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Library Appeals

Depending upon which library the item was checked out at, you should discuss disputed overdue fines and fees during regular business hours with the Head of Circulation (RBD), the Head of the Library for Architecture, Design and Construction (LADC), or the Head of the Cary Veterinary Medical Library.  If the matter is not resolved with the appropriate head of the library, you may request that the Library Appeals Committee (LAC) consider your dispute. You must send a written appeal to the committee chair within fifteen days of the final discussion with the appropriate unit head as noted above.  Information concerning the appeals process can be obtained from the 1st floor circulation desk at the RBD Library and the branch libraries.

Because of the conflicting schedules of the Library Appeals Committee and the Bursar's Office, you may be required to pay the disputed charges.  If the LAC decides in your favor, then you will receive a refund.  The decision of the Library Appeals Committee is final. The committee chairperson will send you written notification of the committee's decision.

Last updated: 08/12/2019