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Stakeholders Summit - Where Did You Go?

Stakeholders Summit - Where Did You Go?

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The purpose of this project is to get some idea of where, what time of day, and to what extent our library is utilized.

Project Scope:

Conduct two surveys.

One: Survey Forms
One will be actual surveys that will be filled out as multiple choice check-off sheets. They will include the patron’s name, user id, whether they are faculty/staff, grad, or undergrad. They would be handed the survey as they enter the building at each door and be asked to check off the services and activities they dealt with during their visit. They will also be informed that their survey would then become an entry to win an I-pod, one of two $10 cash cards or one of eight $5 cash cards. A clearly marked box would be placed at the entrances where patrons would deposit their survey. There would be additional information for those who may have missed receiving a survey on entry so that they can still participate. This survey would run from 8am to 2am for one day.

Two: Location Maps
This survey would involve very large maps (36” x 48”) posted at both doors of the library; five maps at each door representing the five floors. Patrons would choose colored
adhesive dots based on their user status: Red for undergrad, green for grad, yellow for faculty/staff, and blue for other and place the dots on the maps for each location they visited while in the library. The specific locations involved in the survey would be clearly outlined on the maps. Chits would be available for the prize drawing described above.


The results would become viable data about patron use of the library.

Full description in PDF format

Final Report

Library Use Survey UPDATE January 3rd, 2007

On Thursday November 30th, we conducted surveys that asked patrons to check what services and locations they utilized in the library for that day.

We had a team of students and staff members working both doors to the library handing out forms and explaining what we wanted them to do. For their efforts, patrons were entered into a drawing for an ipod and some campus cash.

We started around 8:30 am and went to 5:00 pm. We originally had planned to go until closing at 2:00 am but after receiving approximately 960 completed surveys and burning up the copy machines, we decided to stop. It was a grueling day for the staff and students but everyone who participated did a really great job.

The response was so good, that we decided to end the project and go with the data we had for that day. We might conduct the library map project or even the survey again in the future but for this project we are done taking data and are almost finished compiling the responses. The information will be presented in a committee meeting in the very near future, as well as placed online on the Strategic Planning website.

Project leader, Chris Mixon, would like to thank the following people for their hard work in gathering the data: Anthony (JP) Pendleton, Frances Fornier, Melanie Echols, Nitaya Polioudakis, Cheryl Teppig, Beth Nicol, Jeremy Shepard, Orion Stand-Gravois, Cory Clark, Cody Marschalk.

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