12:25 PM, April 3, 2015

Last month, just before Spring Break, the LADC hosted a Kinetic Poetry presentation. The event was the result of a collaborative project between English professor Keetje Kuipers' creative writing 'Poetry Writing II' course and Graphic Design professor Courtney Windham's 'Type in Motion' course. Professor Kuipers' students submitted original pieces written earlier in the semester to Professor Windham's students who then interpreted the poems into typographic animation. The outcome was a unique and alluring show of both written and spoken word as well as visual art!

To see the students' presentations follow the links below. Click here to see photos from the event.

Rachel Davis, poet | Eddie Carmona, designer


Jordan Danford, poet | Todd Durkee, designer


Jessica Lewis, poet | Natalie Johnson, designer


Caroline Barr, poet | Kimberley Taylor-Duncan, desi


Kayleigh Pears, poet | Sam Reiss, designer


Nathaniel Vincent, poet | Julianna Cvetetic, designer


Claire Walters, poet | Winston Waters, designer


Charlie Sterchi, poet | April Southerland, designer


Laura Hanna, poet | Kathryn Stalnaker, designer


Seth Sillman, poet | Rachel Morey, designer


Courtney Fair, poet | Sarah Palmer, designer


Lauren Clark, poet | Amanda Sturgis, designer


Simon Winston, poet | Shelby Reister, designer


Emma Hyche, poet | Emily Lewis, designer


Amber Bryant, poet | Megan Wilson, designer 


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