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Spring 2022 AUL Leadership Fellows

Orientation Fall 2022  Orientation Fall 2022
AUL Leadership Fellows Spring ’22 Semester end meeting with the dean, mentors and advisor

Skyler ParkSkylar Park is sophomore studying fine art. He is originally from Guntersville, Alabama but Auburn feels like home now. He has always loved libraries since he was six and got his first card. He now collects Library cards from everyone he visits. Skylar is very excited to have this opportunity to work with technical services and looks forward to the semester ahead.

Courtney StewartCourtney Stewart is the current Digitization of Research Data Fellow and a junior studying Computer Science with a focus in artificial intelligence. She holds an Associate’s in Arts degree for music from Pensacola State College, and was drawn to the fellowship for its mission to increase the accessibility and preservation of research data. Through her fellowship with the AU library, she has been given the opportunity to explore the information science and data analysis sector, in addition to cultivating experience with diverse skills including video editing that allow her to merge her technical interests with her penchant for creativity. She has enjoyed discovering the many resources AUL has to offer, and appreciates the culture of diversity and inclusion that the libraries strive toward. The affirming space she has been granted through the fellowship empowers her to explore her strengths, and feel that her voice is heard.

Jenny Wang in Special Collections and ArchivesJenny Wang is a freshman at Auburn University. She thinks that out of all the places in town, the AU Library is one of few places where she feels most at home. With its collection of great books, scholarly and otherwise, she can always find a nook or cranny to spend some alone time when she simply wants to relax or do some self-research. As an AU Library Fellow, she'd love to continue doing what she currently does, which is applying myself towards the research and study of subjects she find interesting. She is a current Economics major, though she plans to double major in the future. She will be working with the Special Collections and Archives depart.

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