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Establishing an Endowment

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Endowments supply the Auburn University Libraries with a source of income to purchase new materials and resources for years to come. Endowments can be applied towards student workers, librarians, graduate students and more. These gifts are extremely valuable to the Libraries and have the ability to make an enduring impact on our faculty and student body.

  • A Named Library Endowment can be any amount, starting at $25,000. It is a fund for excellence that is used in many capacities to help students. It can be used for expand collections in a specific subject area, such as Business or Engineering, or to purchase laptops and other supplies for student use.
  • A Named Endowed Professorship starts at $300,000 and allows us to attract and retain top faculty librarians from around the world.
  • A Named Endowed Graduate Fellowship sponsors a Graduate Fellow working in the library under faculty in a specific area of study. This fellowship is $200,000 for one year or $600,000 for a three year continuing fellowship.
  • A Named Endowed Graduate Assistantship sponsors a Graduate Assistant working in the Library under faculty in a specific area of study. This assistantship is $150,000 for one year or $450,000 for a three year continuing assistantship.
  • A Named Endowed Tuition Scholarship begins at $100,000 and pays for the tuition of one of our student workers in the Library, allowing us to support their studies.
  • Named Partial Scholarships begin at $25,000 and go towards the tuition of our student workers in the Library.


There are many different ways to set up an endowment to the Libraries. Please contact our development officer if you are interested in this flexible and lasting gift.


Margherita Ligorio
Development Officer

Last updated: 01/28/2020