This project was completed in partnership with Auburn University, the USFS Southern Region, and USFS Enterprise Program.

Rachel Kline of the Enterprise Program Heritage Service Line (HSL) served as the Region 8 Oral History project manager. The Enterprise Program HSL specializes in cultural resources management and Forest Service history. Enterprise HSL provides services to national forests and other land-managing agencies throughout the United States to assist with their compliance obligations under §§ 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act, provide support for heritage tasks, and enhance their history programs. Visit the Enterprise Program website to learn more: https://www.fs.fed.us/enterprise/service-lines/heritage.php

Aaron Shapiro’s Introduction to Public History course was offered in Autumn 2012. Students worked in four groups throughout the semester on the Region 8 Oral History project as part of a class assignment. The students conducted 12 interviews, transcribed the interviews, and collaboratively created public history projects to present their findings. The class included:

Class Photo

Robin Brown
Jamie Canavan
Ally Gonzalez
Clare Harp
Russell Howard
Yvette Jones
Nathan Ledbetter
Susan Moore
Jody Noll
Brad Peinhardt
Jordan Ray
Angelia Riveira (content developer for website)
Evan Roberts
Catherine Rodriguez
Justin Rudder
Daniel Williams

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USFS Enterprise Program and Auburn University would like to thank USFS Chief Historian Lincoln Bramwell and Region 8 Heritage Program Manager Melissa Twaroski for their assistance with this project. We would also like to thank the interviewees for their contribution to the USFS and Southern Region history.

For questions about the project or this website, please contact:

Rachel Kline
USDA Forest Service • Enterprise Program