Library Excellence Award Nomination Form

Has someone gone beyond the call of duty to help you? Have you observed someone excelling in her or his day-to-day duties? Has someone done something particularly noteworthy? There are many reasons to nominate someone for the Library Excellence Award.

So please take the time to fill out this simple nomination form with the person’s name and a brief description of why you are nominating her or him. You may do so anonymously.


Anyone—library employee or patron—may nominate anyone who meets the following requirements:

  • Any non-student, full-time or part-time Staff or A&P employee who works directly for the Libraries is eligible.
  • Employees of other units on campus are not eligible even if they work within the Libraries' buildings.
  • An employee must have been employed by the Libraries for at least 2 years to be eligible for the award.

These initial nominations will be archived by the Award Coordinator until fall semester, and from these initial nominations the Libraries' Deans will select several finalists for the award.

Thank you for your time and effort!

  • (NOTE: The more information you give, the better.)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.