Auburn, Ala.:  s.n., 1996), that illustrate the history of the city and campus.

Copies of Auburn:  A Pictorial History of the Loveliest Village can be purchased from your local bookstore or by writing to Auburn Picotrial History, P.O. Box 1891, Auburn, Alabama 36831-1891

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Percy Beard, Track star, 1929-30

First car registered on campus, 1938

"War Eagle Special," 1939

Horse-drawn artillery at API, 1930s

Identical 1939 Ford sedans bought by Ag grads.

"The Bottle," an Auburn Landmark, 1924

Construction of Farm Pond One, ca. 1930

API Marching Band, 1933

College physician, B.F. Thomas, Sr., ca. 1930s

"Shug" Jordan as a freshman center, 1930

Post-game celebration at Toomer's Corner, 1938

API's polo team, a national powerhouse in the 1930s

Greater Auburn Day signalled by API Pres. L.N. Duncan, 1939

Beaux Arts Ball, 1939

Graduation, 1939

FDR visits API, 1937

Drill is dismissed on Bullard Field, 1940

Men's basketball, 1941

Benson's Drug Store, a downtown hangout, 1940

Pep Rally on College St., 1940

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