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November 20, 2019


A *New* program for graphic design




Animal architecture




Aquaculture landscapes : fish farms and the public realm




Art forms from the ocean : the radiolarian atlas of 1862




Art forms in nature : the prints of Ernst Haeckel : one hundred color plates




Atlas of mid-century modern houses




Biomimetics for architecture : learning from nature




Construction project scheduling and control




Design for sustainability : a multi-level framework from products to socio-technical systems




Design with nature now




Eastern medieval architecture : the building traditions of Byzantium and neighboring lands




From Latin America : graphic design from Latin America, compiled and published by Counter-Print




Italian types : graphic designers from Italy in America




Le Corbusier : 5 x Unité d'habitation : Marseille, Rezé, Berlin, Briey-en-Forêt, Firminy




Linear thought-condensation




Many norths : spatial practice in a polar territory




Microsculpture : portraits of insects from the collections of the Oxford University of Natural History




New Nordic Houses




*Nicola Cusano da Colonia a Roma (1425-1450) : università, politica e umanesimo nel giovane Cusano




Paths uncharted




Printed in North Korea : the art of everyday life in the DPRK




Product design and sustainability : strategies, tools and practice




Pyongyang 2050 : spatial futures




René Binet : from nature to form




Rosmarie Tissi : graphic design.




Soft city : building density for everyday life




Spaces of culture : new cultural venues in Amsterdam : research and strategies




Stainless steel surfaces : a guide to alloys, finishes, fabrication and maintenance in architecture and art




Structure for architects : a case study in steel, wood, and reinforced concrete design




Teaching graphic design history




Teaching landscape : the studio experience




The African dwelling : from traditional to Western style homes




The architectural model : histories of the miniature and the prototype, the exemplar and the muse




The architecture of banking in Renaissance Italy : constructing the spaces of money




The Routledge handbook of urban disaster resilience : integrating mitigation, preparedness, and recovery planning




Urban design : the composition of complexity




Zaha Hadid Architects : diseño como segunda naturaleza = design as second nature











Architectural Review








Building Design and Construction












Contractors guide to business, law and project management : Alabama general contractors








Fine WoodWorking








Interior Design




Landscape Architecture















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