This Is Auburn Auburn University Libraries Discard Policy

Discard Policy

Decisions to discard specific items, like decisions to acquire new titles for the collection, are made within the context of the Library's collection development policy. Materials identified for discard are first offered to interested faculty members, given to other libraries, or in some other ways applied to the university's benefit. Often discarded materials are so deteriorated or otherwise useless that disposal by any of the above means is not possible; such materials are taken by a paper recycling company.

Weeding/Discard Procedures

1. General decisions about categories of material to be considered as discards are made by the collection managers with the Assistant Dean of Collection Development. The present categories include a) superseded reference materials with no historical value, b) duplicate copies of little-used materials, c) index and abstract sources that have been duplicated, and d) deteriorated, mildewed, or other unreadable or unusable materials. Other categories may be added by consensus of the collection managers.

2. Material should be recommended for discard by the collection manager responsible for the relevant subject area; these librarians are aware of the level of collecting in their subject areas and the research interests of their faculty. In the case of potential material for discarding that is not in one of the agreed-upon categories or about which the collection manager is uncertain, contact with appropriate faculty members or academic departments should be the means used to resolve any questions.

3. Collection managers will send their recommendations to discard to the Assistant Dean for Collection Development, who will convey recommended volumes to the appropriate library staff for processing. If there are cases where the collection manager prefers to convey materials directly to processing personnel, the consent of the Assistant Dean for Collection Development should first be obtained.

4. If faculty members disagree with specific discard decisions, the Assistant Dean for Collection Development will consider those disagreements. The librarian who recommended discarding the disputed item will not be identified without his or her consent.

Last updated: 11/08/2018