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Leadership Fellows Program

Collage of Pictures of Leadership FellowsThe AUL Leadership Fellows Program aims to support the Auburn university's mission by actively promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at the libraries. This distinctive project recognizes the underrepresented students dire need of a mentor and opportunities for them to belong and gain practical, applicable experience in an academic setting.

The AUL faculty/staff will mentor the chosen Fellows with a special project. The Fellows will learn self-discipline, smart/ hard work, critical thinking, time management, teamwork, and leadership skills. The Fellow will be placed under a program at the Libraries, gaining direct experience with a special project by assisting their mentors.

Education, building self-confidence, and good working habits that concentrate on achieving a fulfilling career is the focus of this program. Students will be involved in projects that promote leadership and decision-making skills, teamwork, planning and timely executing skills and critical thinking skills that will promote self-confidence.

The Fellow will also be exposed with valuable information on how the library's service is an integral part of Auburn university and the unique ways one can make a difference working for it. The selected students will be exposed to the field of library and information science and introduced to a variety of other possibilities in libraries or other information organizations. Interested students will be guided with crucial resources to succeed in their career in becoming a librarian.

A student advisor will coordinate the project and be the point of contact. They will provide individual commitment and establish a personal connection with these selected students for them to succeed academically and professionally. Out of the total hours for a given semester the student advisor will be a backup in any case of the mentor's unavailability.

Program Objectives:

  • Strengthen the students' leadership and decision-making skills
  • Guide and nurture the students to gain specific project expertise
  • Provide opportunity to be part of special projects
  • Expose and provide the students with resources and information on current trends and issues in the LIS profession

Program Benefits:

  • Gain expertise through a specific library project with unique capabilities
  • Gain practical skills and specific expertise
  • Be competent to get specialist jobs on completion at the Libraries
  • Opportunity to pursue research project, publish and present

Selection Criteria:

  • AU undergraduate students, the students from under-represented populations are encouraged to apply.
  • 3.0 GPA or better
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and capable of independent work
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel skills
  • Must be able to multi-task, meet deadlines and maintain a high-level professionalism
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to learn

Length of Program
One-academic semester program with the option to extend

Fall 2021 Projects

AU SC&A oversees several exhibit spaces, both within the SC&A area andwithin RBD Library. These spaces are used to highlight collections held within the department and their relation to Auburn University, it’s mission, and the Auburn Family. Exhibits are designed to stay up for one semester. The effort of creating exhibits with SC&A involves researching focused topics, selecting materials to present a cohesive and engaging experience, and writing texts to accompany the materials in the exhibit. Outreach on exhibits is another area of work in exhibit planning that involves coordination with communications personnel and media. The undergraduate student selected for this project will select, design, and build two exhibits for AU Libraries.

During fall semester, they will create an exhibit for spring semester in Special Collections. In Spring semester, they will build upon their first semesters experience tocreate an exhibit for the large 1st Floor exhibit space (for the Summer and Fall Semesters).

Student Responsibilities

  • Select and Research an area of collecting strengths in AU SC&A (e.g. Architecture, Civil War, Aviation History, Alabama Authors, Auburn History, Agricultural and Rural Life in the South, Natural History)
  • Select materials from SC&A for a semester-long exhibit
  • Describe selected materials in the context of a public exhibit
  • Design a physical or online exhibit, including exhibit texts and materials
  • Build the exhibit and develop an outreach plan for campus and community

Skills to be Developed:

  • Archival and Special Collections research
  • Exhibit design and execution
  • Scholarly communication strategies
  • Outreach and media strategies

The Innovation and Research Commons (I&RC), located on the first floor of the RBD Library, features a visualization tool called the Liquid Galaxy. The Liquid Galaxy is a unique, large multimedia platform for graphics, web pages, panoramic images, video, audio, geospatial data, Google Street views, Unity gaming content, and more in a shared immersive environment. The primary purpose of this visualization tool is to offer an immersive experience in teaching and learning by way of in-person classes. Secondarily, the Libraries use it to feature student projects, promote resources for research and education, and work with researchers and educators to visualize data and information. Creating content for the Liquid Galaxy often involves preparing media items using creativity software such as Adobe Creative Cloud. Other tools include geospatial applications and video and audio editing applications. Content is then uploaded and organized using a proprietary content management system (CMS). The undergraduate student selected for this project will work closely with I&RC staff to develop and prepare content items and post them to the CMS. The student will learn established workflows for processing various content. This position will require on-the-job training.

Student Responsibilities

  • Learn the process of developing presentations for the Liquid Galaxy (LG)
  • Create and/or assist in the development of presentations.
  • Potentially work directly with AU Faculty on projects.
  • Meet with I&RC Chris M. and Jonah L. regularly to discuss work and ideas.

Skills to be Developed:

  • Digital literacy and visual communication technology.
  • Layout and design and possibly video editing experience.
  • Potential software experience in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, MS PowerPoint.
  • Communication, organization, and presentation skills.

The mission of the Auburn University Foundation is to generate increased philanthropic support for Auburn University. Directors, Officers and Coordinators within the Office of Development encourage and solicit private gifts that develop, support, and enhance Auburn’s educational interests and programs. The office of Development also works to engage and steward stakeholders: alumni, family, friends, donors, faculty, staff, and students. The undergraduate student selected for this project will manage a portfolio of projects, based on the needs of the Library's needs and the unique skills, and interests the student. Examples of projects include expanding our stewardship programs, by reaching out directly to current donors and provide updates on the Library. Making stewardship calls (donor birthdays and first gift anniversaries) and sending out Library information packets engaging the student population who uses the Library and collect stories to share with stakeholders and use for our marketing and communication purposes; supporting donor reports; logistical planning for meetings and events; connecting with audiences on and off campus (organizations, businesses, individuals) who may be interested in supporting Library's efforts.

Student Responsibilities

  • Make 100 phone calls to potential donors
  • Meet with a library donor
  • Plan & Execute a library wide student event to present their experience

Skills to be Developed:

  • Build confidence in representing their university to the donors
  • Gain experience with public speaking, practical knowledge of Development
  • Be able to Draft written materials for external communications and prepare mass mailings (letters/email/calls) to community entities.
  • Coordinate with development office when funding opportunities are identified
Last updated: 11/30/2022