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Photo Assignment

  1. The things you always carry with you.
  2. All the stuff you take to class.
  3. Something that you would call "high tech".
  4. One picture of the library to show to a new freshman.
  5. The computer you use in the library, showing its surroundings.
  6. Where you go in the library to get help with an assignment.
  7. A place in the library where you feel lost.
  8. Your favorite place to study.
  9. Your least favorite place to study.
  10. Your favorite person or people to study with.
  11. The place you keep your books.
  12. Something you've noticed that you think others don't notice.
  13. Your communication devices.
  14. Something really weird.
  15. A picture of your dorm room/apartment, showing your computer.
  16. What you use to manage your time or keep track of your work.
  17. Your favorite part of the day.
  18. The tools you use for writing assignments.
  19. Something you can't live without.
  20. Your favorite building at Auburn.


Interviewer A

Interviewer B

Interviewer C

Interviewer D

Photo Gallery

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